Friday, January 04, 2008


Here in my part of the world we start every new year by being forced to endure the three most ferocious months of Winter.
This enviwrongmental 'wet blanket' usually dampens our optimism and we cope by daydreaming about Summer.
We fantasize and embellish how fantastic Summer is.
In reality during the Summer months we complain incessantly about the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes. ..
but during the Winter we imagine that Summer is a dreamlike state of bliss.
We always seem to want what we can't have?
Why do we have these ridiculous, overimaginative, brains that torture us with crap like this?
We have the ability to distort the past to placate our circumstances.
We can edit our memories to suit our needs.
Well enough of this tomfoolery!
From now on I am going to accept the way that things are.
Life is too short to waste dreaming up idyllic scenarios of halcyon days of yesteryear.
I am 50 years old and it is time to stop this cycle of avoiding reality.
I am determined to face LIFE with a new, honest, open, approach.
Whatever is heading my way will simply be dealt with without hiding in my little fantasy world.
So far I haven't noticed anything unusual.
How about you? Same old same old?


  1. happy new year's, hon!

    same old, same old for me, though i learned one very important thing that will guide me through the rest of 2008:

    i may be a genius at writing press releases, but however good i am, Santa will always know.


  2. lol at illyria, my sweet heart.

    me, i'm just trying to eat more fruits. don't want a stroke.
    and oats, yes oats.

  3. LOL!

    Imagination and dreaming is good; did you know even Albert Einstein is on the record as stating he considred his power of imagination was/is far greater than any other gift he had!

    Or, wait a minute, that might have been his creativity?

    You are covered mate, regardless; I have told as many people (in our small community) as I can, about your winters!

    They are pretty horrified too, it's almost like another planet thing. Planet Winnipeg-iceland cometh.

    How did you distort those photos! The horse looks like a reindeer, I am thinking you took a blowtorch to the pictures, or to your computer...wait! we have an oxy blowtorch, just hang on a minute....I wanna have a go at this....clunk, whirr, hsssss, BAN G

  4. same old same old... 'cept for actually having a real live boyfriend of course
    nice, um... horse, donn...

  5. Whoaaaaaaa...I think I shouldn't have taken the brown acid.

  6. My mum said on New Year's Day, "Still, you've got your holiday in June to look forward to."

    I can't look forward that far. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Then the next weekend. Then the next...

  7. Ah the weather. What is worse: decisively hot summers and freezing cold winters or miserably mild and wet winters and, uh, miserably mild and wet summers? That's not a leading question by the way.

    Isn't it funny how... we lapse into habits of thinking even though we KNOW otherwise? Couple that with the snow/sun always being whiter/brighter on the other side of the season and we're miserable all year round.

    Here's a thought: in European languages the words for sun and moon have different genders and it appears linked to the respective climates. In Northern Europe, the sun is feminine (e.g. die Sonne in German) because she brings life, fertility and all other good things after many months of darkness and the horrible moon. In the south, the sun is masculine (e.g. el sol in Spanish) because he is too strong and brings death. Overly simplistic analysis of course but hey.

    You are not alone in your perception(s) of reality.

  8. never let reality interfere with life Donn, you might really want what you haven't got!

  9. Nice dragon, but how'd you get him to wear the cowboy hat and shirt?

  10. I think it's important to point out that all those other pix -- including the preposterous Roy Rogers one -- are actually photoshopped and the one showing you looking all contorted is actually the real one.

    Winnipeg winters contort and twist and bend us all into frozen masses of ice. When summer comes, we turn into mush.

    There's a reason why you can't continually freeze and thaw food over and over again and expect it to taste good.

    It's a cellular thing.

  11. romantics rooolz! okay reality sucks. Nice post bro. and thats a moose horse hybrid?

  12. I try to avoid looking forward to things and retreat into a dream world as much as I can. Besides, summers in Britain these days invariably mean three months of flooding in Yorkshire, but I still get hayfever and there are still wasps everywhere.

    Belated New Year greetings to you and yours.

  13. I hear ya on the wishful thinking... I used to idealize the Spanish summers when first I moved to what is now my love, SF, and I pined away.... needless to say that thanks to global warming and summers so suffocating that being naked and ripping your skin off your flesh is still not enough to relieve the heat-induced torment and three and a half years of pure and utter hell in goddamn (/%%$/&%$%&/$/&()&)(/% España, I am good to go and here I am, back home in SF, smiling and beyond ecstatic as a storm that is to last through next week rages on outside and even the cold no longer bothers me...

    Same old, same old? Well, mucho craziness, I am filming away a little green-screen project in which I play a sorceress named Jennimir whilst juggling the kiddos and homework and yoga classes and hubby and love life and keeping things fresh when I could so easily pass out and just when I think the chaos is gonna die down it increases and rages on and... you know what? After a dead holiday with kids at home and nothing to do, this is just the way I like it! :-)

    But other than daydreaming of summertimes of yore, methinks you have skirted the question and have yet reveal to us how YOU be doing! Bohemian minds would like to know!

  14. Hey Homey! Good post yet again. You're absolutely right. We (I) spend way too much time looking back, full stop. It's time to move ahead with eyes forward and try to accept that things are good as they are, right here and now.

    And, they are! :)

  15. Thermal underwear, factor 50, mosquito repellant, de icer ... otherwise just go with the flow.

    Lovely girl that Flow!

  16. Urgent equine rhinoplasty required?
    Have a happy year, however you see it, Donn

  17. You're 50?? I had always assumed ytou were younger than I. Probably because just about everyone I meet on the internet is.

  18. I always have and always will hate Southern summers, and I always look forward to winter's respite from the heat and humidity. So what if it gets kinda chilly sometimes, that's what coats are for! Yea, yea, we don't have snow to shovel, but I miss that too, and yes, I experienced plenty of it in my day.

  19. Sounds like your life is going to be fun from now on, H.E. when a young chick like Miss Cellania assumes you're younger than 50. Please don't tell her that I'll be 55 in Feb.

    I am so glad to hear I'm not the only living in a little fantasy world.
    And because of that, I'm not going to change a thing!

  20. I've had at least one marvellous moment every day this year. I think my radar is tuned for them.
    You always inject a spark of magic there.

    Happy New Year, Darling, You Handsome Wise Man X

  21. We may TRY to edit our memories. Do they really recede?

    Being truthful and honest for oneself is best gift we can give ourselves. Why do we have to see ourselves from another's point of view?

    Fantasy world is reality. For the person who lives in that world. As you are aware, many do.

    Why do keep harping you are 50?! At every point you remind me, I am 40!

    It is not same old us, each day we renew ourselves. At least our hair and skin does..

  22. have you noticed, i live just down the street from you now? i think? we blew in last night. damn near literally.
    aside from the mutant horses, i think we're going to like it here.
    ps- looking DAMN GOOD for 50, coppens.

  23. Not me, I'm going to complain bitterly about the cold and dream of summer. Because that's just the kind of person I am.

  24. It's winter outside? Dang!

    And about that same old same old thing you're standing next to...

  25. Anonymous10:52 p.m.

    SSDD here always!

    That's a mighty fine looking creature in the last picture.The guy in blue is not too damn bad either!

    Have a great 2008!

  26. Umm... I really shouldn't say. It's a private matter really, but it should be a positive thing. *grinning*

  27. Your goal sounds like a good one. And since you are a baby boomer, I am gonna link to you!

  28. Anonymous4:57 p.m.

    Oh Homey, you're a hilarious one :) Same old same old indeed! I feel like I've spent my entire life taking exams :(

    But secretly I quite enjoy it. It's one hell of a way to waste a day. By the way, I think I say your horsey friend in Tesco the other day. He says hi.

  29. ...same old mould.
    But once again, my desire will be to grow (not in girth), live out loud, and dream of summer...

  30. me same old same old BF-less Keshi. LOL!

    Hows ya matey? Looking good!


  31. {illyria}
    Don't kid yourself, Santa likes it when you're naughty...and so do I.
    You are a genius at writing anything!

    Wild oats? More fruit ((sigh)) I know that I should eat more fruit too. I just wish that I could see them glow in the uv spectrum like birds..that would be so cool to look at fruit as if it was under a blacklight!

    Good ole Photoshop. I feel so stupid because it is above ZERO today! It is NEVER above ZERO...but everything is is soo weird. It is too warm now and the roads will freeze up and become pure ice.
    Actually 10 below is just about perfect..seriously I know that might sound cold but we can walk around in sweaters at 10 below.

    My horse loves those uranium pellets that I was feeding him but I am starting to have second thoughts..hmmm.

    A real LIVE BF! 2008 is going to be suh-weet! My horse is morphing into a dragon just for's as close to Pegasus as I can get.
    I love screwing around with my pet's DNA...although you probably shouldn't mess with Mother Nature too much..meh.

    Yessirree Bob the brown acid works like a charm. The weirdest thing about this picture is that I took it! Go figure.

  32. geoff,
    JUNE!? Talk about forward thinking.
    I would go crazy if my next event was 6 months away..I look forward to waking up tomorrow.
    *crosses fingers

    WOW! I am loving your paleo-philosophical dispensation on the relevance of geography in respect to the mythological importance of gender specific deification of solar/lunar phenomenon.

    I might want what I haven't got? Don't be silly. I just want MORE! MORE! MORE!
    Why would I spoil it all by dealing with reality..pfft!

    Heh heh heh. You have dragon envy..don't feel bad it's perfectly natural to be in awe of another man's dragon. Especially one like mine that is ribbed.

    without winter,
    Freezing chocolate takes a year off of it's shelf life. You and I were outside last night and it was beautiful so we must make a pact that we will not kvetch about Winter until the temperature plummets back into the minus 30s...

    and then we can try cryogenically preserving what is left of your brain..mwuah-ah-ah!

  33. ghos-tay!
    Excellent observation. He does sort of look like my moose Mr Horny...but Mr Horny is a castrated1800 pound 6 foot tall pussycat and this guy is still randy as a sailor on shore leave.

    Retreating into a flood of memories? We all need something to look forward to..or back on..maybe that's better because we already know that it has already happened and we can enjoy it..
    if it did really happen?

    What if we are enjoying memories that never happened just like they do in all of those sci-fi movies...
    they just create these lives..
    it's the MATRIX

    Miz Jennimir,
    Spanish summers sound waytoofrickinHOT! I did enjoy Solar peeling back in the 70s when that orange Bain De Soleil was smeared all over my basting svelt teenage body (why do I hear guitar porn wonka wonka)...
    and when I ran out of that I would slather on the Baby Oil until I glistened like a holidy ham and fried my skin into a nice crispy brown like a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken..MMMmmmMMMM.
    Those were the days.

    btw: I'm Okee Dokee.

    Sheeley as I lay back and watch the over the top excessive election primary coverage I wish that you were sitting beside me so that I could see you rant and rave at all of these characters.

    Why does America need to endure this obscene amount of naval gazing and punditry..
    these candidates have been at this since the day after Dubya won the last election! WTF is up with that? It is absolutely craaaaazy!

    We do need a lot of schtuff to get through all four of our seasons here in the Temperate Zone. It would be much cheaper to live in the Tropics. All you need is two sets of clothes Drought and Flood.

  34. dinahmow,
    Happy New Year to you! Yes I should have that schnozz looked at but it is so cool. I am going to keep experimenting in my laboratory until I have created a new spring line up of species for all of mankind to enjoy. What could possibly go wrong.
    Yours Truly,
    Dr Moreau

    miss cellania,
    Flatter me all you seriously don't stop. I don't know whatever gave you that impression..I have discussed coming of age in the late 60s and.. go on about how young you think that I am...

    btw I always thought that about 1/3 of the people that I meet out here are my age...
    do you mean I'm an OLD DUDE?

    THE michael,
    SO. You haven't always been in gatorland? I don't know if I could take a completely snow-free Winter. I like the cold when the SUN is out..and besides I overheat too easily in the Summer so I look forwrd to the respite..
    I need to lay on the reiverbank with my mouth open like the gators...hissssss.

    Since you have a few extra years under your belt I will defer to your sound advice and withdraw my participation in the rw. Never cared for it anyway.

    I won't tell any of the young chicks (we just gave away our vintage by using that terminology)that you will be 55 in Feb..promise.
    55 is the new 45 anyway.

    Oh Cherry,
    Everyday!? Das es fantastich! Whatever you are doing now don't change a thing!

    I hope that you have written down everything and ritualised every aspect of your waking day so that you can write one of those "here's how to fix your life" books.

    You can be the NEXT BIG THING!
    Please write a chapter on how I have empowered you..
    I want to cash in on your fame and be one of the hangerson wannabes ..
    but I would like to be mnore of a mystical Yogi because I think that the New Ageee stuff still sells better than the dry biological crapola that I believe in.

    The other day somebody told me that it takes 7 years to have completely changed every cell in our body...and that the big 5-0h is important because we have just replaced every molecule in our body 7 times 7 times!

    So far nothing very dramatic has happened..which is just as well..don't want to tempt the fates.

    I like your attitude of starting over every morning..which I do..I start looking for my keys every morning even if I put them in the exact same place as I did the night before. So you could say that I right on track.

  35. grumblehorse9:41 p.m.

    I'd extend New Years greetings,
    to both you and the horse you rode
    in on, but life is so fraught with
    vagaries. Speaking of horse and
    Halcyon, Mr Head looks jist a mite peaked, there. Have you been applying his meds, as per the instructions on the feedbag? Looks
    like the victim of some recent species-altering experience, I'd
    guess. The, er... horse, clearly has issues, as well. Remember:

    A man, his horse, and Halcyon...

    is combo that only works in the
    western movies, but never to be tried at home.

    Yippie Kai Yo, kai yay...

  36. first nations,
    I wish that you did live down the street. I would be over watching you make goodies, gardening, doing your Audubon thingamabob with the birds...
    and all of the other ordinary hobbies that you do to convince the neighbours that you are normal..nothing to see here folks move along..meanwhile inside that head of yours there is some weird sh*t goin' on and thank goodness for that.

    But I would love to see how well disguised you are. Welcome to the neighbourhood. It's a beautiful day in the...

    I love your honesty. There is no shame in HATING Winter especially if you get that slushy crazy-ass storm kind of Winter. We usually get the basic just absolutely freeze the nuts off a robot kind of 5 month affair with a few blizzards at the beginning and the end...mainly just brutal cold.

    Except for this's melting and above zero..*does the snoopy dance..but We are going to pay for this BIG TIME.

    eternally curious,
    That thing was once your run-of-the-mill selfish lazyass horse but now it is halfway to dragonville and when my experiment is completed I am going to pack a lunch, write a brief note to loved ones, hop aboard and bugger off to neverland.

    prepositional paraphrasings,
    There is nothing wrong with your computer.
    Do not attempt to adjust the computer.
    I am controlling the transmission.

    You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... The Outer Limits.

    Remember that?

    Sounds mischievous..why do so many people say miss cheeve ee us? Anyway it is a private matter and hopefull it will be a positive thingy.
    You will write about it either way... won't you?

    Hallo! Yes I have pontificated on the Boomer experience ad nauseum. Check out my labels...always glads to meet somebody else using the Boomer Benchmark for analyzing how they screwed up and sold out...well there is till some time to redeem themselves but I'm getting nervous about that...running out of time.

    The next big thing will be how the Boomers reinvent their own funerals to make each one of their lives feel like a cultural highwater mark of biblical proportions.

    Where the hell have you been young lady you have a lot of explaining to do
    do you have any idea how worried I was about you
    the least that you could have done is called and let me know that you were OK..
    do you have any idea what time it is
    where have you
    writing exams?

    (in a loud booming voice)
    and live out LOUD you shall!
    Ok Joyce you have two more wishes WAIT
    one more you wasted one dreaming about summer..

    so what will it be?

    Now listen you being BF-less is a completely voluntary decision and I for one refuse to pretend that you don't get propositioned morning, noon, and night. I mean COME ON!

    Whenever you decide to do something about it I am going to scrutinize the poor bastard under a microscope so he had better be PERFECT. No pressure kiddo, no pressure.


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