Monday, July 09, 2007



  1. Too much fun being had by all. Tone it down a bit, wouldja?

  2. You have a beautiful family and you certainly know how to enjoy summer. I especially love the photo of you and your youngest (I think his name is Ridley, but am uncertain - sorry) laying on the blanket.

  3. Man, you do know how to spend your summer! Don't forget to come back with a nice tan! ;p

  4. Someone is having good fun while others slog in muggy humid weather...

    I am envious!

  5. *saves tongue pic for future Photoshopping opportunity*

  6. extreme grumble7:56 a.m.

    You know, HE, there IS such a thing as over-indulgence! Here, I'll send you something to help you
    through your month of need. it's a nice little trisected lucite box, so you can catch a bunch of little
    bugs, store them up, and "process"
    them later. It's got chambers for
    "Bugs", "Bug Legs", and "Bug Torsos, ISO Legs". So now, when waves of lassitude threaten to overwhelm you, you can fight back (rather than go slack) with a handy
    hobby. Get busy, before it's too
    late! Where's your sense of
    productivity, man!? ;-) I'll even throw in the tweezers.

    It's the least I can do... the absolute least, you lucky dog!

  7. You guys look so relaxed I'm jealous! All we have here is extreme heat or rain -- plus classes and cubicles. Ugh!

  8. Why did you shave off Ridley's moustache-goatee for that pic of you and him sun-tanning?

    And if the weather really WAS here, as your desert pic suggests, you wouldn't be outside.

    We know you can't stand the heat.

  9. Your family is so beautiful. Have fun!!

  10. Ug it has been pouring here for weeks.... We had been begging for rain for so long, we forgot how miserable it makes us when it is grey all the time, or when we cant go cycling.

    Enjoy the warmth, guess we need the rain more than i need a bike ride:)

  11. I love the halo above your head in that family photo. . .


  12. So relaxing. I think I would like a nice vacation. Perhaps after the summer is over.

    This pictures are wonderful and make me a tad jealous of the view. glad to see you and yours having a good time.

  13. Why is Ms Cellania in your picture?

  14. Yayyy, have an awesome time mate :)

  15. Wow, there is a bit of resemblance (when I was much younger)! My smile is a tad different.

  16. Rub everybodys' nose in it why don't you.

    Over here in London there is no "weather".

    Just overcast skies, mugginess and swarms of flying ants in the kitchen.

  17. it's amazing what you can do with photoshop isn't it? It almost looks like the sun's shining and you're having a good time!

  18. don, that looks so great. what a great looking bunch of folks you are! have fun. if you happen to drive by, i'm the nutjob on the ladder just after you go through at Huntingdon, pretending to be a responsible homeowner *sigh*

  19. Enjoy the time off HE. It's well deserved.

  20. lucky ppl!

    Lovely photos HE.


  21. come bakk! :(


  22. awww, he, your life is too good to be cynical. you might have to change...



  23. I'm very worried about the moon moving away from the earth at about 4cm a year - please tell me whether I'm worrying needlessly or whether this is the cause of the change in the weather and whether we will suddenly start wobbling on our axis?!


  24. Andrea
    Actually I am considering cryogenically preserving my head until the Fall..I do not prefer HOT as much as I once did...jeez that makes me sound old.

    Actually he is only stationary when a there is some screensucking to be done..TV, Video Game or Computer...but he is NOT allowed to blog until he is 18!

    I am more or less finished 'tanning' because the experts have made me terrified of getting you know what.

    It is hot N humid here too..actually it rains almost everyday?! Our weather is weird and apparently this is the norm if you grade it over thousands of years..which as you know is exactly what I like to do with everything.

    How was the hoooliday? What are you going to do with my tongue?

  25. grumblocity,
    Ants schmants..Busy as a Bee BAH!
    It is imperative to take it easy and relax when there is only 1 month of Summa!
    This is all an illusion, I am busy Mushroom Farming in my basement.

    Classes and cubicles?! What the?
    It is hot and humid here but the government still thinks that kids need the summers off to work on the farm.

    withered warthog,
    Nice avatar?
    Get out of the kitchen. I can stand the heat if I am ingesting copious amounts of fluids and sitting still or out on the water or sleeping on the couch with the aircoinditioning on full blast!

    HI! Yeah they are all hooked on their Facebooks which is like Blogging Lite as far as I can tell...I am afraid to find out because it looks addictive.

    First fires, drought, and now a deluge...hmmm...can't you just go riding in the rain? Is that too extreme? I cannot get my head around the opposite hemispherical calendaric should be summer at the same time all over the world.

    i like the view,
    I am glad that somebody finally noticed that! I am angel...and a bloody awful one at that. Angels are supposed to be huge powerful terrifying beings that lack free will and are jealous of humans right.
    Hmmm. Like I said, I am a terrible angel.

  26. inside our hands,
    I fixed your link btw. Well it is a fleeting moment frozen in time and soon enough I will blink and my little guy will be in High School and I will be shuffling around in my slippers at 3 in the morning with my pants hiked up to my waste complaining about the government.

    DA Mike,
    Yeah that is a little weird? I wonder if Miss C will be around to check that out...I can say, "Whose yer Daddy!"

    No problemo. I am already thinking about Fall and anticipating the freezing death of all the f^$#^@n INSECTS that ruin summer and that I hate so much!

    miss cellania!
    Hey how is my missing daughter? You realise that this will add an entire new aspect to our relationship..I will start acting overprotective and start offering free advice and telling how to run your life...or not.

    Flying ants! That would be a wasp wouldn't it? They did take an evolutionary fork in the road millions of years ago..OK I'll shut up I know that you mean that there really are flying ants in the UK. How ghastly! Even worse than your weather.
    Don't you mean Muggleness?

    Yes welcome to the New World! Why do you think that all of those people left England in the 1600s? It wasn't for Gold or Tobacco or a Passage to India NO it was just for the SUNSHINE.
    and now you know.

    first nations,
    Good for you. Actually I probably won't be passing by your house this week so put your feet up for a while. Sit back and listen to the soothing tones of the Canadian Growops humming in the distance..HHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    Hey I discovered ten second epic this summa! I like searching for new tunes in the summa...see ya soon.

    Very Lucky! I will be back in a few days. Not to worry. It is Summa and it is so short here.

    That is a picture of my neighbour's cousin's brother in law and his family. For all you know I could be a 14 year old Mexican kid selling timeshares to tourists or an 87 year old Tibetan Yak Neuterer.

    The Sun is halfdead already anyway! In another 5 billion years it is toast! So why worry about a little wobbling...pffft! Live like there is no tommorow, which there won't be in 5 billion years!

    I presume that that is an SA term of jubilation like Far Out or Cool!
    I had better look it up on the Urban Dictionary so that I don't look like such a square.
    and Thanks!

  27. I's Winta here and Im hating it :(

    Come check out the Sri Lankan brides in my blog.


  28. way cool! thanx for giving us a glimpse into our holiday!!!

  29. Ha! I should ike to see you scuffing your feet in broad blue fluffy slippers, all the while hiking your pants up so high around your waist, and ranting about the government. I think it would make a good photo and give us all a well needed laugh... you are too much!

    By the way... sites up.

  30. When/if you can spare a fraction of a sec, do come read "Intangibles"

  31. Great photos, HE!
    Beautiful family snap!
    Your holiday must've been exhausting!
    Top-Left: you look lost in our Sahara desperate for a drink!

  32. we like have perpetual summer and monsoon I dont know what a really long vacation is. But heck...i wanna lazy around facing vast green tree stuff in canada! I want!

  33. damn, what a beautiful family! hope you're all doing peachy there, dear!

  34. keshtar,
    Thanks to you I am starting to drop all of my 'R's.
    I'll 'Sri' what I can do about "Ceylon' over to see your brides.

    Actually it is all a bluff. I am actually at the Mayo Clinic having a little work done on my aging body. There is nothing like getting NEW pecs for your 50th!

    inside our hands,
    Is that a dare? I will be over to bask in your artistic tour de force. Glad you had a chuckle.

    There is nothing that I would rather do than study intangibles. In point of fact I can say without fear of contradiction that it is my purpose in Life.

    creme de la creme,
    We actually have a real sand duned desert here and it is very weird to trudge around waiting for the vultures to stop circling overhead!

    I say weird because we have ten thousand Lakes and Northern Manitoba is one of the Polar Bear hotspots in the entire world. It all seems highly improbable.

    I know that most of the world views Canada as a giant forest and most of it is but I live in the middle which is flat as a pancake and the first couple hundred miles to the American border is cultivated farmland.

    Luckily we also have thousands of Lakes to cool off in thanks to the deep glacial carving a few thousand years ago...we were once part of a prehistoric inland sea.

    Actually there was a Black Bear in the Park behind my mother's house yesterday morning. She lives about twenty minutes away on the outskirts of our city (750,000) which is the largest in our Province and the Capital...
    jeez it does sound like a big forest.

    Hey you! I have had some difficulties getting on to your blog? Perhaps this time I can figure it out..I hope that you will forgive me.
    I am very selective about which genes I takes quite a bit of concentration but it is possible...and it takes a lot of practice.

  35. bear! it is a jungle out there brother! btw...ive put up ur famous last word in my voice bar!

  36. Just wanted to say that I, too, noticed the yellow halo. I really am observant, ya know.


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