Saturday, January 19, 2008


Have you ever wondered what this world will be like when Gaia has finally had it up to HERE with us and pulls the plug. Imagine Earth without people.

I don't know if Homo Escapeons will be eliminated by Natural Events or 'Weather', ha-ha, we will do it ourselves..but it will happen. Gaia has already reshuffled the deck 5 times ; 488 Million Years Ago, and again around 444 MYA, 306, 250, 200, 65 and most Scientists believe that we are in one RFN!

My best guess is that a combination Viral Pandemic, Global Climatic Catastrophes and a Nuclear War will probably do the job. The only person who may survive would be Victoria Principal, Pam on DALLAS, who apparently had lead walls installed in her bathroom to prevent the paparazzi from sneaking photos of her when she was nekkid.

Here is a picture of my Mom & StepDad back in '96 posing in the master bedroom of the tourist mecca known as South Fork Ranch...ooh aah!


There is a program called
which is scheduled to air this Monday on the History Channel. One of the interesting aspects of this program is an examination regarding the 'other' surviving animals who will inherit our mess.

Domestic cats that can manage to escape the homes of their dead caregivers may survive..but smaller dogs will be in big trouble. Wildlife from the neighbouring countryside will move in and stake claim to the abandoned cities. Medium sized dogs are expected to form packs and return to their primordial wolf-like state.

Do you have an escape plan for your pet?


  1. why are you always frightening me? :P

  2. My pet is Music and I can always escape there if you know what I mean.

  3. Oh, I would love to see that, but we don't have the History Channel on our TV. Strangely enough, yes, I often think about : how would it be when there was this or that catastrophy, such as to name one : the further raising of the sea level : all our lowlands (Flanders) would be under water, ...

  4. I just can't get over how important we all think we are! Earth was around for millions of years before humans turned up, and I'm quite sure it will manage perfectly well after we're gone. It is simply a matter of a change in dominant species, and it won't be the first time it's happened. If it is the weather that does for us, it is even possible that it won't be our fault. The Earth has always gone through cycles, and even now we are in an interglacial period. An interglacial period is a time of warmer climate WITHIN an ice age. Yes, that's right, we are technically in the middle of an ice age right now. Humans evolved into their current form within this interglacial period. When the next glacial period trundles along, no doubt we'll all freeze. If we don't, we'll probably die from heat-related problems when the ice age ends. Climate change is a normal and natural thing, although there can be little doubt that we have had rather a nasty impact and caused changes that wouldn't naturally occur.

    Anyway, I don't have any pets. Except Aidan, but I'm sure his manliness will have him saving me rather than vice versa! :)

  5. Well, I can't afford to keep my pet gigantasaurus frozen in suspended animation much longer, what with the rising cost of electricity and global warming, so should I have to pull the plug, I'm hoping all those chihuahuas and pekinese will sate him before he has to move up the food chain.......hehe......he isn't "house-broken" either.......

  6. I actually have thought about this, especially during the Bush administration. I wish I were entirely kidding. But his complete failure to lead on the environment, and how that seems to be cool with apparently pretty much everyone in public life but Al Gore, who of course was almost - president... Ugh. Too depressing.

    Anyway, for sure things change. Even if we did everything right, we only became homo sapiens around 100,000 years ago - an eye blink in earth's life. So 100,000 years from now, whatever's dominating life on this planet won't look like you and me, probably not even like Victoria even though it's a shame.

  7. i think theyll show it here next month only. I love the history channel. Cant stand the hollowood production of Discovery anymore. Pam is hot....hubba hubba...

    I dont have a pet, but will my neighbours dog mutate into a cat dog hybrid after he mates with the alley cats?

  8. Isn't this just anthropo-morbid-ism?

    *goes away to put dictionary back on shelf*

  9. All my pets are in tanks - gerbils, fish and a snake. So I guess they are all screwed.

  10. I dun hv any pets at the moment...Im my biggest pet LOL!


  11. the pets here are all making their own escape plans, to get away from their present life!


    (I can imagine you reading the last paragraph out aloud in a kind of Bill Murray-restrained-alarmist-taking-the-piss-Ghostbuster-soundbite-Groundhog-Day-reporter-manner - it's making me laugh!)

  12. Anonymous1:51 a.m.

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  13. My rabbit will fall into a toxic vat and become the giant rabbit just like in Monthy Python. Beware of the rabbits. In your scenario, all small animals will become giants, imagine a giant cockroach...

  14. misti,
    I am sorry. Somedays I just get overwhelmed at how we are all guilty od rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic instead of actually changing our course.

    We seem to think that we have all the time in the world and just hope that things work out.

    I do know what you mean. I should have done that instead of letting watching I Am Legend and the documentary on how a Super Comet, like the one that ended the Saurian Reign on Earth could start Extinction Level Event #6.

    Perhaps it is for the best. The Lowlands will be completely submerged as will most of the major cities in the world. Europeans have had a lot more time to eliminate most of the predators at the top of the food chain but here in the Colonies we still have large numbers of things that will eat you and your horse.

    Wow. You have certainly thought about this at length. We are conceited little SOBs. Most Humans think that the Creator of the universe would never let this happen to HIS greatest Creation or that HE will simply retreive them to an eternal reward in outer they don't worry about it.

    The big picture stuff is very unsettling. I had better write about puppies tomorrow.

    THE michael,
    I fear that keeping a Gigantasurus is in violation of several municipal ordinances. Should he ever thaw out and escape he will need to eat about 2800 Chihuahuas per day just to meet his daily caloric intake...of course he is big enough to rip the roof off of a house so it shouldn't be a problem.

    paul martin,
    How are you enjoying your retirement..I am sure that being Prime Minister was no walk in the park with half of the Liberal Party trying to dethrone you at the behest of the previous PM.

    I need to show you this link about environmentalist Gore..and you are right about Victoria. She was so sweet.

    Check out under 'The Story of Two Houses

  15. ghostay,
    I know that you will have left the planet and be exploring brve new worlds long before the sh*t hits the fan.

    Discovery Channel has turned into something else (I don't know what) but it certainly disapointing.

    Cats and Dogs of course cannot interbreed..yet..we'll have to see if Gaia comes up with a new plan after..why not?

    I apologise. I watched I Am Legend and that Super Comet show and I need to purge all of this Doom & Gloom. Puppies it is.

    Yup, they're pretty much screwed. Who knows maybe an Earthquake will open the door and the fish will make their way into the floodwaters and out to sea where they will start a chain of events that lead to the next successor of the planet.

    The snake and the gerbil..not so much.

    Petting jokes aside, you shall have the luxury of expiring with a clear conscience.

    i still like the view,
    HA! Yes indeed. In the movie Wall Street Gord Gecko tells young Bud Fox about WASPS (the human kind)..
    he says,
    "The one thing that you have to remember about Wasps is that they Love Animals..can't stand people."
    Which was proven when I watched I Am Legend and knew that his dog Sam would not make it to the credits...I would have rather seen the dog make it than the protagonist...which is sad.

    adam, adam, adam..sigh.

    Hi ces!
    What's he gonna do? Nibble yer bum?
    I will keep a stockpile of Holy Hand Grenades just in cast you are right.

  16. "Most Humans think that the Creator of the universe would never let this happen to HIS greatest Creation or that HE will simply retreive them to an eternal reward in outer they don't worry about it."

    Really? Is that what they think? Hmmm. Interesting.

    You certainly do have an interesting view on things.

  17. what a jolly post!
    I think Freddie will survive - he'll probably turn carnivore and evolve very quickly into the first sabre-toothed horse - actually he's very nearly there already. Perhaps he knows something we don't!

  18. You're astonishingly ahead of your time. Lookee here, someone in Australia has copied you.

  19. rimster,
    Absofrickinlutely. The Rapture aside, even the run of the mill crowd from either of the Monotheistic megaliths believe that they will be spared being disintegrated by a super comet like the dinosaurs did 6,000 years ago. Pfft!
    Ya big silly!

    HA! It is pretty maudlin but your comment has brought some levity to the situation.

    Freddy will no doubt grow huge fangs and terrorize the countryside devouring Hedgehogs and Squirrels at his leisure.
    Have you ever noticed that there aren't any small rodents around him?

    How marvelous that my message is getting across to Pet Owners around the globe. I knew that there was a reason for posting this timely notification.

    I wanted to ask you about the coming Recession..will it be in full swing by next November...I'm thinking of liquidating, starting with my Liver by ingesting the entire contents of my liquor cabinet in order to ease my way back into the 18% Interest Rates...
    ((glug glug glug))

  20. You know, somebody asked me the other day if I believed in God, and I was like "Of course not". And he was SOOOOO surprised, it was as though I were the only non-believer he'd ever met. Weird.

    If I were a God, I'd do a much better job. Anybody seen breaking my rules would just be immediately annihilated, none of this confession and forgiveness and then uncertain reward in the afterlife BS. SMITING would be much more fun! hehe

  21. I have an escape plan of sorts for my pet. I would eat him.

  22. No doubt you're sitting there on your couch watching Life After People right now, you TV addict.

    Or should I say you World Ancient and Modern History Buff who thrives on such stuff.

    I'll have you know that Pam was the one and only reason I ever watched Dallas.

    How she ended up with Bobby-Joe or whatever his name was, I'll never know. She needed me. She needed me.

  23. I saw that show. It filled me with hope.

  24. oh dear, my furry masters never go outside and i'm on the second floor so they could be in trouble...

  25. A recession on the way? Maybe, maybe not. We do know that bank loans and food are going to be more expensive in future. I'd start rationing that liquor, if I were you.

    Ah, it's just like the good ol' 1970s.

  26. He love,

    I do not have any pets anymore. But I think you are my twin, for everytime you mention a show like this I am always planning on watching it. I must be addicted to the "end of the world" shows.

    Nice to see you He love,

    soft love,

  27. Your parents look absolutely adorable in that photo!

    My poor Taly. She's already 11.5 years old, so I don't think she could really run with the pack. I think she'd stop eating if we disappeared. She needs her people. :(


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