Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Downtime during the Holidays means watching movies. The key to surviving several evenings of the seasonally mandated obligatory engagements with your extended family demands that all of the family dynamics be neutralized.
It wouldn't be prudent to pour salt on open wounds or let any skeletons out of the closet during this emotionally charged week, so I placate my inner demons, soothe my soul, and escape reality by watching tons of Movies.

So far this week I have managed to watch the first 3
Star Wars movies, the good ones, with my 6 year old. It is time that he learned about the Force!

The older three will be gone for months playing their new Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Star on the X Box...
might get an actual sighting of them by February.

The other night was for moi, it was all about getting those good vibrations with an old fashioned revenge 'guy-movie' with Markie Mark, Shooter. Awesome.
Screw Yoda, give in to the Dark Side and give 'em hell Markie Mark!!

Tonight was for the goodladywife and it was time to tone it down and snuggle up with a 'date movie', 'chick flick', you know a real 'tearjerker'.

Oh sure I cried during movies when I was a kid and I was tortured by old Walt and his brand of sadistic child terrorism like Bambi and Old Yeller.
I remember the first time that I was aware that I was actually bawling my eyes out at a theatre ...
when I saw Born Free...

Sure there have been lots of gut wrenching wartime flicks like Life Is Beautiful, Sophie's Choice, and Schindler's List..
Nazi atrocities have a way of doing that to me.

But One Movie in particular..

The Notebook
despite using every imaginable formulaic device in history still somehow rips my heart out and stomps on it. Tonight I started sniffling on cue and sobbing right on time at the exact same moments of the film. My goodladywife stares at me sympathetically as I eventually start bawling my eyes out for the last half hour and well into the credits. It's downright embarrasing.

Anyway I admit it.
So now it's your turn to step up and admit it.

Which Movies made you cry like a baby?


  1. Caddyshack.

    Tears of laughter.

  2. grumble8:34 a.m.

    I dunno... there's something a bit off about Fords haircut in the SW trilogy. must have made it hard to master the Hand Solo role. He only pulled it off, due to dim theater

  3. Thanks, HE. As a movie buff, I loved this post. This year, all four of us crammed together on the ancient futon on Christmas Eve to watch Diamonds Are Forever, lent to us by my brother, who was (and still is) James Bond obsessed. It was the perfect pre-Xmas flick and still a ton-o-fun to watch.

    Three movies can make me cry like a baby. The first one was Terms of Endearment when Debra Winger is dying and has to say goodbye to her boys. The second one, which I've only seen once, was the final scene in Finding Neverland, with Johnny Depp and the little boy (Peter?) on the bench. I guess I have a (very) soft spot for little boys who lose their mothers. Not surprising that I had boys! The movie, however, that can get me sniffling in anticipation ~ long before the scene where I always lose it ~ is The English Patient. I have to watch it every Christmas -- and haven't yet this year. I love the whole film, start to finish, but the scene when he's carrying her dead body out of the cave is the saddest movie scene ever.

    This year I've been re-watching my two favouritest series ever: Northern Exposure and Six Feet Under.

  4. Lemmesee...I can't recall ever outright sobbing because of a film, but I will admit to getting a bit misty while viewing: The Man Without a Face and/or Field of Dreams. I'm sure there are more, but I can't for the life of me think of any.

  5. It's A Wonderful Life gets the tears rolling and Cinema Paradiso makes them flood.

  6. There are some old Hindi movies which are tear jerkers. Come to think of it, most make me cry by the absurdity of it all!

    Honestly,an old Hindi movie "Khamoshi" meaning Silence never fails to make me cry!

    Then there was another movie based on Eric Segal's Man, Woman and child..Masoom..too is a tear jerker.

    I have read "The Notebook". I did cry in the end. Still do whenever I read it.

    Next time, you cry, you can always hold my hand..when your wife is not looking!!!!!

    *running for her gautami*

  7. books, movies, even commercials, get me sniffing. Most recently would be Georgia Rule and the late night drama Private Practice. I am a HUGE baby when it comes to stuff like this.

  8. Having to leave the cinema half way through Star Wars because my wee brother was screaming with fright at the Stormtroopers always made me cry.

    Nowadays I blub at the slightest thing. The thought of you blubbing at a film while your wife looks on sympathetically has nearly made my eyes well up too. Dearie me. The Spartan just calls me a big sook.

    Glad to read I'm not the only baby round here.

  9. He CLAIMS she's looking on sympathetically, but really she's ashamed/disappointed

  10. The last episide of Mark Green on E.R. I can't listen to that song anymore without bawling like a baby.

    Tell anybody and I'll kick your ass.

    I AM American, after all.

    Ghost got me.....damn them.

    Oh, and the scene where they were hauling Paris off to jail and she was crying in the back seat.......wait....that was REAL? DAMN THEM! DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL!!!!!!

  11. Oh dear, let me think.

    The Last Samuri, Seven Samuri (Japanese Version)
    The Christmas Carol, (Any Version.)

  12. I cry over Hallmark commercials, I am not the one to ask...

  13. Anonymous1:41 p.m.

    I will never watch The Notebook ever again.That's some depressing shit right there!

  14. Can't think of any.Maybe when I was a toddle bod...Bambi, So Dear To My Heart.
    And thanks, Andrea, for telling me about the English Patient's ending. I didn't make it much past the old garden in the Italian(?) part!
    But I'm going to watch, again, Northern (BRING IT BACK!!!) Exposure.

  15. *Takes deep breath*

    Born Free....check
    Last of The Samurai......check
    Bambi.......yup yup yup
    Les Miserables.....uh huh sue me
    Dad.....ripped my heart out
    The Champ.......oh my god I was sobbing for MONTHS!
    The Painted Veil....tears and snot city
    A White Christmas...
    Hedwig and The Angry Inch....

    and so many more that I refuse to prove how much of a soft lass I am....oh wait, I just did prove it.....hmmmm.....ach well.

    I haven't seen The Notebook yet....probably due to the amount of people who have told me I MUST see it....tends to make me do the opposite when that happens.....


    I probably have to see it now, if only to see what got your tears a flowin'.

  16. Here's a secret most guitar players don't want you to know: In the time it takes to play GP3, you could actually learn how to play a real guitar.

    The episode of Buffy TVS where she found her mother dead on the couch made me cry because the same thing happened to me...the show caught me way, way off-guard.

  17. "Here's a secret most guitar players don't want you to know: In the time it takes to play GP3, you could actually learn how to play a real guitar."


  18. Cocoon


    Little Miss Sunshine-(the last 20 minutes of this film just blew me away; so emotional the ending).


    Brokeback Mountain- gut wrenching, a love story, even too sad to talk about it now!!

    The Champ


    Shindlers List

    About Schmidt..was tough going

    Midnight Cowboy-so sad, but frigging great movie

    In America or is it Coming to America? -the Irish couple, their kids, the neighbor who seemed scary but was a doll, than he died...losing the other baby...too much, we bawled all through this.

    Dr Zhivargo- only I cry thru this, somewhere my love, the music does it to me too.

    Watership Down; I love rabbits Bright Eyes!!

    Black Beauty both the book and the film -I cry like a baby EVERYtime!

    Shawshank Redemption

    Did I say Elephant Man?

    21 Grams-so sad, just such sad lives

    Kimb the white lion; the cartoon series, just the short intro at the start, Kimba and his Mum on the boat, she drowns-frigging hell, I'm a grown woman, it's just a cartoon and I cry!! (It isn't even the cartoon-it is only the intro!)

    Enough, I have embarrassed myself enough; but ya know, it's okay,, crying at movies and tv and books, we are meant to do this

    Oh, also Pan's Labyrinth, last movie I have seen; pretty gory, but for the little girl at the end, cried-again.


  19. Bo-o-o-rn free-ee-ee, as free as the wind blo-o-o-ows...


    Lots of movies make me cry. Hell, commericals make me cry. Boks make me cry. It doesn't take much, really.

  20. MJ,
    You gotta think like a gopher..they're like the Viet Cong - Varmint Cong. So you have to fall back on superior intelligence and superior firepower.

    NOBODY had good hair in the late 70s..except for Farrah!

    Oooh Terms of Endearment..but Jeff Daniels was such an asshole!

    If you build it Rimshot will cry.

    I don't know how many trips I have taken to Bedford Falls to see George Bailey...but it still chokes me up too.

    I didn't realise that The Notebook was such a popular book.
    I have only ever watched it with my wife and it doesn't seem to affect her the same way...I think that she is too busy watching me.

    Those animal welfare commercials..can't watch them..NO WAY! That's why I am glad that the wwf commercial on my youtube sidebar is taking a new tack.

    Oh my I hope that you know that most of the time I parade around in loincloths yelling things like THIS IS SPAR-TA!

    HAHAHA No way man chicks dig it!

    THE michael,
    I did sob a bit too when Mark left the ER but I cried like a baby when Clooney left and did Batman!

    I wasn't quite as emotionally involved with Tom's demise as I was when say Mel's William Wallace was been drawn and quartered..but hey is there a movie where Mel hasn't been about a Messiah complex!

    Only an Android would not well up during a Hallmark spot!

    preposterous ponderings,
    If I had a nickel for every time I said that..I'd have a quarter..

    never again!

    Are you saying that Northern Exposure makes you cry?

    Watch it.
    Do it I dare you..
    I double dare you!

    I have no way to respond to that Allan. That is beyond the pale.
    I cannot imagine.

    If you spent 5 hours a day for months on end you don't think that you could learn howew to play the guitbox?

    Somehow I knew that you would be a big softie and a master weeper. The Elephant Man..I get all choked up just thinking about that...GAWD!!

    She was BORN FREE and she has the right to live FREE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

  21. You bawled at Mel Gibson in Braveheart? It made me laugh: an Australian pretending to be an American pretending to be a Scot, filmed in Ireland and with a bit of a screwy story.

    Surely the worst thing is a film that bores you so much that you walk away. Adam Sandler does that to me. So does Tom Hanks. Actually no, Tom Hanks makes my blood boil. I've seen the Polar Express twice, where all the male characters are based on Tom Hanks. THAT was a nightmare come to life in CGI.

  22. Homey - I cry at jars of pickles. Seriously - I can't even read a damn birthday card without going into hysterics. I got some of those holiday letters that people send inside their cards and I like to read them out loud to the man, you know? Well I made it about 3 lines in and had to stop to bawl my eyes out.

    Movie-wise I always ALWAYS cry at An Affair to Remember (the original), and you called it on the Notebook. That movie should be banned for making too much business for the Kleenex corporation. Before I saw it the first time I was told it was a major tearjerker - well, fine - I was PREPARED. Right? Huh. The last half hour I was racked with sobs and I couldn't stop crying for another half hour after. Jesus!

    The other one that just killed me was Titanic. I saw that in some gigantic theater with a bigger screen and surround sound. I started crying and didn't stop for DAYS. I only saw it the once and won't ever do it again. I couldn't even stop crying when I had to go to WORK - I was busting out in tears, really - for days.

    I get teased for sticking with romantic comedies and the reason is that I have to. I can't handle anything else. Maybe it's the trauma of my life and I've seen too much of the really bad stuff to handle any of the sad or horrific movies - but at least I don't get embarrassed anymore.

  23. I have to say - after reading that about the Buffy show - I am already in tears again. That one caught me way off guard, and I can identify a lot with Allan.

    There should be WARNINGS on those goddamn shows.

  24. spentrails,
    Poor Mel! Since I first laid eyes on him in Mad Max and Road Warrior, Mel's characters have capitalized on being an innocent wronged and making vengeance a good thing..just like Eastwood..

    Historically Braveheart was a bloody disaster but it's only a movie and he painted his face blue..what more do you want?

    The Thrashin' of the Christ was much better than I expected (although now that we know who he is blaming it is easier to forgive the bloody Romans eh?) because of Monica Bellucci (sigh)
    *several minutes later

    and I really liked Apocalypto!

    Oh you are a big Mushball! It's a good thing that you have that inner Amazon to temper your concern for mere mortals.

    My girls were teenieboppers when Titanic came out..
    talk about drah-ma..LEO!!

    JACK..JACK..Jack..j-j-j Jack?

    I loved Titanic as much for it's condemnation of mankind's hubris but I have always been a huge fan of Leo..and let's face it..Titanic had something for everyone..I will never forget that movie...mainly because we had too watch it about 1000 times...and I may have cried when jjj jack went under.

  25. Love Actually

    (most recently anyhow)

  26. Somewhere in Time and The Bridges of Madison County.... All the movies listed above this comment are certain tear jerkers, but these two I have watched I dare say a hundred times each and I still sit on the edge of my seat and cry like a baby. Their love so deep and then to lose it because fate or destiny had to rear its head.

    Oh my heart cries even now in silence as I know that feeling all too well.

    Soft love,

  27. The Way We Were
    Old Yeller
    It's A Wonderful Life
    The Champ

    I cry easy, but I don't see a lot of movies lately. Just a few months ago, my kids told me their teachers read Charlotte's Web to them at school. I asked, did you cry? And they looked at me like I was a nut. So I retold the story from my own memory, and I bawled just reliving it. And they did, too. I apparently tell a story better than their teachers do. Then we went to see the movie, and we all cried again... but no one else in the theater did, so it must've been my storytelling that did it!

  28. It would probably be easier to think of a movie that doesn't make me cry.

  29. i never cry in movies... advertisements can make me cry sometimes, and books... but never movies or tv.

    oh wait- i cried during "gilmore girls" once...

  30. I don't cry during movies cos I know they're films and actors. That sound - it was a hiccup, honestly. And no, it's not a lump in my throat, it's tonsilitis, I swear.


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