Tuesday, November 20, 2007

They forgot to mention how much of cyberspace is wasted ...
what's your estimate? 90%?

Once the powers that be have access to every set of eyeballs on the planet, it will be like shooting fish in a barrel!

Any chance that any significant change may come about from the Information Revvolution or will the 'MAN' always stay one step in front of the great unwashed and manipulate this technology?


  1. That's pretty cool. Although long. I'm surprised it held my interest for so long!

  2. STACE,
    I'm proud of you for making it through it..I thought that the music was sufficiently manipulative and that the graphics were neat and tidy. I wish that I could make one of those thingamabobs..

    but I imagine that it would be an insufferably tedious cranial assault of sarcasm replete with an absurdly pessimistic grand finale announcing the demise of our species and heralding the arrival of our future Alien Insect Overlords!

    ..and waaaaaaaaaaay longer.

  3. Ever the beacon of optimism, you!

  4. I think they've been reading proofs of that book by Garr Reynolds on how to reduce the number of bullet points on your slide.

    Okay, okay, I'm getting the message about not using Google.

  5. I was freaked out! but at the same time, we hv to know that times wont remain the same...it saddens me tho.


    That's me..
    believe it or not I am listening to

    "Count all the Bees in the Hive,
    Chase all the clouds from the Sky,
    Back to the days of Christopher Robin.."
    House at Pooh Corner
    Kenny Loggins

    WOW. You are a fantastic friend to stop by and drop these brilliant bits of info at my feet..I can't thank you enough.
    I love curious people like you..I mean that you are curious..not that you are...oh you know what I mean. Thanks.

    The only thing that remains constant in this expanding universe is change...it is frightening but look at how much faster it is happening..we are on the brink of HUGE change..all of these old models are going in the dumpster...to hell with our biological programming the machines will surpass us and start to systematically take over...BUT

    "we've got to believe it will be alright in the end"
    Duran Duran

  7. i love the music.
    and we are all gonna die.
    okay, sorry about that.

  8. That's okay, Mistipurple.

    Vive la petite mort.

  9. thank you, mj. i feel better already. hehe.

  10. This is evolution - the monkey, the man, then the PC...

  11. ye grumble-hhoid12:44 p.m.

    I can see where a ubiquitous, skull-sucking contrivance like the
    intro-net could be a bonanza for
    propagandists intent on misinformed
    masses, but in a lot of ways, it's like a James Bond movie. Bad guys,
    hunkered down in some over-the-top
    fortress (giga $$$ to build), or
    equally fantastic ship/spacecraft/
    whatever, set their sights on some
    relatively trivial prize. It's not
    really necessary to engineer an
    all-encompassing network, yadayada,
    if all you're really interested in,
    is distracting people from thinking
    or doing something constructive,
    (like self-preservation, or maybe, thinking about a future).

  12. I wonder whether there will be any Cockney speakers in China.
    Awright Mite...
    I stopped for a minute, thought about it all and then went back to my PC.

  13. I've wondered how long it can go on too. Not many months ago there was that controversy about how certain - I have no idea here, it's technology - I don't know, band widths or whatever... would only be available to big companies and the rest of us would be using clogged connections with the speed of dial up? Whatever happened to that? Seems to have gone away or I lost track.

    But as it is now, it seems too democratic, at least for the new American way of life, which, imo, is essentially a new Gilded Age of re-unregulated big business that started with Reagan. Before that, our politicians may not have been that upright but their knuckles scraped the ground less ferociously.

  14. Okay! Information excites me, and it's just occured to me that might be a little freaky to some?

    Nevermind, I very much enjoyed the link, I'm thinking and mulling over it all...I love that learning curve, we haven't really had access to cyberspace (where we are-a kinda black hole for IT) that long, and it has been an amazing couple of years here....still coming to grips with everything..

    We are relatively quite close to China, it's exciting for them too, sometimes on a still night I can hear their progress rattling and thundering. :)

    Our new-to-be Prime Minister is fluent in Mandarin Chinese language, hope I haven't just jinxed him, polling hasn't closed yet....eeek


  15. My dear friend,

    You have set my mind a blaze. I am in the IT field and things change faster than one can say hello. Growth is a wonderful thing. But what we must not forget is, we can not let the power belong to only one body. In order to maintain or gain control we must be willing to share the control and be mindful of power hungry governments that want to use it to control us.

    Great Post. I am going to burn that Youtube video and drop it in the office of my sons school and then to the university. Thank you!

    On a more personal note...smile and remember you are wonderful.


  16. Man, I don't even know how to quantify cyberspace...as to wasted, I guess that would depend on what one's goals were- entertainment, education, propaganda, commerce, combinations thereof...the old adage: "90% of everything is bullshit" seems to apply- it transcends technology.
    Happy 10%!

  17. At work, I am surrounded by this kind of barrage of statistics and numbers (how did I ever end up here???). At least this one is presented in a thoughtful way.

    Do you think that in a hundred years' time people will look back at our blogs and wish they could have lived in our times when life was so much easier?

  18. Damn! Too much knowledge for my pea sized mind to decipher, assimilate and store!

    Why can't you post poetry like common folks?

  19. ***You must have deciphered by now that I try my best to rile you***

    Got that, brother??

    You will like my last post, untitled. Do check it IF you have time.

    Just click on my name here. I am now blog savvy. I use the other option to be reached faster!

  20. MJ & MISTI,
    You two and your little death..sheesh...
    Paging Dr. Grafenberg

    You seem to have a firm grip on the grand scheme of things. Perhaps you can tell me what or who will eventually overtake the PC? Do you subscribe to Kent Brockman's theory of the Alien Insect Overlords?

    Once again you have hit the proverbial nail on the head..we have at our disposal the greatest invention and tool for communicating and problem solving since we acquired fire some 500,000 years ago and what do we do with it?
    We play chuzzle.

    I would think that Mandarin will morph into a cockneyesque thingamabob because the two tongues both abhor and disrespect consonants.

    The conglomerates desperately want to control the new superhighway and their Lobbyists are busy filling the coffers of Senators and Congressmen to try to speed up the process.

    I agree that this new Gilded Era is in full swing now that the post WW2 honeymoon is over, it is becoming an International competition, and those greedy corporate bastards have to deal with the roughest and toughest greedy corporate bastards from around the globe...
    they may have finally met their match.

    Well your newly elected PM will have to watch his step..the first political landmine for China was their responsibility for securing Oil from Sudan and how they blocked relief for the poor people in Darfur.
    Next is the Olympics which is China's entry onto the world stage as the NEW Superpower...they will try to scurry from behind the shadow of the secretive Communist Monolith that was built upon the deaths of 20 million people.

    Your new PM may want to hold his horses because the US Administration decided that it needs the trade relationship with China more than it needs to appease the outrage of the rest of the world that yet another African genocide is happening in the 21st Century!!
    Never again...
    the UN needs an enema.

    It is totally 'Big Brother'. The conglomerates are foaming at the mouth and having wet dreams just thinking about a medium that can deliver 6.6 Billion sets of eyeballs..buy this, think that..the potential for abuse is beyond my estimation.

    There are sinister plans being conceived that we will not anticipate and perhaps the cloaking devices are already being applied through the Media..subtle..just below the radar...we might not even know what to look for...
    I might be swallowing some of it right now?

    Happy 10% indeed...I feel guilty for wasting 90% of my allotment but as a product of a slow evolution the 3 pound organ holding my ears apart has not yet developed to the point where it can handle ALL OF THIS INFORMATION!!!
    So playing Chuzzle is definitely how I will be wasting my time in order to avoid dealing with this problem.

    That is an awesome estimation..tothink that these are the good old days..simpler times..like watching the old black and white footage of the nuclear family, replete with pipe smoking Father, all huddled together in the Sunday Go To Meetin' outfits and listening to the Radio.

    "pea sized mind" HA! You have forgotten more information than I have ever collected! You are exactly the kind of person who will be leading the charge..

    a Math/Physics Whiz who can articulate and process complex formulas and yet miraculously express themselves through beautiful verse and insightful poetry...what the world needs now is more people like you.

  21. 99%...we will devolve our legs, out fingers will be square and grow 10 on each hand and we will just sit infront of da pc from birth.

  22. hell yeah we've just got to believe! :)


  23. blogging isn't a waste right?


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