Friday, January 25, 2008

I was over here and here but they are GONZO!...

Imagine My Relief was..


I am delighted to be sharing the planet with the likes of two young actors from Canada, Michael_Cera and Ellen_Page .

Cera is the same lovable, dorky, 'George Michael' in Superbad and Juno. For those of you out of the loop he is the new IT guy. He has the driest delivery on the planet and has perfected the art of trying to squirm out of the moment to a science. His stunned, goofy, mannerisms are priceless.

Ellen Page is spectacular in Juno. She is adorable and her snippity, far-too-smart-for-her-own good portrayal of a Pregnant Teenager in JUNO has earned her an Oscar Nomination!

For me the knowledge that there are kids who can 'kill' like these two creates a sense of relief that our species still has a chance. I find that I can relate to the angst and cynicism of Generation_Y. They have access and exposure to WAY more crap than I did when I was coming of age in the early 70s.

Our social engineers have managed to discombobulate us with gadgetry which this crowd is using to shove it right back. I am actually relieved that this Generation is so skeptical and jaded?

If they were compliant, little, sheeple then I would be really worried that they would blow it like their Boomer Parents did by squandering the chance to make a real difference. Oh sure they aren't perfect but they seem less likely to buy in to our bullsh*t.
Better late than never.

Mental Masturbatorium was

Who is Obama REALLY running against?


  1. You need a change? Why, pray tell? I like you just the way you are!

  2. Dear Mr Escapeons

    Herewith the results of your recent e-topsy:

    Labelcount: high but effective
    Blogcount: shootin' through the roof!
    Imagecount: whaddabout licensing
    Wordcount: just about right

    In light of this, we heartily recommend you publish your treatise on whateverstuff forthwith and without delay.

    Yours simperingly
    Drs Pent Rail esq.

  3. So just what was wrong with Homo Escapeons, the Queen Bee site? Was it too refined and perfect?

  4. Sorry, Don, that would be like the Catholic Church hanging all the crosses upside down "for a change of pace, to lighten things up a bit", or Martha Stewart hanging out on Malibu beach in a thong, while going thru an identity crisis. You are what you are, the amazing creator of Homo Escapeons, the blog that asks..........huh?

    You abandon THIS blog and we hunt you down. We KNOW where you live. You told us. In Canada, somewhere. How hard could it be?

  5. Come visit, I can be convincing...smiles


  6. Donnicus Coppensia takes too long to say.

    Couldn't I just call you Bigus Dickus?

  7. rex grumblituus tremendae11:12 p.m.

    Okay. Some call it, "review by an organized focus group...", but that
    might be distorting the truth a bit
    (a group of bikers, from down at a local gin mill, who were neither organized nor focussed.) I paid for the six pack Before attempting to gauge their first reactions to your new "Caligula, Jr." look. A lively discussion
    had just broken out, when suddenly, I recalled a pressing engagement, elsewhere. Too bad, as I would have enjoyed listening to their theories about hot tubs, ad
    hoc parties, and the like- quite
    advanced, even if just slightly enwhacked... Evidently, placement
    of visual objects is key, here-
    can't expect cogent responses from this lot, if you've just blocked off the view of their shrine to Elvis. Gotta go, while I've still got more teeth than the barmaid...

    BTW, please feel free to shitcan
    the requirement to use Google's
    login/passwd for submitted remarks
    or replies. My fondest wish is for
    whomever came up with this POS, to
    enjoy several thousand fish hooks,
    used to arrest his|her slide down
    a razor and into a vat of rubbing alcohol. This abomination is the reason why I can no longer post on A Pox on their miserable asses!

  8. I don't understand that other fella over there

  9. You got a headache again???

    You really should get it checked.

    Your head I mean not the ache!

  10. Decide what? You better not be going anywhere again. You are missed far too much and by many more than just me.

    Anything I can help with?

    ::soft hug::


  11. YEAH FIRST!!

    (I cop[ied that from the shot)

    you're really confusing me now. . .

    easily done, mind, in my current state


    you need a change. . . decisions decisions

    the great thing is you have a choice! lots of them - and we'll love whatever you choose I suspect (me and all the other people who love your mental masturbances - that is a little like "disturbance", ain't it)(I wonder what a "sturbance" is?)

    (oh - I'm not first, you have comment moderation on, d'oh!)

  12. A very special Thank You to Andrea, Ghosty, Fathorse, Winky Wankerpants, Steve, I Still Like The View, Michele Dawn, Paul, Mj & Ziggi, for taking a few minutes of your time to comment on my experimental morphifications @ Imagine My Relief and the Mental Masturbatorium...
    which I have simply added to this thingamabob..
    after all that!


  13. fathorse said...
    WHAAAAAT is this HE? New blog? Very pretty!

    A friend of mine who saw superbad lamented afterwards that he had wasted an hour and a half of his life. But if you like it, I'm sure I'll like it too. Juno is next on my list of must-see films. My hometown has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the country, and since Britain has the highest rate in Europe that rally puts Exmouth on the map. *Claps hand to heart and stares heroically out to the golden horizon*

    We're all cynics in my generation. Tony Blair will do that to a person.

    Solipsist Soliloquist said...
    You would LOVE Juno. Wait a second I'm coming over...

    Ghost Particle said...
    superbad was moose poop. but juno is something different...i believe the talents of actors should be measured from their maturity. job well done.

    Solipsist Soliloquist said...
    ghostay! Cera had some killer lines and what about McLovin!?!?!

    Within Without said...
    As you know, the last new movie I watched in a theatre was To Sir With Love. So I don't have a clue.

    However, I agree with your hope and your assessment that today's crew will have a much more sensitive Bullshit Meter than we did.

    What's with the word verification thingy? And everything else? Did you get a good deal, like a 2-for-1, with the moving company?

    Solipsist Soliloquist said...
    Winky Wankerpants,
    I have no idea how this works or how I change entities because I set it up in the middle of the night and can't get off because I may never get back in! So I'm going to stay online until the cows come home.

    So tired..
    must rest my eyes..
    must save others..
    can't stop now


    Ghost Particle said...
    ok seriously i was jst waiting for a full blown sex scene that did happen in superbad...

    Michelle Dawn said...
    I wrote a post about Ellen Paige on my old blog. I think she's great. I first saw her in Trailer Park Boys and was happy to see her move on to bigger and better things. (It's always the same old shit with those guys. But I still laugh).

    Another young Canadian artist I admire is Sarah Polley. She's a little older than these two -maybe late twenties -but she is articulate, informed and involved.

    The film she recently directed, Away from Her, is nominated for two Oscars.As a side note, I was good friends with the older sisters of that girl, Martha MacIsaac, from Superbad. And I worked with her mother up until last year.

    Funny enough, both her and Sarah Polley got their start as child stars in series based on books by Lucy Maude Montgomery, set in Prince Edward Island, which is where I live. (I think both series were filmed in Ontario though).

    ziggi said...
    Juno - is that a 'happy' ending?

    I, still, like the views said...
    I have only heard the word disconbobulate used once before - about seven and a half years ago in an "art therapy" session

    I don't know if that's a good thing or not. . .

    and I misread Ellen Page for Elaine Page, so now I'm humming "don't cry for me. . ."

    that's me set up for the day then!

    thankin' you, sir


    Steve said...
    I like this one!

    MJ said...
    Solipsist Soliloquist is a tongue twister.

    May I call you Bigus Dickus instead?


    Ghost Particle said...
    new bloggies! wohoo...

    izzit man-bear-pig? oh no! its hillaton!

    Solipsist Soliloquist said...
    This was sent to me as Hill-Billy!


    andrea said...
    I thought you were supposed to kick this interwebs addiction thang, Mr S. But if the mood takes you, don't lets me stops ya!

    Within Without said...
    Ha! How did you do that? Your free download Photoshop? Or did you find it on the Web?

    It's a good question. This will be the first time the U.S. has co-presidents. But is it much of a surprise this would happen?

    I'm sure a headline years from now will be:

    "Victorious Clintons won '08 Vote With Billions From KKK"

    Solipsist Soliloquist said...
    I know I know...((sigh))
    I'm having a surge! Just need to shift gears a bit..get some traction...I feel like I've been phoning it in for a while...what's the use in that?

    winky wankerpants,
    Someone sent it to me..that's good work.

    The Clintons have always been popular with African Americans. They should have listened to me years ago and asked Obama to be their would have been a done McCain is going win.

    fathorse said...
    hmm, mental masturbatorium is catchier but I think it might give me sickening nightmares....

    Are you theme-ificating these blogs, HE, or should I say Solisisisipist soliquoticapist?

    ziggi said...
    just passing . . .

    I, still, like the views said...
    well, you got me checking out nooks and crannies of cyber space. . .

    . . .and I end up with something I heard about on the nine o'colck news last night!


    you should be in show business


    Paul said...
    I didn't know Chelsea had an older sibling.

    That was bad. Sorry Chelsea, if you stumble into this remark...

    "Now McCain is going win." Please, don't even think the word Republican in any form. Although the one I'm really concerned about is Huckabee. I so don't want another president who thinks God put him in office. I don't think the nation can take it.

    Steve said...
    Who cares?

  15. What The Frig? Sorry my comment moderation thiongamabob was on?!?!
    Crap..I'll have to go back and figure this all out...

  16. Regarding the death of the Sol2 Blog..

    Idea Senator said...
    This is confusing yet fascinating. You are playing with my mind...
    idea senator,
    Yes I am...and loving it!

    OUCH! That looks really painful. I love it! ;p

    I can do that - its easier than it looks!

    Homo Escapeons said...
    Oddly enough people seem to get used to it after a while.

    Bravo. It takes a strong person to be able to admit to that.

    Cazzie!!! said...
    lol, I reckon my second born could just about do that... he sits there in a ZEN like pose, if there is indeed one, maybe more apt to say a YOGA pose, and he can watch TV for ages, or even read a book, all the while with his legs resting almost behind his head, amazing to me.

    LPC said...
    I love this photo

    Fish said...
    Dont you see, the only trick to it is, that you have to BE an asshole.
    Did I mention I can do it to?

    CS said...
    Where is the rest of your blog?

    Within Without said...
    You'd better be paying royalties to whoever took this shot. You've used it, what, 50 times?

    But it is so perfect...

    Sienna said...
    Ah....another case of rectal-cranium inversion disorder. You never know just when they are going to pop up.

    I, still, like the views said...
    how bizarre, I was trying to imagine what this image would look like the other day, because of something the wonderful vicus wrote about someone's head being so far up their back side it would come out of their mouth. . .

    but now I'm wondering if you sent me here because my head is up my own backside
    in which case this comment stinks!
    ha ha ha

    Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...
    Am I missing something?

  17. OK nothing left but this..GAWD what a schmozzola!!!

  18. laura elizabeth,
    I get antsy and bored with my visuals. It's all my Mother's fault because she liked to redecorate the entire house every couple of years!

  19. spentrails,
    OK OK I wanted to find a new angle but there isn't really any point because I am going to say the same things over and over anyway.

    HA! Refined? No I just like change but as I was sayin' to Spentrails it is an exercise in futility.

    THE michael,
    You're right there is no where to hide, no where to run out here..I need to stand and take my lumps..
    *closes eyes and peeks ;)

    OK what are you going to convince me of? I warn you, I have an incredible lack of willpower at my beck and call.

    You can call me anything that you would like..Biggus Dickus is not the worst thing anyone has said..and I do appreciate the tip of the hat to the Monty P.

  20. spentrails,
    OK OK I wanted to find a new angle but there isn't really any point because I am going to say the same things over and over anyway.

    HA! Refined? No I just like change but as I was sayin' to Spentrails it is an exercise in futility.

    THE michael,
    You're right there is no where to hide, no where to run out here..I need to stand and take my lumps..
    *closes eyes and peeks ;)

    OK what are you going to convince me of? I warn you, I have an incredible lack of willpower at my beck and call.

    You can call me anything that you would like..Biggus Dickus is not the worst thing anyone has said..and I do appreciate the tip of the hat to the Monty P.

  21. rex grumblituus tremendae,
    SORRY SORRY SORRY I didn't realise that that gawdamthing was ON!
    I would be more than happy to whip up some Caligulaesque type entertainment for your pleasure.
    HA! I bet the barmaid has a great personality.

    ta ta for now

    The study of Multiple Blogging Personality Disorganization is still in it's infancy and the only cure is to throw the ballast oveboard along with the baby and the bathwater.

    You of all people will probably have been scribbling some Freudian terminology while you were scratching your head. I'm OK now.

    I have zero control over anything in that department...aside from..never mind.

    I had better come over and get some of your lovely deep meaningful writing to refocus..I know that you always appreciate my uber serious sentiments.

    the viewer,
    SORRY about the moderation..honest!
    I am going to stay put and rehas all of the same old fodder in one HUGE pile instead of spreading it thin.

  22. ::hip shake -- hip shake -- hipshake::: does this help?

  23. I think she LIKES you, HE.....grin.....

  24. if you're going to keep moving about like this I'll need a map!

  25. actually I'd like one of those GPS thingies.

  26. I'll have a gin and tonic, please.

  27. i really want to see juno!


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