Friday, December 07, 2007

We have all imagined that somewhere in the world there exists a Doppelgänger or reasonable facsimile:

an identical twin, apparition of your person, or existing guardian spirit. Surely in a gene pool of nearly 7 Billion homo escapeons this is not beyond the realm of possibilities.

Perhaps it has occurred to you, that one of the most obvious deductions to be gleaned, by even a casual perusal of the Interwebs, is that there are literally thousands, if not MILLIONS, of incredibly similar beings on Earth.

Every country has it’s own set of Superstars. Each nation has it’s homespun uber athletes, idiot politicians, romantic novelists, impossibly handsome actors, and ridiculously gorgeous actresses...

with the possible exception of Monica Bellucci actually being the pinnacle of evolutionary perfection.

(2nd if my good-lady-wife is reading this)

The global market has been saturated by the Post War American Entertainment behemoth for 60 years. The Interwebs is finally dethroning the unchallenged supremecy of this monolith and thank goodness for that.

As you enter the blogospherian microcosm, it becomes self evident, that somewhere out there are perhaps thousands of people who share the the most salient ingredients of your cosmology or worldview.

That being said, the odds of finding like-minded individuals becomes exponentially plausible when one enters the blogosphere. The fact that we attract and encounter similar bloggers is unavoidable. We (un)consciously seek each other. The notion that we are astonishingly unique eventually diminishes with each click of our mouse.

Not that there is anything wrong with that but it does prove that the seemingly limitless combination of Enviwrongment and Genetics has a finite parameter in which to operate. I grew up in the pre politically correct 50s & 60s when competition was encouraged.
We didn’t get trophies for participating. Those of us who adhere to the outlandish sense of entitlement that reigns supreme in the modern zeitgeist may be deeply offended that they aren’t as special as their Mommy told them they were. Whatever.

In conclusion I present my evidential discovery. From a casual glance at a blogroll linked to KAZ, I came upon a fellow whose blog is..wait for it...
“dedicated to Mankind’s endless but futile attempts to prove that Evolution has been a success.”

Heart be still. Then the scales fell from my eyes and behold there appeared a header that simultaneously delighted and confuzzled my limbic nodule. It was then that I knew that the self aggrandizement that I had lavished upon my ego on the clelebration of my 50th birthday post was washed away in a purification of reality.

I instantly understood that I must embrace the situation as a reminder that I am a part of the universe and not it’s centre. I was cleansed, relieved, and delighted to know that I had found a donnppleganger of sorts. Oh sure he sounds way-way smarter and appears a little less flamboyant but WOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen may I present
Have YOU found a doppelganger yet?


  1. I think we are always looking for bits of ourselves in others. To come face to face with the whole package of ME-I'm not ready for that.

  2. Did you check out the date of his last blog post? Seems you've taken over where he left off, so I'm not convinced that two of you actually exist! :)

  3. Anonymous11:47 a.m.

    OH . MY . GOD .

    (but, in keeping with the emphasis placed on the authority of tradition that is advocated by the craze of hyperreenchantment that has arisen from our fragmented post-modern psyches as an attempt to reengage with the lost knowledge of the golden past, who is the ORIGINAL Homo -E/I ?)

  4. I'm (unfortunately) quite confident that I shall never find anyone suitably similar to myself and have already resigned myself to a lonely fate. When I die, perhaps you could make it to the funeral so there'll be two (living) people there?

  5. Firstly, I must blast you. I don't expect picture of half-naked women on your blog. Naked/half-naked(any kind, whatever) men are ok.

    You better remember that next time you hit post.

    Coming back to your question:

    According to my mom, (believe me, she is very smart)one of me is more than enough. The world can't handle more.

    reading room

  6. If I found another me I think the reaction would be much like matter/anti-matter, cancelling each other out and saving the universe from a fate worse than peace, love, and lots of sangria........

  7. Sorry I missed your birthday, so I will make it up now.

    Just picture me, dressed in the latest of vinyl fashion jumping out of a cake in all my wrinkly glory singing and belching 'Happy Birfday Ter Yoooouuu-urrrrp!'

  8. hello debra kay,
    To quote Jack Nicholson,
    "You want the truth..

    We are all individuals because no two of us ever have identical input factors..
    BUT, really if you think about it, by and large we experience Life through the same gentic goggles that are tinted differently by our various cultural/religious differences.
    We like "the same" Cary Grant-Warren Beatty-George Clooney-next.

    HI started Jan 15'05 to Oct 11'06?
    HE started Feb 14'06 to present.
    So from Feb to Oct of '06 we were in a parrallel universe.
    I rest my case...does this case make my ass look big?

    My word that was a mouthful. The easy answer is that he started a full year before I did so he is the original Insapiens (spelled correctly) and I am the de facto escapeons.
    Whatever really how many similar blogs exist that deal with celebrities or sports...our blogs are anthro-sociological...what else would we call them?

    I would like to know how many viewers thought that his site was about ghey issues because the first thing they see is HOMO?
    Did you?

    I'll go...but you had better leave me some airfare in your will just to make sure.
    Have you ever Googled rimshot?
    Of course you have...doesn't matter there couldn't be anyone else like you.
    You're special.

    gautami tripathy!
    First of all that is not some half nekked woman THAT is Monica Bellucci. Secondly that photograph is a work of ART and very tastefully done...almost yummy.

    Your Mom is absolutely right. You are a very unique entity.

    THE michael,
    HAHA! You are such an easy goin' feller that you would embrace your doppelganger (as I'm sure you have thousands of times) and sit down with some sangria to compare notes.

    My Word.
    Now THAT would be a showstopper.
    Wrinkly glory...mmmm.

  9. Oh HE, how I've missed you.

    This H I fellow seems like a stiff compared to you. While I found his entry on Monopoly interesting, he could never replace you.

  10. He, as they all call you, I'll call you love. The world is a horrid place and I am not sure that I want to find my twin. Would she bore me? Or would I like what I see? I am not sure.

    I do know that people do not appreciate as they use to and why should they... for like you sort of mentioned. "You are not as special as Mommy said you were". I think you have hit a serious spot for the parents of today.

    But going deeper on that topic love. I want my son and adopted daughter to be encouraged to compete, to work hard, to feel confident, but I do not want them to think that they HAVE to win or feel that they should receive something if they did not earn it. I do not understand that at all. Well, I know it is done so they will not feel left out or whatever, but that teaches them what? When they become adults they will get a raise just because they didn't work to get it, so why bother working? Yes! That's it! we are teaching them that they do not have to earn anything, why should they have to. They still get a reward.

    This is something my ex-husband has taught my daughter. I asked you her once, "Why won't you clean the house that you live in, but will do the dishes and clean at work"? Her response? "Because I do not get paid for it". I was dumbfounded. That was the perfect answer of this generation. My GOD what have we done.

    HE, forgive my ranting... but you bring out the freak in me. ::smiles;;

    soft love,

  11. Arrrrr to have 2 of me in the world!
    Yes the world would be a better place........

    Twice the beer
    twice the BBQ's
    Twice the Blogging
    Twice the jokes
    Twice the sarcasm
    Twice the sex
    Twice as tired
    Twice as old
    Twice the farts
    Twice the fun..........

  12. Arrrrr to have 2 of me in the world!
    Yes the world would be a better place........

    Twice the beer
    twice the BBQ's
    Twice the Blogging
    Twice the jokes
    Twice the sarcasm
    Twice the sex
    Twice as tired
    Twice as old
    Twice the farts
    Twice the fun..........

    Twice the comment!
    So which one is which?

  13. Anonymous7:53 p.m.

    I do often find myself calling you 'Homo E'. You're a gay drug, non?

  14. //with the possible exception of Monica Bellucci actually being the pinnacle of evolutionary perfection.// Amen.

    Frankly I think the 'other' guy is a rip off. he stopped bloggin in 06...and urs is more intelligent than his.

    I havent found my blogging doppleganger yet...but I have found smarter people who are more determined traveling the same path. :)

  15. Sorry I missed your 50th birthday bash... So happy fiftieh, HE.
    Did you carry that bench home?

    If I ever met my twin I would ask him where he went wrong.

    Yay! Where have you been?
    I love that Insapiens guy (obviously HELLO!) and I didn't do this to have a zero-sum-gain comparison. I have been reading his stuff all morning and unlike me he is a real smart aleck...pffft!!

    This sense of entitlement is a reflection of the Boomer's revolt against accepting the status quo back in the 60s..
    which was good..
    until the boomers turned into yuppies in the 80s...
    and that was bad...
    because they ended up just like..NO worse than their parent's generation...

    "money for nuthin'
    and yer chicks for free"
    I like it when you get freak-ay!

    whitesnakes do it better,
    Twice the beer, BBQ's, Blogging, jokes, sarcasm, sex, tired, old, farts, and fun. Is the world BIG enough for two of you?
    I think not.

    'Owz about sayin' it in Estuarian English loyk "'O-Mo EE" thatz not too ghey izzit?

    Now Now I don't want anyone to say anything untowards HI (friendly fire) because this is a celebration of like-mindedness not a competition.

    I appreciate your sentiment buddy but HI's blog started before mine so technically...

    anyway I could read Insapiens all is delicious!

    creme de la creme,
    No I didn't bring it home because EVERYONE said that it made my ass look big!! That photo was taken at Whateverpeg's most famous Ice Cream Parlor...they just DO ice cream..spring/summer/fall...a true landmark here..ask anyone and they'll know it.

    What if you're twin never made the same mistakes? Would you hide in a freezer and assume his life?

  17. Hope your limbic nodule is feeling himself again.

    If my doppelganger is successful I will have a very serious attack of schadenfreude.

  18. Anonymous1:13 p.m.

    no, but now you sound like my primary school teacher...

  19. jst coz u said not going to say anything anymore. Im fiercely loyal and territorial...just like em polar bears.

  20. Incredible about you finding Homoinsapiens; ya gunna introduce yourself, it could be fun.

    I found mine 2 years ago, not long after a respectable type of internet service began operating (we are kinda outback/black hole for technology)..

    So not long had internet up and running, listening to radio guy give some helpful advice every Saturday morning and at the end of it one Sat., he said; "google your name for fun"

    I did, I found my namesake, same age, many same family christian names, ages, birthdates...almost parallel lives in many respects.

    It was a really freaky feeling for both of us at the could this be?

    Me living in woop woop Australia and her, in California, so much alike, so many similarities, life experiences; one time she even had this weird dream about the type of furniture in my house (Pam hadn't seen any photos of anything!-at that stage, when she described the stuff, I sent her the pictures) and dreamt about my neighbors (got their names correct and everything), she had no idea their names or where they lived, we are fairly isolated and these people are not on any directory of anything (unlisted).

    Then she dreamed of my sister in law having a car accident, in detail, the type of accident, the roadbend, the color of the car!-she never knew about my SIL or her car at that stage, Pam dreamt about the accident 2 weeks before it happened)

    So, for 2 years we have been communicating, she is helping me on a fun project of mine, also, we have written some music together..(we both play piano)-she is much better at it than me..and she can sing, I cannot.

    We get on really good, think alike, laugh at the same stuff, she is on her way out in 8 months...the whole nearby smalltown I live near knows about her!

    It's .........?.....still a little surreal at times; two years later.

    I seriously and fair dinkum consider her family.

    We have the same blood group type, same foot size, same height, same brown curlish hair, eyes, same favorite colors, music, food, drinks, both love horses, sheep, dogs madly! (Which is not that uncommon for people I know, but adds up with all other alike stuff).

    Her first teenage boyfriend had the same name as mine!

    There is a lot more too, just got to the stage where we are surprised if there is *not* the similarites.

    It's amazing.


  21. Very shortly before I met Aidan, a friend of mine told me that I should just date myself as I'd probably be happier that way. Then I met Aidan and in many ways my friend's statement had come to pass. We're so very alike in so many ways - he's my mental and emotional doppelganger! I haven't found a physical one yet. Maybe if he has a sex change...!! haha

  22. My goodness, if I found anyone like me I'd run. Run away. Or click away.One person with pictures of tacky toilet seats on the their blog is more than enough.

  23. the their? whatever :).

  24. If I find mine, I'll have to examine her to see if she has the same mark of the beast.

  25. Hildegarde1:19 p.m.

    (with some delay) Happy birthday !!! Gelukkige verjaardag, zoeteke !!
    So, you have found a doppelganger, how special. I have never thought about that myself, strange. But a soulsister or -brother, that would be nice :-)

  26. This is just one big love letter to the blogosphere, isn't it?

    "...a casual glance at a blogroll..." Yeah, I know that feeling. Those hours you spend looking at friends' friends. It's almost as bad as Facebook.

    I'm really impressed with Sienna's story as well as yours. We are just all part of the same big Cosmos...

  27. If I meet another Keshi, I think I'd die from a weed overdose! :)


  28. How very cool!

    I've never met another me, but I went through a period of a year or two when several people at different times and places stopped me to talk to me, thinking I was some other person. Apparently I look just like her/them! I wonder if I still look like her/them. I wonder if we've been going to the same hair stylist all this time!!

    I think it would be very cool to meet my doppelwhatchamacallit.

  29. Sometimes they say Deborah Karr was mine - but for heaven's sake - she's gone now and I'm all alone? :)

    Still searching, I guess.

  30. As my eyes circle the post around and around, I laugh and nod (yet again) with my tongue so firmly in cheek...
    uh, not THAT cheek! That would be too cheeky, at least in public.

  31. kaz,
    My limbic nodule is getting quite a workout..I wouldn't rate my mental masturbation activities as chronic..but they are certainly being monitored by the local Mental Health Care Professionals.
    There is no cure but Blogging is a decent remedy to alleviate the symptoms.

    That's awesome because..
    Everything that I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten.

    That you are! It's ok I don't feel threatened. My point was that it seems ludicrous to think that we can be 100% unique out here because the combination of culture, lexicon, media, and human behavior create some parameters that simply cannot be breached.
    No's the interaction that makes us special.

    That is absolutely INCREDIBLE! What strikes me is how well it displays how generous of spirit you are and what a great spirit and sense of adventure you have.
    It proves that you are secure in your self of identity.

    WOW! I can't believe all of the coinky-dinks! I'll play the theme from the Twilight Zone for ya..
    doo doo doo doo
    doo doo doo doo

    You found the ying for your yang! I am really missing I can't imagine how you are feeling. He is soooo smart but so gentle. He always knew how to get his point cross without being unkind.
    That is SO rare out here.

    Don't sell yourself short. This world desperately needs more attention drawn to tacky toilet seats..I think that you would embrace the chance to meet someone who was eerily similar. Your curiosity would get the better of you..I like that.

    Your modus operandi doesn't fool me for a second...but I won't expose how brilliant, thoughtful, and wonderful you are and ruin your schtick. I know that I could count on you if the microchips were down.
    You are so funny! You encourage me to push the edge of the envelope and that it is more important to understand WHAT you are saying than HOW you are saying it.
    Very clever.

  32. spentrails,
    Speaking of Facebook mine is UP again! It is interesting to see who you might meet out there..I am not into all the widgets and such and I don't even use it for corresponding..I am fascinated by the progression from Myspace to is getting closer to Blogging every day...poke me.

    fffft ((cough)) WO!

    What a great attitude. I have a few people say OMG you look exactly like_______ seriously dude you could be which I reply in Swahili
    "Pole pole"
    (slow down)
    (I don't understand)
    "Tafadhali sema polepole?"
    (Can you speak more slowly?)
    "Kuna mtu anayesema Kiingereza?"
    (Does anyone here speak English?)

    Wow! Karr or Kerr?
    I think that we all have a Movie Star that we identify's a big part of the connection.
    Thanks for stopping by I'll come and have a visit.

    emerald eyes,
    Cheeky. I hope that you don't think any less of me for displaying my Napolean Syndrome in technicolor! I desperately want this blogging experience to be symbiotic and not parasitic. In this day and age the MAN wants us to be so overwhelmed that we don't have time to smell the flowers..but until they totally f*ck up the Interwebs we should glean as much goodwill from each other as is humanly possible...they will try to shut this down because they can't have us actually discussing issues out in the will we ever swallow all of their BS?

  33. oh, i can pretty much guarantee i'm one of a kind. and the rest of you need to learn just how GRATEFUL you should be about that whole situation there.

    the other guy's a stiff, don. your title is safe!

  34. smile smile smile... you've hit the nail on the head about Aidan. well, one of the nails.

  35. u have facebook big guy? hemm...add me plz... ghost_particle[@] thanx

  36. Have you found a doppelganger yet who says "My word!" as often as you do?

    It's incredible how you found this Homo Insapiens and how much, in some ways, he's like you.

    Intelligent, a master of history and issues, opinionated as a result...

    But he doesn't have your zest, your own wacky take on things and the ability to draw other assumptions, as offbeat as they may be...

    I haven't found a doppelganger yet. I wonder if it would be complete happenstance to stumble upon him or her as you did?

  37. WW: Alfred E. Neuman is your doppelganger.

  38. MJ:

    Eww, MJ, you wicked thang, that would hurt if it wasn't largely true, with the gap-teeth thing...

    You deserve a spanking...or the very least, a good talking-to.

  39. without a doppelganger,
    MJ would lurrrve a good spanking!!!

  40. first nations,
    I think you are an absolute one of a kind anomoly. It is my belief that you are an incredible swirling vortex of mystical, cosmic, energy who has escaped the Space/Time Continuum.

    I don't think that there is any topic that you could not analyze and discuss with ultra-pure lucidity...and do it with heartbreaking honesty or sidesplitting humour.

    That's good news because I usually whack my thumb!

    I will hook you up..I'm not that great at Facebook I am using it more or less as a lure for this place...most of the people on Facebook already know that I am a little off kilter but I can't say the things that I need to on Fbook because everything is so frickin "nice" out there.

  41. HE and WW: I'll just turn the other cheek.

  42. OMG! A feminist knitter with pets.

  43. shelley,
    I saw it with my own eyes!
    Darn it anyway she should get Two Minutes for Needling in your affairs!

    You oughtta Purl her one through the back loop into the back horizontal st right over the blue lying!

  44. angelina jolie!

    oh wait... erm, thats not what you meant is it...?

    i have found a few bloggers with similar outlooks but no doppleganger as such yet.
    i'm off to "homo insapiens" now!


    No knitter should ever have to put up with that. But, you had me in stitches so I won't sock it to you.

  46. angel,
    A-HA! Do you have a vial of your lover's blood hanging on your neck?

    It was pretty sad but atleast I try.

  47. Yes. But she vanished.

  48. I must have a doppelganger. A guy at work says he saw me in a particular shop. Even though I haven't been in that shop. He refuses to accept that it wasn't me.


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