Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Can you recall the last time that the universe stood still,
and you realised that your Life,
was never, EVER, going to get any better,
than it was at that exact moment?


  1. No I can't remember because now I can't get that song out of my head...

    It's about time, it's about space,
    About two men in the strangest place.

  2. I remember times when I've felt like that. Not all of them were big occasions (like my wedding day) but mostly little moments that make me think all my choices were worth it.

  3. I woke up breathing, that's always a good start!

  4. The last Friday in June, 1996. Nobody's business why.

    I'm too old for life to get any better now.

  5. Yesterday, when I stood up and thought, 'no bollocks to this', took a deep breath and enjoyed the moment.
    Fucking old hippies - so full of shit!

  6. HE, the last time the Universe stood still, I fell flat on my face.
    I was chasing my tail at the time.

  7. nothing like paying attention...

  8. MJ,
    About strange people in the strangest place.
    It's about time,
    It's about flight,
    Travelin' faster than the speed of light...
    heh heh heh

    Aaawww..you're so nice.
    I think that I know what you are talking about.

    Just wait until the bank has your name spelled properly.

    I am impressed. I cannot remember anything that happened in 1996..
    or 2006 for that matter.

    HEY TOM,
    All my troubles seemed so far away...
    That's the spirit.
    If you don't decide those sort of things then 'THE MAN' will do it for you.

    I fell flat on my face LITERALLY. Unfortunately the surface that I chose to make my emergency landing on was made of concrete..
    I blame a lot of my 'quirks' on that event.

    Precisely! You need to be aware that you are 'in the moment' and this usually happens when you are fully engaged in an activity that you find fascinating...Time is irrelevant.

  9. That would be the last time I had sex with a man. However, it was so long ago that I'm not really sure.


    Exsqueeze me?
    Baking Powder?

  11. Actually Tim, you of all people should know that the universe will not stand still until the expansion of the big bang has stopped, for that brief moment until gravity finally has it's way and the collapse begins.

    hehe....count on me to rain on parades with technicalities......

    PS.......and on further retrospection, I'm not even sure it would then considering that the galaxies that comprise the universe might still be spinning themselves, which means nothing anywhere has actually stopped at all........

    May I stop thinking now.?....my brain hurts!

  12. d'you know what, apropos nothing, the kids asked for pancakes and suddenly whilst mixing the batter I thought of you. Thanks for that.

  13. Speaking of technicalities: 1. There is not enought matter in the universe to stop the expansion. 2. Current observations have concluded that the expansion of the universe is actually accelerating, making a colapse quite an unlikely possiblity.

    Ironically, I was putting the finishing touches on my cold-fusion power generator and I thought of H.E. as well.

    Now, about this post. Is it meant to imply that that moment was so magical and wonderful that it could never be surpased and thus was a very good thing, or is it meant to refer to the moment that one realizes that their life is utter shit and the best is behind and the rest is a downward spiral into a pathetic lump of unimportant and unexciting mundanity?

  14. Errrrm ... I'm sure there were times the universe stopped still for me. I just can't remember any of them.

  15. yes...well I had one yesterday also, woke up at 4 am, rain and freakin cold trying to piss with the foot one cold tiles. my god. the earth stood still.

    Do you know theyre damn going to remake the movie...sigh...Hollywood...no words for them.

  16. fork dude- i don't think i've ever had a moment like that!

  17. Hey -- I can recall when a Viewmaster was high-tech!

  18. My life only seems to get worse...I think the BEST time of my life is over...


  19. This won't seem particularly rivetting to anyone else -it was a on Saturday night :). For the first time ever my son watched The Wizard Of Oz. He sat right next to me with his legs over my lap and we were snuggled up under a rug. It is the first time that he has ever sat and REALLY WATCHED a movie and actually seemed to understand what was going on and I could see that he was thoroughly enjoying it. The scene where Dorothy encounters the scarecrow and says something to him like :"you can talk" -and my son laughed(I give him pep talks before bed and tell him:"come on, you can talk, you can let the words come out" (because, as you probably know, he can't) )and I KNEW that he was taking it all in and I thought:ah, it doesn't get any better than this".So my experience was a positive thing :).

  20. THE MICHAEL!!!
    It is nice to hear from you my old friend. Wow that was very scientificky. It isn't easy for me to get my head around that expanding universe thingaamabob..a couple of minutes a month at best..
    who is Tim?

    I am sorry about that

    Old man Universe
    he jus keeps rollin'
    he keeps on rollin'

    Either seminal moment will suffice..the cheerier the better

    Are you sure that you can't remember ONE?

    My man when you say cold...well I suppose that it does feel cold to you..Hollywood is remaking the Time Tunnel?!

    I find that hard to believe..it doesn't have to be parting the Red Sea or anything..it's a moment!

    No kidding eh? They were sOooO cool! I remember the African Safari somethingorother..I think that I had a Batman reel..Dinosaurs..the Gran Canyon..everybody had the Grand Canyon.

    What? Snap yourself out of it kiddo...just when you think it can't get any worse..it usually gets waaaay worse BUT then out of the blue something comes along that you never expected..and that is what makes it so special.

    My dear Lee you caught me off guard with that magical story..
    I am having a moment here..
    that's what I'm talkin about!wonderful.
    Thank You.

  21. he -the way I wrote that was botched -this happened the Saturday that we just had.

  22. true...something/someone like HE :) tnxx matey n HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


  23. In the very early days of Aidan and I dating... we lay together writing nonsense on each other's backs with our fingers, and tried to guess what each of us had written by the feel of it. I wrote "I love you" - the first time it had been said - and I think the time before he responded was the longest second of my life... of course, he chickened out and wrote "U2" so that if he was wrong he could pretend to be talking about the band! But life doesn't get much better than that night.

  24. I don't know if the rest of the world has heard this song yet; (I've only just discovered it here in Oz), and I haven't stopped singing it the last week.

    It's so beautiful, I really love it; and here is the kicker.....it makes time stand still!

    **The edge of love like a knife
    shimmer shines when it hits the light
    Just like that it'll change your life
    And it makes time stand,
    It makes time stand still

    The edge of love here I stand
    Feels like sky where there should be land
    I wanna fly, wanna take your hand
    Just let time,
    Just let time stand still

    The weather's fine, maybe I'm your leap of faith
    I know it's right because you're my amazing grace
    You make time stand still

    The weather's fine, maybe I'm your leap of faith
    I know it's right, you're my amazing grace
    And you make time stand still

    The edge of love, the only way
    Just give it all for heaven's sake
    And when we fall God will keep us safe
    And that's when time stands
    That's when time stands still**

    I think Mindy Smith wrote it? Mindy definitely sings it, anyway.

    Kind of an obscure detour about time standing still for me, but it stands stationary quite often....sunrises, sunsets, nature's beauty, nice moments (my code word for the Australian Rumba) :)...light, dusk, animals, kids just being kids and beautiful, eating watermelon. Learning stuff can make time standstill for me...reading, poetry, standing on a mountain....some moments of grief where you think the pain is going to swallow you up....but mostly it's all good.:)


    You write really interesting stuff HE!

  25. i feel warped all the time.

  26. I think it this way. I am alive. What is greater than that? At least for me.

    Each day is a new day. I embrace it..

    Either think like this or think of death.

  27. Wow! Long time ago when they was fab and Lee Meriweather was hot, if somewhat stunted as an actress.

    I too, recall the reign of the Viewmaster, back in the stone age, before they started writing such names like this: "ViewMaster."

    I am really impressed however, at your use of a summer replacement theme song from a show about two guys trying to do the Gilligan thing with a paper-mache Gemini capsule, some fake shrubs, and stereotype live-action cartoon cavemen. Almost as appalling as Jerry Van Dyke in "My Mother the Car."

    One mixed metaphor deserves another.

    "And crawling on the planet's face
    Some insects called the human race
    Lost in time, and lost in space ...
    And meaning."

    Yup, we had all that in the '60s.

  28. Forgot to answer your question!

    I have had many satisfying moments in my life. The only time the Universe stood still for me was not one of them. It happened one Christmas eve, on the Long Island Expressway. I have a snapshot in my brain of my friend's Sony component stereo system suspended in mid-air in the space between the driver's and passenger's seat of his Vanagon. My head was bouncing off his windshield at the time. I was very glad not to have gone through and onto the trunk of the car we just hit. Accident in front of us, could not stop in time to avoid being part of it, and my seatbelt off to pay toll we had just passed. One of those life-affirming moments.

  29. LEE,
    Very moving...the day the universe changed. This was a timely question. Let's hope that some new doors are opening.

    Just you wait and see. I'll start cloning myself when I get a request from someone in every country (+/- 200) then I shall begin my little 'Boys From Brazil' plot to rule the world.

    Ooh that was terrific! Not so much imagining Aidan..er...never mind...
    it was a very Romantic.
    Thank You for offering a heartfelt response. You two are so adorable.

    Pam you are a splendid human being..I will clone you too. I want to be surrounded by appreciative sentient beings like yourself...how many should I make?

    Warped is good!
    Let's do the Time Warp Again!

    There is that Mathematical Logic of yours! You quickly reduced it to an A or B equation.
    I know that you are right and that just makes it worse. But what IF you had to pick a for-instance?

    You are wise beyond your years and obviously you are getting up there like I am.
    CRUNCH..yes those are time suspension events...isn't it weird how our own little black boxes record those things frame by frame...and it is weird which things stand out.

    I can remember spinning in circles on an icy patch of highway while driving a car full of teenage friends home from a day of skiing...we turned around twice before I pumped the brakes and we ended up in our lane in the right direction about 3 minutes before oncoming traffic appeared through the fog....I can still see the snow covered fields as we spun around..frame by frame..and the screaming!

  30. Can't remember one. Earth didn't even stand still when I lost my virginity (Oh - was that it?). Mind you, lights didn't flash and the earth didn't move (or stand still) when I had my first orgasm. I guess the earth trundles on regardless where I'm concerned!

    Obviously these events occurred on separate occasions...
    and from what I have read, there usually isn't anybody else present during the latter.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Yes, I have. It depressed the hell out of me.

  34. ALLAN,
    I know what you mean..
    the good news is that we don't know what is in store for us...mercifully.

  35. not the time tunnel...theyre going to remake the movie earth stood still or time stood still or sumtin.

  36. GHOSTY,
    Enough with the remakes already!!


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