Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Last night I had the strangest dream.

I 'dreampt' (ha ha) that LIFE,
was a small, ill-mannered, Dog,
and that my mind,
was a Duck....


  1. Now THIS is weird! You're not going to believe this, but last night I dreamt I was a roadway that smelled vaguely of stale piss, digested grasses and (for reasons known only to my subconscious) elderberries.

  2. Hello HE love,

    I'm not even going to say anything....however I will leave you with a ::hipshake:: and a ::grin:::

  3. dude... where the fork do you find these pictures!!!

  4. You DO smell of elderberries, Rimmer.

  5. LOL. Here's my question: is it possible to find a picture that's actually more accurate? I'm not sure you could. :)

  6. your brain is like a duck butt?

  7. poor little birdie.

  8. Sick!!!

    Last night I dreamed of spiders. I've been doing that a lot lately - spiders keep turning up in my house, and I hate spiders, I mean I really really don't like spiders AT ALL. I got up at 4.30 this morning to pee, and there was a nasty black one in the bathroom. Needless to say, I killed it and then couldn't get back to sleep for AGES. But when I did, it was spider dreams again. They were everywhere, all over me, yuck...

  9. Well last night I dreampt (lol) that I was sleeping, but I was wrong. So there...

  10. rimsterooni,
    I do not have in my possesion a reasonable explanantion for your somanbulatory experience...
    but it whatever it means,
    it ain't good!

    You might have noted that we can find love in the strangest places. Unfortunately this outlandish performance does not suggest that this pooch is anything special in the 'package' department.

    Let us not avert our eyes from the inexplicable complexities of Nature's many wonders..instead, let us celebrate the triumph of what can only assume is interspecial 'speed' dating.

    Alas, monsieur rimmer is by now undoubtedly drenched in the stuff.
    I can't tell if this is a Hen and a Bitch? Not that there is anything wrong with that?
    Would you happen to know?

    This disturbing scene is spectacular in it's metaphorical simplicity.

    To quote Al Pacino (Michael Corleone) in #3
    "Just when I think that I am free..
    they keep pulling me back in"

    first nations,
    Yes my Dear my brain is tighter than a Duck's butt in a powerdive!
    Although this premonition may be proof positive that I have finally Quacked Up.

    If one were to be fair and open minded about the thing..we're all adults might very well be that there are no 'girl' doggies in the neighbourhood or this pathetic little fellow might be living on a Duck Farm in the middle of nowhere.

    You may cry FOWL but let us stop for a moment and consider the facts which seem to be self evident..
    the Duck certainly looks resigned to it's predicament..perhaps this is part of their daily routine?
    Isn't it better than the Dog tearing it's throat out?
    Methinks that these two appear to have a consensual arrangement...I see no evidence to the contrary.

    Why would you want to tear my little heart into shreds and stomp on the cinders? Just kidding..her insincerity and atrociously blatant desire to be objectified at any cost is always appreciated.

    Now Now. Who are we to judge this snapshot of two ships passing in the night..or even in the middle of the day right on the gawdam sidewalk..stace you're right.

    Get off off that Duck Mitzi!
    M I T Z I!

    You need to embrace your Arachnophobia and become an Entymologist...
    *shudders eww!

    hi laurie,
    C'mon let's sing this together...
    5th Dimension everybody..

    "Last night I didn't get to sleep at all,
    no, no"

    You know there is an interesting aspect of this interspecial coupling that nobody has brought it OK for us as a society to condone sexual relationships between Mammals, aside from the Platypus and Echidna, and Monotremes?
    I wonder what regulatory standards your local civic government has established...this seems like something that Government would have wasted time on.

  11. Lets just paws for a moment here and consider the fowlness of this obviously ducked-up situation.

    They're obviously quackers for each other, but I for one am ast-hounded at the lack of duck-orem that these two animals are displaying.....

    Unless ofcourse they're charging a fee!

    Yeah yeah, I know I'm being bird-brained, but I just can't seem to yelp it!


    ps You may go ahead and groan now!

  12. do you know that the duck's bishop's nose smells worse than the chicken's?

  13. THAT's what I want painted on my toilet seat.

  14. punkin,
    HAHAHAHA..I adore punny remarks!
    Thank You.

    ..and now, unfortunately, you know why!

    I won't say WHO sent me this picture in the first place and WHO thought that it was the funniest thing in the world EVER!

    Well, now you know why Ducks waddle.

    HA! That would be quite the conversation piece...needs a caption.

    I wonder if Bateman has ever tackled this phenomenon?

  15. There are a great many things in life I have no desire to see.

    That qualifies.

  16. grumble10:18 p.m.

    Rather ambitious way of "riding
    herd" on wayward ducks, non? I'm
    sure that fidos pecadillos are the
    result of some mixed signals, not a character flaw. One too many
    Lassie episodes, maybe? Or, out-doing the neighbors Border Collie?
    Perhaps the duck ought not to have
    ordered the online "bark like a dog" video, after all.

    I'm afraid I'm no judge of Inter-
    Species romances...

  17. pamela,
    Your high standards cannot protect you now. What's done is done.
    That poor thing is an object for your pity and not your scorn.

    grumlous maximus,
    HAHA! Oh to be so fair minded about the after-effects of online shopping. I wonder what he promised the Duck?
    Either way it is a pathetic spectacle and one that will be hard to erase from your memory non?

  18. Share the love.....sharing the love...

    Being a duck can be more than it's quacked up to be, have you seen them paddling around on water with their heads under the water, for long periods at a's true, I got photos.

    This maybe just an isolated incident, actually that dog looks suspiciously like my neighbor's dog "Beau"...

    I had a dream.....

    the other night I dreamt I kissed Heath Ledger, I also kinda felt like latching onto his leg, not unlike the feelings expressed by our friend here....

    Too much information, Pam.

  19. Life did that to your mind? :D


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