Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today I spent the afternoon watching my 6 year old jump out of his seat when the lifesized Tylosaur lept out of the screen in 3D!
I forgot how cool IMAX was. It is like being on Acid! The 70 ft. by 50 ft. screen is cool enough but throw in the 3D effect and WOAH!
Sea Monsters is a National Geographic project that explained how scientists study the evolutionary process and try to understand the marine life that swam in the shallow sea that bisected North America millions of years ago. Brilliant.
A few years ago IMAX started showing Movies like the Matrix, Transformers, and Beowulf...and now gamers can play their favorite games on the gimongous screen.
Have you ever been on Acid, seen a Tylosaur, or been to an IMAX Theatre?


  1. nope, have not been on acid. but have been boiled before. that counts?
    Happy New Year HE!

  2. ARRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!! Too realistic and I'm ascairt now, Homey!!

    Back when my little brother was you know, little, and not over in Iraq on Christmas, you know, back in the day - I brought him to see an Imax movie at an amusement park. I don't know what it was about but he tapped me on the arm about 10 minutes in and said he was going to puke if we stayed any longer. Of course my little sister was totally into it and pissed off that we had to leave. Go figure.

  3. When are they going to show Caddyshack on Imax?

    mmm...Windowpane...melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

    Oh wow HE bro your face just morphed into a kaleidoscope, man.

  4. No, no, yes...

    Plan to make the second a YES and keep the first at a NO...

    Um, what?

  5. yes. . .

    but this evening I'm taking my ten year old to see Enchanted

    how will it compare?

    will I get the same nausea!

  6. One pill makes you larger
    And one pill makes you small
    And the ones that mother gives you
    Don't do anything at all

  7. Purple haze all in my brain
    Lately things just dont seem the same
    Actin' funny, but I dont know why
    scuse me while I kiss the sky.

    Is it just me or are the walls breathing?

  8. HE love,

    I am beginning to feel out of the loop. I have never been to an IMAX theatre although there is one not far from my home, I have never used acid, however I have lived with someone, many years ago, that swore I was beautiful as the snow feel around, after he had digested mushrooms, and I have never seen a Tylosaur, but I do at times feel as big as one after I eat Christmas dinner.

    On a side note... I want to wish you the best new year. You are a wonderful man with a very lucky family. I am sure you feel just as lucky as they are. Be well HE love, you are wonderful!

    Soft love,

  9. Awesome stuff, we will have to go to this one for sure

  10. No, No, and, well, No.

  11. Ha, the last IMAX movie I saw was at a museum, we went in on comp tickets and didn't know what was showing... and it was titled Beavers! I had to stifle the jokes, as I was with a dozen little kids and their parents. I fell asleep and snored loudly, so the joke was on me! I never heard the end of that one.

  12. There's an IMAX in Melbourne. I went once, thought it was a bit overrated. However I've never seen a Tylosaur, nor have I been on acid. I think I'm missing out on something significant... or not?!

  13. No to all three, but that looks way cool. I think there may be an IMAX theater not too far from here. I'll have to take the boys and check it out.

  14. No, no, and no. Sounds like fun, though.

  15. misti,
    Is that like being Tarred & Feathered?

    Note to self..bring lil sister to next Imax presentation.
    Actually I can't do amusement park rides without passing out but the Imax doesn't seem to discombobulate my thingamabob.

    Into the holiday blotter are we?

    mizzy laboheme,
    I suspect that your brainwaves are in overdrive and that dropping some LSD would not be prudent.
    That being said San Fran is ground zero for hallucinogetical exploration of the inner mind.

    ilike the view,
    Are you by any chance going to see Dr. McDreamy?

    Woah..slow are going to peak before New Year's Eve!
    Close your eyes for a moment and find your happy place.
    OK...are the multi coloured bats still fluttering around?
    How about the talking Mona Lisa?
    Ok, now, you can turn the key in the ignition and go for a drive in the Millenium Falcon..just take it easy with the hyper-drive.

    Being told that you are beautiful by someone on 'shrooms is perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Imagine his delight when he returned and discovered that you were three dimensional again..whew!

    I be back before New Year's but in case you have flown the coop Happy New Year...'08 will be great!

    Indeed..imagine if the inland sea had remained in the middle of North would be more like Australia...kewl.

    THE michael,
    Why, why, and why?

    Miss Cellania,
    Pfffft! I bet they were busy little beavers...but instead of watching them gnawing on bark you were sawing logs!
    HA. Try again.

    Aidan would love it for all of the scientificky stuff and you would find out what it is like to be on Acid...a win win sitch.

    It is important that children get an appreciation for all of the HUGE changes that have happened to our planet, know the difference between Dinosaurs and Marine Reptiles, and get hooked on the most amazing part of life..the reality of it just couldn't make this stuff up, it is too fantastic.

    Totally fun! It's a nice change from just going to a movie..I don't even freak out when people around me chatter..whereas in a movie theatre I would be swiftly and silently holding my ether rag over their stupid empty heads until they slumped down in their seat...don't worry I check their pulse every once in a while.

  16. Two out of three. What exactly is a Tylosaur? Sounds like the Fred Flintstone version of the Masons (Loyal Order of Water Buffalo being the Elks of course) and looks like a cartoon that Jimmy Durante should do the voice for. (Didja ever get the feeling that you wanted to go, and still ya got the feeling that you wanted to stay?)

    "...Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain
    Where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies,
    Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers,
    That grow so incredibly high.
    Newspaper taxis appear on the shore,
    Waiting to take you away.
    Climb in the back with your head in the clouds,
    And you're gone. x| x| x|

    Lucy in the sky with diamonds
    Lucy in the sky with diamonds
    Lucy in the sky with diamonds
    Ah... Ah...

    For those of you who missed out on the blotter (Mighty Mouse, blue barrel and other) You didn't miss anything earth-shaking. I'm not sorry I did it, but I'm glad I followed a wise old Head's advice: "Once you get the message, hang up the phone." There is definitely such a thing as "too much."

  17. Anonymous9:11 p.m.

    No Imax near where I live. It would be so cool to watch a 3D movie at one.

    Maybe one day I'll get the opportunity.

  18. nope

    have I missed anything?

  19. capitalism didnt quite work out well here...we have the biggest 3dImax screen in South East Asia and they cant freakin show 3D movies on it? Yeh we do get the dinosor...mummy stuff...but no 3d 3d matrix to make u vomit! hell...

    hey! IMAX is originated from canada! Blame canada!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR big buy.

  20. Happy New Year, kooky Canuck!

  21. breakerslion,
    HA! Indeed.
    Not exactly the kind of thing that one could do for any extended period of time without being completely fercokt!

    preposterous pontificator,
    Not that your active imagination requires any stimulation but it is super fun!

    and yes.

    We Canadians have 6 months of the year to shiver in the cold & the dark, and dream up ways to entertain ourselves.


    Is it that time already? I have not made any plans whatsoever.
    Just another Manic Monday.

    All of our friends across the Pond will be finished celebrating by the time Dick Clark hobbles up to the mike! He looks great for someone who is three days older than kerosene.
    Are you doing anything out of the ordinary to bring in the New Year?

  22. No, not to my knowledge, and yes.

    Maybe you and Allie could watch The Notebook on Imax. Your tears would drown out the theatre.

  23. Hey! You know it's next year in Australia; I get a kick out of that.

    Walking With Dinosaurs is headed to Canada...

    That would be fun; my other self in San Francisco saw it at San Jose (last few daysish) and loved it.

    We are lucky to get running water here, Imax would be in Melbourne, and I would love to experience it.

    Never done drugs, I would bet my mind and imagination could come up with anything acid had to offer. It gets a little swirly and twirly at times. :)


    Saw Million Dollar Baby film, another tear jerker.

  24. oooh i love imax! i wonder if that one is coming to south africa soon?

  25. Yay IMAX! I've been to various IMAXes around the world, but haven't seen the dinos yet. I have the DVD of one of the IMAX films, but it's different on a telly screen and, unlike the IMAX version, not 3D (Haunted Castle - it's a good one with the almost obligatory rollercoaster sequence you find in IMAX 3D).


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