Saturday, December 22, 2007


I'm just hitchin' up Mr. Horny and gettin' ready to start visiting.
He is a big SOB, but since I accidentally castrated him with the chainsaw last Spring, he is as gentle as a kitten.

I'll be around later but I just wanted to send a little shout out to my peeps on this beautiful Winter's day.
I moose't be going..toodaloo.


  1. There's a moose
    aboot this hoose!

  2. Just what I bloody needed. Moose puns. Thanks, pal.

  3. Wonderful Christmas to you and yours HE love.


  4. dear god sir unhand that moose! UNHAND HIM I SAY! you can tell from the expression on it's face that your hands are really cold, too.

    merry crimmus, don!

  5. Happy Christmas Eve Eve, good sir.

  6. Merry Christmoose to you both -

    I'll pop over with the presents later.

  7. that's a moose is it?

    merry (xxxxx)xmas dear donn

  8. There's no moose worth his salt that would allow such an indignity as being harnessed. It do look funny though. Kids, don't try this at home. You will die.

  9. And a Merry Chrismoose to you, too, HE!

  10. Over here, a moose is an unattractive woman. So, from one moose to another - happy Christmas.

  11. Anonymous12:21 p.m.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  12. From one (ex)Winterpegonnian to another,

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, HE!

    ...and thanks for the lovely and as it happens, timely, comment on my blog.

  13. LOL!

    U hv an awesome WHITE CRIZZMOOSE HE, MWAHHHHHHHHHH! We r having a hot summer one with some shrimp on the barbie over here. :)

    See ya soon!

  14. Merry ChrizzMoose, you crazy Canuck!

  15. You are the first person to accidentally castrate a moose and live to tell the tale. Congratulations!

    Enjoy whatever it is that's being celebrated and many happy returns!

  16. merry Christmas big guy to you and the family.

    hemm...can you really ride a reindeer?

  17. Hairy Crizzmoose Homo Escapeons!

    i should leave you a tube of conditioner if you're doing some riding later.

  18. Happy Christmas HE - Stuff delivering those presents; take them all home and have them yourself.

  19. Where is my present?

  20. And why aren't we on your blogroll anymore?

    More, why are you on your best behaviour around me?

    Who said anything about scorning you or pitying you? How can you even think of it?

    Why do you assume that you are not creative? Your posts, that is?

    More questions for you in your next post.

    Enjoy Christmas for now...

  21. I get so much insight into the culture and traditions of Canada from this blog...

    It's a lot like NH where I grew up, but you guys take it up a notch. In New Hampshire we only had cows to ride.

  22. geoff,
    How obtuse? No time for a goose in the caboose!

    scurrilous vicuna,
    I am a sucker for PUNishment!

    oh tara,
    Danke..this year I shall refuse to succumb to the emotional tyranny of the season and just have fun.

    first nations,
    That moose is loved and well cared for..except for the unfortunate termination of his dangly bits...
    I hope that you are having fun and documenting the events of the day.

    I take it that you have had time to congeal your outrage at my Lou Dobbs epiphany and have decided to forgive me and let bygones be bygones...carpe diem.

    miss cellania,
    I hope that my comments aren't sucked into the ether again at your site... Merry Merry Happy Happy to you.

    YIPPEE! Mr Horny luvs water lillies and chasing dogs.

    THAT is a MOOSE! Mr Horny is 6 ft high at the shoulder and weighs 1200 pounds. He is also house trained.

    THE michael,
    My christmas wish is that you will fix your comment section..PUHLEEZE! How long have I been haranguing you about this..don't make me come down there on Mr Horny!

    I hope that you are having a wonderful non tsunamic/volcanic/earthquakian West Coast Holiday with all the trimmings...and a little schnow.

    Get outta here you're a doll!

    Truth be told I am shooting staples into my arm everytime I get the urge to complain about left side is now completely numb.

    I am so delighted to have made your acquaintance ...
    various parts of my persons are tingling with delight at the prospect of getting to know you better in 08.

    You can take the gal outta the Peg...
    Unfortunately what happens in Whateverpeg doesn't stay in Whateverpeg we need to complain about it so that nobody else will move here and ruin it.
    See you soon eh?

    It is UMpossible for me to imagine Crizzmoose without SCHNOW!!! All of my memories consist of warming up the car and bundling up the kids for half an hour to go visit somebody somewhere..

    Have a HOT one!
    Does Santa wear a Speedo downunda?

    Thank you for keepin it real, no what I'm sayin', 'cause here in the Peg, know what I'm sayin', we keep on keepin' on and props to y'all, know what I'm sayin', for makin' Trailor Park Boys a reality for me, know what I'm sayin.
    Peace out!

    Mr Horny was mad as hell but he ran and soaked his northern lights in the pool for 3 days...and when he was through moaning he came out he was a different moose..
    Now he likes to play with yarn and sleep by the bed...still likes to chase the mailman though..always good for a laugh.

    That's no puny reindeer my friend that is a MOOSE! If you have ever seen Reindeer you'll know why the Elves chose them and not Moose! Reinder.pffft! are about the size of a Lab and a little too wussy for the us hearty souls here in Whateverpeg.

    Mr Horny loves baths! I like to slather AXE on him so that the the Cows still think that he has his bits..poor bastard..anyway he is a lot more fun to be around now and when he is clean my goodladywife lets him sleep beside the bed so that he isn't lonesome.

    That is a tempting thought...I always seem to buy things for other people that I would like to have anyway? Is that normal..I think that's normal.

    OK now I am terrified of disappointing you on my next post..I am always on my best behavior around you because...
    I don't know why?
    I am always experimenting with my layout and like many others examining the true role of the roll?

    We do things BIG up here.
    Cows are fine but they are a bit too 'gassy' for the city..
    and a Moose can wade through 3 feet of snow 'like buttah'...
    plus you can hang a lot of crap on those antlers.

  23. Either Santa brought us rain or your moose peed on us!

  24. Hairy Crizzmoose right back at ya...




    Merry Christmas amigo mio! May you be enjoying a faboo day with the familia indeedy!

    Oh... This is what I was referring to when mentioning sperm oh so many delightful posts of yours ago... *gulp*


    Off I go as back in the game I be but I simply had to pop in to wish you a merry, merry and clarify by out-of-left-field comment!

    Dios mio!

  25. huh? epiphany? bygones?

  26. LOL!!

    You gotta be pulling my leg. Havagoodone.

    Kinda reminds me a little of Woody:

    “Of all the wonders of nature, a tree in summer is perhaps the most remarkable; with the possible exception of a moose singing ''Embraceable You'' in spats.”
    Woody Allen

    Sunshine, swimming, beer and yabbies here.


  27. Merry Christmas, HE.
    Chainsaw? Tear in my eyes!

  28. Season's Greetings - does he like Christmas Moosic?

  29. Merry Christmas petal and a happy MOO-year!!! Yeah, I know they don't say Moo....but damnit, it sort of tripped off my tongue and what's a lass to do but go with the flow???

  30. I suppose we can shake hands..

    BTW, You have been chosen to do a hoopla

  31. ok Moose is no raindeer...dang. I got my animal geography mixed up. but moose can be eaten right?

  32. Mmm, Moose jerky.

    Happy Wednesday!

  33. May your dreams be merry and bright and may all your crissmooses be in flight.

    Hope you've enjoyed a wonderful season with your loved ones.

    One of the loveliest things about resurfacing from the family and feasting is the prospect of intelligent blogger friends. Aaaahh.

  34. hope your C Day was a good one!! with much love and virtual hugs and kisses for the season. . .


  35. Yeah, the antlers would be good. But we never did learn moose farming down here.


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