Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dubya's Prezimadential Liebury


I wrote this post almost 2 years ago and I still have not heard about George 'Dubya' Bush's suppository to bury lies..have you?

As many of you know, every President since Herbert Hoover has established a Presidential Library in their home state. These spectacular buildings are repositories for exhibiting historical documents, artifacts, and what-nots, that relate to their career.

Here is the John F. Kennedy Library,

the Gerald Ford,

and of course Dubya's Daddy has got himself a humdinger.

I know that Bush describes himslf as a "proliferamic reedar".

"I read so much that sum feller in a yeller hat called me Curious Geoge Heh Heh!"

Bush is rumored to have spent hours agonizing over the "perfect suppository of my career."

He admitted that he has been "havin' a hard time fingerin' out what my Prezimadential Library will look like."
"Sumpin' simpler I s'pose...
like the library Heh-Heh..
on my ranch in Crawford, Texas."

"I spends hours out there jus' sittin' , thinkin', an readin' my "favrit" book.

"I intends to put all of my favrit books in my Liebury."

"I 'specially likes the Poop books that have pichures of Republican Elemaphants."

Good Luck with that Mr. Prezimadent and enjoy your retiramant.


  1. Anonymous8:02 a.m.

    That library will accurately reflect GWB's level of edumacation.

  2. I'm impressed to find out that he can read. Hasn't he chosen any colouring in books?

    I'm reminded of the Spitting Image sketch where Ronald Reagan is sitting up in bed and asks his advisor "can I go to the john, Don?" and he proceeds to *go to the bathroom* ... in bed.

  3. Speaking of libraries, are you gonna buy me books in the BAFAB week?

    But then, I hardly qualify as your friend!?

  4. This is my favourite poo book.

  5. citizen o'the world,
    Actually he has a Bachelor's degree in history from Yale and an MBA from Harvard!
    Those degrees must have cost his old man a fortune!

    Ooh I loved Spitting Image. That was back in the day when it wasn't unpatriotic to skewer polimaticians. Thatcher and Reagan were a godsend.

    Now now. I've been very busy this week and have yet to make the rounds..let me see what you are talking about.

    Yeeech! I wouldn't know about such things because angels come and take away my digested matter in my sleep.

  6. i read your title as "Premarital .." i guess i should go sleep.

  7. Anonymous3:56 p.m.


    the story of farts.

    I am currently in the House on my own, and am thinking of going and farting in every room. What a story I could tell....

  8. I have to congratulate you. I very seldom have any idea how to respond to you.

  9. Ok ya got me stumped.....
    What's a libary again?
    What are these things called books?

    OH and where do I learn to weed and white?

  10. The three R's are now the three Dubya's...
    Weeding, Whiting and

  11. To bad he wipes his ass on the Constitution instead of reading it.

  12. The only library this asswipe deserves is a prison library.

  13. reysputin11:57 a.m.

    Everyone Poops is the consummate pooping book, full of important information that every president of the US should memorize and espouse with enthusiasm.
    Too bad I missed the Foo Fighters, although it was probably what, 75 bucks?
    ah well, see you in a month.

  14. heh heh... so he likes kiddies books on poop does he?

  15. ahahaha...oh man. he can just build a toilet somewhere and put his face in the hole.

  16. just think....they'll probably spend over a million dollars of the taxpayers money to house a paper box full of louis lamour westerns and one copy of 'dianetics' with the cover missing. yippee.

  17. Sometimes I sits and thinks, sometimes I just sits. I'm thinkin' that our prezimadent does more of the latter than the former.

  18. You guys forgot the section for all the Playboy magazines with the pages stuck together, and the vast collection of Superman comics that taught old Dubya everything he knows about fighitng evil.

    No, I think the privy is just a tad too small. Most pompous asses like something on a grander scale. I'm thinking it's going to turn out looking more like a classic Denny's.

  19. I think The Gas We Pass is the book he was reading, wasn't he, when 9-11 occurred?

    Or was it that the elephant shown sat on his head right as that was happening?

    What a terrible, terrible, world leader. I would rather have had Anna Nicole Smith or Brittney Spears or someone now dead like that (either physically or otherwise) making the decision on how to deal with Osama or Iraq.

    Think of it.

    WMD's would have been Way More Dimples, not Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    Osama, they'd have just made a song about him and he'd have come out long ago.

    But no, Bush had to enrage the entire Muslim world. And so, predictably, they just farrted in his general direction...

    And shit on the rest of the world.

  20. What I would like to know is how come no one has taken a pot shot at that asshole in all the years he's been in office. Someone shot Reagan, for cryin' out loud, and he was just a dumb actor. This guy has screwed up the whole world and no one has tried to take him out.

  21. I needed some new reading on world affairs, thanks for the pointers - I wonder if they come with a prezipoopindential seal of approval

  22. LOL @ pics!

    I must be some supa zombie..cos I dun follow politics at all..I just live in my own HAPPY world.


  23. Don with two N's?!Donn? or do you have a sticky N?

    Okay this is funny, George was in Australia (Sydney)...I got to observe him closely..the question I came away with (again) is how did he get to be President? and, second question: how did he get to be President twice??

    On a personal level, just as an everyday person he is kinda goofy and lost...and blustery and hammy....and more goofy. He sort of is like a little boy....and goofy.

    Our weather was record breaking hot, longest hottest spell it's just beautiful around the 30s...did I tell you some work experience Canadians are nearby in the National Parks; after it hit the 30 degrees celsius they said hey wont get much hotter will it?

    We said, ooooh noooooo...('cos we like them and want them to stay).

    Then we had the 47c hit and stay...and stay..... I felt so sorry for them. They had come from places that were snowing heavily.

    Autumn and spring are beautiful here in Oz, so that is March April May for autumn and September, October and November for spring-but August is gorgeous too usually.

    I think you will enjoy frolicking on our beaches, and it's okay to go naked. People start yelling, why their just supporters, yelling support for nudity.

    Heh heh!! g'day matey!!!!


    Pamm. :)

  24. You should be writing for Letterman. This is some seriously funny shit.

  25. Do those books really exist?

    Do you think Dubya has read ALL of them?


    Wow! I can't wait to see HiLIEry Clinton's selection ;-D

  26. lmfao!

    I hope that door swings both ways, otherwise he might get trapped in there.

  27. misti,
    Ugh with Dubya?!

    I double dare ya! You know that some one will show up if you did it.

    Is it because I am tedious, confusing, and innane, or because you are much too polite to point that out?

    Libraries are the best places to tell jokes because you're supposed to be quiet and repressed laughter is the best.

    Wiping? Whinging? Wistening?

  28. allan,
    I was wondering when somebody would take advantage of this setup..thank you!

    THE michael,
    Now you know that if he can get away with invading the Middle East ad bankrupting the Country that he is going to skateaway scott free.

    Thanks for stopping month and that's it eh?..then you can start re-indoctrinating your family...ah just stay..I'll sell your house and send t yopu the dough..less my commish of course.

    Just a hunch but I feel reasonably certain that I'm not too far off.

    Hopefully he'll retire and stay the hell out of world affairs!

  29. first nations,
    Oh gawd you'd get off easy with a million bucks..don't forget all of the Mad Comics and Playboy Mags.

    I have no doubt that he juz sits and listens tyo what his advisors tell him what he will be doing next...and WHY he's doing it.

    Yeah a Denny's or a Hard Rock Cafe style schmaltzy thingamabob with doodads and knickknacks paddy whacking!

    What? You don't think that he is an awesome World Leader? Maybe you should take a day or two to think about it.

    Nobody has taken a potshot at Dubya because ALL of the conspirators who dream up and pull off that kind of sh*t are finally running the White House!

  30. i still heart the view,
    If you would like to have your copy autographed just send $1M to the National Republican Party.

    How is it possible that you don't follow politics?

    Hey look at you go! Dubya is an ordinary goofball that's why it is impossible to understand how he made it. I have NO idea how he was re-elected..he forced the Supreme Court to OK his win anyway.
    47 is way too hot for human beings..I would be running to a nude beach and yes people would be yelling at me but it probably wouldn't be as supportive as you suggest.

    Funny? I was being serious.

    Cross my heart those are all real children's books..and BIG sellers too! George likes lookin' at the pictures, it's the bestus paret of readin.

    You are so right...
    the bodyguards need to to be in there too so that some Assassin doesn't try to get medieval on his Buttocks!

  31. Think there will be a throne room?

  32. //ghostay,
    Hopefully he'll retire and stay the hell out of world affairs!//

    ok u got me scared there! what if, GASP! they make him the UN sec general! holly snaps!!! Nah...that wont happen.

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