Monday, December 31, 2007

Answer this:
2007 was _______?


  1. A. One more than 2006
    B. Fifty-Two weeks long
    C. The year HomoEscapeons made baby Jesus cry.

  2. Funny! ^

    2007 was our hottest and driest on record for us. And still food and animals grew and lived.

    A time of some very tender, happy and warm moments with family.

    A chance to indulge in a bit of a passion (apart from that one :) )...rock climbing!

    Racing beautiful horses and being rewarded with success from all the long hours put into them.

    Meeting the sweetest most talented, interesting and funniest people on earth.

    Living the life I choose. Fortunate enough to be able to make my own unique choices.

    2008 is already 12 hours old here, I hope 2008 brings everyone everything their heart desires.

    Here is to our beautiful but crazy old world.

    Havagoodone HE!


  3. the year I discovered we didn't have a rat's chance in hell of escaping extinction........and also discovering that I didn't really give a damn.......hehe

  4. 2007 was I ate you all insanity and put on weight. gaga gugu.

    Happy New Year Don ji.

  5. Happity New Year! Loves ya!

  6. ...over not a moment too soon. 2008 will be better!

    Happy New Year, HE!

  7. Another number woth 2 zeros in it.

  8. ..interesting

    I am trying to be boring by giving the standard answer here.

    Donn, you are priceless.:D

    I concede..more power to where you WANT AND DESIRE it.

    Hope we continue our LIASON through the years...

    Don't worry, I will try my best to keep you n order. That is inherent within(??) me. If you wish for flattery, you can say goodbye!

    Now, you know I wish the Very best to you and your family forever..not only 2008.


    PS: I better go and hug your frind too before he sulks!

  9. * Why do I goof up in spellings here?

    Tsk, tsk!

  10. CresceNet5:49 a.m.

    Gostei muito desse post e seu blog é muito interessante, vou passar por aqui sempre =) Depois dá uma passada lá no meu site, que é sobre o CresceNet, espero que goste. O endereço dele é . Um abraço.

  11. ... challenging, but I made it through and I expect 2008 to be an amazing year!

    Happy New Year, HE!

  12. By the way, I love that little clip by WWF!

  13. HE Love,

    2007 was a hard year. I am thankful for what I have and those that are in my life. ut emotional and physically, not to mention other ways, it has een difficult. I pray that the new year rings a sense of happiness ... calmness, stability, and love.

    I wish you all things HE...Happy New Year

    Your biggest fan...::wink::


  14. Hey HE!

    That wasn't a rant, it's very poignant...very true, very relevant, to the point of heartbreakingly frustrating.

    Did you hear that the new (joint Chairman-with his Dad) will be Bilawal Bhutto Zadari, their 19 yo son.

    I just have this feeling the voice of Pakistan will be heard, the people will get their rights, it may take a while but I think their hopes, their aims have just been galvanised by her murder.

    We have some Canadian Park Rangers doing summer work experience in the Grampians/Gariwerd National Park; not far from my home.

    We have had successive 40c plus days of heatwaves here, the local paper did interviews with these poor heatgobsmacked Rangers....The weather had been 38c and they were gutted, just melted..could not comprehend that the weather might heat up another 8-9 degrees...Summers here can be a tad warm. :) Much like we struggle to understand how you can survive in minus tens and tens-frozen-over-life there!

    I have come to the conclusion, both are countries are very beautiful; in each their own ways, but there is no need for our countries to be so extreme in their beauty, mediocre beauty is fine with me! LOL



    Cool image! Love it!

    2007 was NORMAL.

    Cos I hv had very weird years before that. :)


  16. Not as good as 2008 but lots better than 2006.
    Happy New Year, HE.

  17. a hell of a ride.

  18. The year of Homo Escapeons' comeback tour.

  19. yes, i echo mj.. the year HE stayed. i am so happy for that. things/people we sometimes take for granted. spank me.

  20. 2007 was
    so last year!

  21. Interesting.

    Isn't there a Chinese curse that says 'may you live in interesting times'

    Yes, I do believe there is. :)

  22. ... a we-literally-lost-it-all-including-my-relationship-with-my-brother-which-I-nipped-in-the-bud-and-the-one-with-my-mother-which-went-from-shit-to-AAAAAAAH-though-it-DID-hold-some-hope-as-we-managed-to-scramble-away-from-the-grips-of-España-oh-how-that-word-still-makes-me-cringe-and-make-it-back-to-my-rice-a-roni-licious-home-and-so-that-can't-be-all-bad pain in the ass I wish to leave long and buried.

    2008 you're SO gonna be MA BITCH! K-KISH!

    As for you dearest HE, may you have a magical year that is nothing short of spectacular... mucho SHAZAM needed to deal with you level of fantabulousness!

    OH! And I left you a link in the Crizzmoose post that will explain a once perplexing comment I left you some posts ago...

    Merry, merry, happy, happy...

  23. ugh, I have returned to see you have come back only to see that I must be so use to my B sticking that none of them showed up on my comment. I am sorry.... you just get me


  24. Like 365 days of unwanted houseguests?

    Happy 2008 Homey!

  25. rimmerstiltskin,
    Now you know darn well that BJ and I would get along famously.
    He 'gets' me.
    "I don't care what they may say
    I don't care what they may do
    I don't care what they may say
    Jesus is just alright,
    oh yeah
    Jesus is just alright."

    I admire the fact that you are cognitive and appreciative of how ridiculously free we are...moreso than at any point in human history.

    "More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly."
    Woody Allen,

    THE mike,
    HA! Reminds me of a little ditty by the Verve..
    Da da da da-da-da
    da-da-da da-da-da
    "A bittersweet harmony that's life.
    Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to the money then you die
    I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down"

    Freddy Mercury said,
    "So don't become some background noise
    A backdrop for the girls and boys
    Who just don't know or just don't care
    And just complain when you're not there
    You had your time, you had the power
    You've yet to have your finest hour

    All we hear is Radio ga ga
    Radio goo goo
    Radio ga ga
    All we hear is Radio ga ga
    Radio blah blah
    Radio waht's new?
    Radio, someone still loves you!"

    WOW! Happpity to you too.
    "Good morning starshine
    The earth says hello
    You twinkle above us
    We twinkle below

    Gliddy glub gloopy
    Nibby nabby noopy
    La la la lo lo
    Sabba sibby sabba
    Nooby abba nabba
    Le le lo lo
    Tooby ooby walla
    Nooby abba naba
    Early morning singing song"

    miss cellania,
    Undah presshah!
    "Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking
    Can't we give ourselves one more chance
    Why can't we give love
    that one more chance
    Why can't we give love
    give love
    give love
    give love
    give love
    give love
    give love
    give love
    give love

    'Cause love's such an old fashioned word
    And love dares you to care for
    The people on the edge of the night
    And loves dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves"

  26. whitesnake,
    Howzabout some Whitesnake?

    "An' here I go again on my own
    Goin' down the only road I've ever known,
    Like a hobo* I was born to walk alone
    An' I've made up my mind
    I ain't wasting no more time

    But, here I go again,
    Here I go again,
    Here I go again,
    Here I go..."

    I appreciate that you keep me honest and I expect you to be my STORMBRINGER!!!!

    "Coming out of nowhere
    Drivin' like a-rain
    Stormbringer dance
    On the thunder again
    Dark cloud gathering
    Breaking the day
    No point running
    'Cause she's coming your way"

    I LOVE that sad but true!

    You did an amazing job of handling '07! My wish for you in '08 is to find your bliss.
    A little Bryan Adams..

    "cause On a day like today
    the whole world could change
    the sun's gonna shine
    shine thru the rain
    on a day like today
    ya never wanna see the sun go down
    ya never wanna see the sun go down"

  27. oh tara,
    If at all possible listen to Just Like Heaven by the Cure..that's my happy song and I do a Snoopy dance whenever it comes on..

    dee dee dee DEE-DEE-DEE
    da-da da-dee-dee-dee-da

    "Daylight licked me into shape
    I must have been asleep for days
    And moving lips to breathe her name
    I opened up my eyes
    And found myself alone alone
    Alone above a raging sea
    That stole the only girl I loved
    And drowned her deep inside of me"

    It was a little too septic for your lovely site and I am regarding the weather.."Always bring the weather"

    No kidding. Talk about too much of a good thang! Maybe Aussies and Canucks are so 'out there' because of our Enviwrongment?
    I would settle for a modicum of good enuff.

    "Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire
    Couldn't conquer the blue sky
    Well there's a small boat made of china
    Is going nowhere on the mantlepiece
    Well do I lie like a loungeroom lizard
    Or do I sing like a bird released

    Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you"

    That is good news then innit?

    You must have heard With Every Heartbeat by Robyn...
    "So I don’t look back
    Still I’m dying with every step I take
    But I don’t look back
    Just a little, little bit better
    Good enough to waste some time
    Tell me would it make you happy baby

    We could keep trying
    but things will never change
    So I don’t look back
    Still I’m dying with every step I take
    But I don’t look back"

    cream de la creme,
    What a great truly are a breath of fresh air. A wizened soul who speaks from experience...with such a gentle grace and peaceful spirit..

    I wanna be exactly like you when I grow up!

  28. cs,
    You did have one helluva year..a little Ozark Mountain Daredevils..

    "now I'm runnin' from my house
    'cause my house doesn't please me
    people comin' in, goin' out,
    they don't see me
    now I'm flyin' through the air
    I'm not scared of people all underneath,
    in a heap, askin' how'd we get to here
    from there where our lives had some meaning
    and all the days weren't the same
    we played no games
    and we knew ourselves within

    I sound so pathetic!

    "I want you to blog me.
    I need you to blog me.
    I'd love you to blog me.
    I'll shine up the old brown posts, put on a brand-new avatar.
    I'll get home early from work if you say that you blog me."

    Spank me? Kinky!

    "When a problem comes along
    You must whip it
    Before the cream sits out too long
    You must whip it
    When something's going wrong
    You must whip it

    now whip it
    into shape
    shape it up
    get straight
    go forward
    move ahead
    try to detect it
    it's not too late
    to whip it
    whip it good!"

    That is soo Stevie Wonder-ful!

    "What happened to the world we knew
    When we would dream and scheme
    And while the time away

    Where did it go that yester glow
    When we could feel
    The wheel of life turn our way

  29. a year of extremes.

  30. In a word, brutal. However, we can and will change that in 2008.

    But you've gotten so big that your face is actually part of the planet?

    I assume that's the Northwest Passage, roughly, and the rest of your body is, depending on whether you're standing up or lying down, blotting out all of North and South America or obscuring all of Europe and Asia from the sun.

    (*Wonders where HE found this latest little Web Wonder trick thingy*)

  31. What am I? Chopped liver!


  32. pam,
    I know that you had a jolt in '07 and I hope that '08 makes up for it somehow.

    I'm sorry I had to go out for a while..
    When I first started wandering out here in the blogosphere you were the first blog that I came across that took me completely by surprise...I was amazed by your tsunamic force of nature unleashed in a startling tell it like it is mental blitzkrieg.

    I was totally floored by your frank, hilarious, intelligent deconstruction of the universe.
    My gawd missy I have yet to find anyone who can undress an issue with such controlled precision.

    You popped my cherry and I knew instantly that Hell Yeah I wanna be able to do that..I wanna have the cajones to lay it on the line and still be vulnerable enough to build a concensus and not sound arrogant. What you do and how you say it will always be nothing short of an inspiration to me. Don't ever forget that.

    oh tara,
    I am flattered that I am somehow responsible for making your B sticky. Don't worry, I still get your drift and I am always excited to read your sweet comments.

    HA! For all of your angst I still think that it would be fantastic to hang around and listen to you talk for hours on end. I see you as an amazing gladiator who faces each opponent headon.
    I hope that '08 materializes into an extrordinary experience for you.
    With all my heart man.

    Right back atcha ghosty! Here's to another great year bro.

    HI vesper.
    Extremes you say? I must come and visit to find out more. Personally I thrive on change but love routines and familiarity..obviously a weird combo but I imagine that it's too late for me to change that.

    without photoshop,
    Yes I am HUGE!!! I guess it does look like a relief map? An archipelago of volcanic peaks thrusting forth from a stormy sea of trivia searching for the light of day! Hey not bad eh?

    By now you have already read how much you mean to me...sorry that you thought that I would ignore you!
    *starts corporally mortificating his back

  33. 2007 was busy as hell, irritating as they come, funny as f**k and the year I turned 30.

    I loved it and hated it, but I wouldn't change it for the world, and I can only hope that 2008 is at least half as challenging!

    Happy New Year darlin'!

  34. Even if Baby Jesus is sad over your heathen ways(and he is, he heard about that thing in Tiajuana), I still love ya' H.E.

  35. Thanks. I also listen.

  36. Anonymous1:40 p.m.

    ....a bite in the ass! It sucked!

  37. the best year for me in a loooong time!!!

  38. happy new year dude- there's something on my blog for you!!!

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Should have been........Still oF the Night

    with so adjustments.

    In the the still of the night,
    I hear the whitesnake coming,
    hissing around my door,
    In the still of the night,
    I hear HE coming,
    tellin' me I gotta have more

  41. Tough going, up and down, sucky, ok-ish at times - and now gone ... was not sad to see it go. Hello from a fellow nominee by courtesy of Angel. Will be back. Have a good 2008.

  42. "2007 was. As in past tense. And I'm glad it now was. As in past tense."

    Stealing Dawn's line (and lead - sure hope you don't mind Dawn!): Congrats from a fellow nominee, courtesy of Angel!

  43. pumpkin,
    30! That was more traumatic for me than hittin' 5.D'OH!
    Happy New Year.

    I have been to tijuana and I gave a vendor whatfor for painting zebra stripes on a burro for the touristas..I don't think that baby Jesus would cry about that!..besides as the song goes:
    "no crying he makes."

    I'm sure you do. You are a very sensitive soul and I am glad that you are on the same planet.

    preposterous ponderings,
    Even if '07 sucked the hind one you would have found a way to help others get through it. Hopefully
    '08 will will allow you to suckle on a primo teat.

    How you spoil me with your accolades. I am so glad that you had such an abfab 365. It proves that tough times cannot last forever..unless you're living in one of the 190ish countries that we only read about...I can't believe what so many other Earthlings are forced to this the same planet?

    Do you suppose that metal-hairbands will make a BIG comeback in o8? I miss their zany antics.

    aloha dawn,
    Congratulations. Sounds like you experienced a 'normal' year full of zigs and zags. I'll be over for a visit asap.

    eternally curious,
    Love your title! Hopefully you won't be as 'tense' this year.
    Congrats and I shall see you soon. Angel has a discerning eye so I look forward to it.

  44. Ay dios mio! I was just kidding around and being an obnoxious and cheeky bohemian who had nothing better to do but mess with her beloved, for you are OH SO beloved, HE and now your sweet words have me floored and humbled and oh so misty eyed...

    DAMMIT! You might just make me cry!

    *whispers humbly* Thank you muchly... and I hope that my reaction and words when you almost left us for good brought home to YOU how very much you mean to this bohemian! :-) I am forever ecstatic that you are back my dear...

  45. Much better than 2006, and I'm so happy about that.

    Hopefully not as good as 2008 will be, and I do mean that.

    =) happy happy, Homey!

  46. ghos-tay!
    Keep on, keepin' on, Dude!

    La belle Mizzzy La Boheme dissed by moi? C'est pas possible!
    Ya silly goose.

    shelley grrrrl,
    WOW! Such fantastic optmisim from the midwestern gal for '08. I like it a-lot!
    There may be something to that old line about tough times not lasting forever.
    My motto was Hope for the BEST and prepare for the WORST.
    Now that I am 50 it's "Meh" *shrug.

  47. ... heaven
    once the lover count got to seven.
    In 2008, it will be great
    As long as my period is never late.

    I'm ever so excited about ths year. I really am x

  48. ... heaven
    once the lover count got to seven.
    In 2008, it will be great
    As long as my period is never late.

    I'm ever so excited about ths year. I really am x

  49. CHERRY!
    I am soooooo happy to hear that you are rolling in the clover!
    You just keep an eye on Flow and make sure that she isn't late. She cannot always be trusted.

    Please don't make your visit an annual event..I miss you!

  50. 2007 was the year I discovered your blog. Late starter, yeah baby.


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