Tuesday, January 22, 2008


If you do not drink enough water, urinal lot of trouble.
Our pee is supposed to be clear!
Has anyone ever even seen clear pee?


  1. I hvnt looked that close LOL! should I?


  2. Only when I've drunk about half a liter of water. :D

  3. That really IS you standing there holding your wazoo, isn't it? Urinal a lot of trouble? Corny!

    Uramoron is closer to the truth...

  4. I'm very well-hydrated.

    You know that Coke vs. Pepsi taste challenge where you're blindfolded and ...?

    Never mind.

  5. Yes -well -what appears clear in the loo anyway -but if if were in a specimen jar without the dilution of the toliet bowl water maybe it wouldn't be quite so clear? Of course you would expect your first wee of the morning to be concentrated -if it wasn't you would have wet yourself all night long.

  6. To calculate how much water you should drink a day: times weight in kilos by 0.033.

  7. Thanks for the pic of the urinal - we women are always curious.

    I see you don't stand elbow to elbow these days - but the floor must get a bit wet if you miss.

  8. keshi,
    Yes! Apparently we are all dehydrated..and drinking too much water is bad for you too. I was curious because I only wiz twice a day and I notice that other people pee about 6 times a day?
    This is what happens to your brain on Jan 21 the most depressing day of the year.

    I have NEVER seen a clear stream and therefore I must conclude that I have been dehydrated for 50 years.

    Half a litre? Wait a minute I still think in Imperial..OK a quarter of a Pop Bottle...that is prolly a lot for a petit gal like yourself. I am supposed to drink 190 oz. everyday..hmm...that would take about 2 hours.

    willy weemeister,
    Since you wiz about 500 times a day you should have read the link and found out what is wrong with you. A 'real man' can hold his urine.

    You are hydrated like Medusa? I would always pick Coke. WW prefers Pepsi because he is a weeny and thinks that he is part of Generation Next HA!

    My weight in kilos? My weight in kilos is about as relevant to me as my weight in Stone? Despite our supposed conversion to Metric even Doctors still weigh us in Pounds.. it's because we live next door to you-know-who and they will NEVER convert to metric.

    The Men's room is still a bastion of homophobic isolation and anti social behavior where men pretend that the other guy is not there.

    Any attempt to start a 'friendly' conversation are instantly extinguished by a quick turn of the stream on the 'weirdos' shoes.

    *unless alcohol is involved and then impromptu sword fights are the norm.

  9. I have been close to clear -- but it was when I was in the last lap of both pregnancies and peeing every two minutes.

    I must report that ladies rooms are not nearly as fun as this one. And the urinals look like fun -- kind of dishwashers with spitoons attached.

  10. Great photo. That must be the loo at the mental health centre. Talk about performance anxiety!

  11. u only get clear urine if u drink vodka. Lots of them. :D

    but they say that if u drink too much of the water, ur a done deal too... :(

  12. HE, why is Jan 21 the most depressing day of the year?

    I pee more than any other human being on the planet, or so Aidan says. I drink a lot of tea, you see. Straight through! :)

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  15. he -Oh WHY WON'T THEY GO METRIC? it's teh year 2008!!!!!! ;).

    here is a converter:

    All you have to do then is find a way to convert litres in to gallons :)

    In case you don't get to my blog for a few days -the new place is:


  16. Anonymous6:51 p.m.

    I don't drink enough liquid to make my piss clear.

  17. And the day Heath Ledger dies..:*(


  18. I have emptied more urine during the course of my present employment than is necessary to float an aircraft carrier, and I have seen every shade, color, and consistancy it can come in, including blood red.

    And I have seen amazing things come out of the OTHER hole too........

    Don't EVER complain about your job, not around me.

  19. i knew that, i knew that!!!

    ahem... almost, and not very often...

  20. it used to be really clear, and i was really weak. i stopped flushing my system so much and i am healthier. a chinese sinseh (doctor) said we shouldn't (maybe only me) drink too much water. of course the western doctors will freak out if they hear that.

  21. Anonymous8:39 a.m.

    When you're on a pub crawl and going to the loo every 15 minutes you tend to run out of colouring...

  22. He Love,

    Leave to you to have the most interesting or strange posts. I have seen a few mens restrooms but never quite like that. Are men really so comfortable this just using those urinals without any coverage? If so, why is that?

    Next article.... why are good women single and horrid men taken?

    Ahh well, nice to READ you again my sweet friend.

    Soft love,

  23. I know that when I don't drink enough water I tend to get muscle cramps. And yes, my pee is clear-ish (but I don't think it's ever been totally clear) when I drink about 8 glasses of water per day. I've been a bad girl lately and only drinking 3 to 5 glasses per day - not nearly enough and I've been feeling the effects; headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps, etc.

  24. HE u mite hv some interesting input for my current post :) check it out when u hv time. tnxx!


  25. I write about love in a sonnet. HE writes about pee!

    *looking heavenwards*

  26. Pee *should* be clear, and as lightly yellow as possible. I have to monitor a LOT of urine on a daily/weekly basis and I have to watch for darkening colors and cloudiness.

    and yeah. Don't complain about your jobs to me either. ;)

    One thing I have noticed is that especially in winter if I am not drinking enough water I get weird dry patches.

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  28. Oui.

    This reminds me of the great Louis Leakey:

    ***Our water hole at the camp was little more than a liquid, muddy swamp, in which a rhino wallowed daily and added urine to the puddle.***
    Louis Leakey

    Imagine going down to that water supply and filling the billy; anyone for a cuppa?

    I have another quote that I wanted to put up, but it maybe a little offensive to some folk..

    Naaah, I better not.

    You are too funny HE!


  29. mutha,
    If only they were all that fancy schmancy. Most Men's Rooms are still equipped with the mandatory 4 foot urinal that was designed by dry cleaners.

    You have a new place!! I want one..NO two! Do you carry forward all your junk or start fresh?

  30. I don't think my pee has ever been clear, I need to drink more water per day. I remember the first time I saw a Urinal. I was 8 or 9 and my friend dared me to run into the boys bathroom and out. Instead of running back out I just stood there intrigued by these things hanging off of the wall. I know, too much info.

  31. I take it by clear, you mean colorless. Because if your pee is cloudy or opaque, you are in serious trouble.

    That urinal mural is disturbing.

  32. of course!

    not a health nut, are we? :)


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