Friday, July 20, 2007


Despite a great deal of Pregret, I have intentionally joined to specifically become a part of a very select group of unique, enthusiastic, individuals known collectively as

Pictured here are a couple of my first responders requesting to be linked on my Facebook...

Apparently these twins are the Facebook version of the ubiquitous TOM from Myspace.

Do any of you remember in the movie when they are trying to decipher Brad Pitt's 'Piker' accent & lingo?
"It's not English and it's not's just Piker!"
As far as I can tell about Facebook..

It's not and it's not ..

it's just Facebook!

Unlike Blogging you don't have to write any fancy schmancy posts or rant about anything. Nope. All you do is post pictures and invite your relatives, friends, and other neo-narcissist Hipsters to poke you! Like Goldilocksian Axiom, Facebook is Not too Hot or Cold, Facebook seems to be JUST the RIGHT combination of exhibitionism, e-mail, an ostrich-like sense of cyber security and relative ease of interaction. Sweeet!

Facebook was developed by some young guy at Harvard who is of course getting sued by another company for stealing the 'secret recipe'. What is at stake is a company worth Billions of Dollars. Why? Because this is definitely one of the easiest spots for data mining by Corporations and Governments.

Actually the current privacy agreement reads

"We may use information about you that we collect from other sources, including but not limited to newspapers and Internet sources such as blogs, instant messaging services and other users of Facebook, to supplement your profile."

So while you and your cousins, high school chums, and long distance friends display photos of your kids and dogs, someone evil and sinister is trying to figure out how to extract money from you. So what else is new?

If you think for one minute that your e-wake, a chum line of everything that you have ever typed on your computer or crackberry whether on or offline, is not being processed and stored in your e-profile you need to have your head surgically removed from your butt. Nothing out here is secure so you need to decide if you are up to hunting down a lurker and going full Kaiser Soze (Usual Suspects) on them.

Personally, if I or any member of my posse was harrassed, I would hire the retired Mossad agent down the lane to take whatever measures he deemed necessary to remove any trace of 'them' and their gene pool from the face of the Earth.

He would be given carte blanche to go medieval on their ass!

A word to the wise...don't piss off this Dynamite Monkey!

Anyway the prospect of getting overly involved in Facebook is remote since Blogging is a full time endeavor. Like the Diet Pepsi Ads; Is There Anything That You would Like To Recapture From Your Youth...On Second Thought I think I'll just have a Diet Pepsi...I'll stick with Blogging.

Facebook or Crackbook is for the young at heart and as I near the Mid Century stage I will prolly not be groovy enough to handle it..we'll soon find out.

My kids and their generation seem to have abandoned Myspace to the Goths and Garage Bands that have overtaken it and picked up on Facebook as asort of Bloggin-Lite*. My goodladywife is also getting addicted because she is an avid Scrapbooker and Crackbook is a great online facility for picture-putter-uppers.

As for me..I think that I'll stick with Blogging.
Famous last words eh?


  1. so it's become the ghetto-sewer of the underaged and undereducated that myspace has, eh? that was quick.
    dude, why did you join in the first place? i gotta ask.

  2. Famous last words! Will you be my Friend?

  3. first nations,
    I already admitted that it was because one of my daughters joined that uber elite group and I was overwhelmed with jealousy...
    there are very few people with our surname in this hemisphere because 99.9% of them stayed in Belgium, Netherlands and France

    (coyote howls in the distance)

    ...OK let me start my shame spiral in

    Oooh YES! YES! Poke me!

  4. What is crackbook? LMAO at the top image

  5. Those are two great looking guys on your FaceBook, I think they suit you well.

    What are you, a TOTAL ass?

    Have fun. Given my recent experiences, I'm just layin' low. It's SpaceBook, not FaceBook.

    The last thing I need to do is get in on something that involves posting pix of family.

    But go crazy!

  6. Now don't make me think you will not give me my daily dose of you. I may need something strong to drink if you do and I am NOT a drinker.

    I rather enjoy your ranting ways, they help me make sense of the crazies in the world.


  7. well. i don't know what to think.

    why join if you'll get tracked down by corporate anybodies?

    i'm getting too old, he. i don't even know what facebook is. and now, thanks to you, i'll have to find out.


  8. cazzie,
    Crackbook is another name for how addictive Facebook is to some people. Save the casual friday guy..he actually types and scratches his arse..he just won't do it on my post!

    without wartremover,
    I just want all of those zany people at 'If you are a Coppens' to invite me into their hearts and minds...Other than that WHY would I want to start a public e-mail account and start a nonstop commenting program when I can't keep up with my blog?

    inside our hands,
    Fear not! How could I do this on Crackbook? It would take far too much effort to annoy this many people.
    I like it here and hopefully I won't be 'silenced' by the data miners once they see how little I think of them.

    Don't you think that data miners are tracking blogs? Facebook is sweeeet because it hands all of the info to them on a silver platter! The only thing that it doesn't do is send all of your pics, profile, and comments straight into your e-jacket....wait a minute maybe it does..((shivers))

    Oh well if you have nothing to hide whatev! See how hip that sounded, apparently I will need to be 'way cooler' if I am to entice anyone to poke me on Facebook.

  9. woah dude- i joined for about 3 days- and then took myself off because there was so much to do and so many to poke... my blogging was being ignored! mwaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaa...
    maybe i'll join again sometime...

  10. Kirsty's Mu!4:30 p.m.

    don't tell her! I deleted the evidence off her site, so if you don't reply she'll never know!!

  11. I started with Friendster and then abandoned it for blogging.

    I'm with you, don't even have enough time to blog and read all my books -- i'm sticking with blogger.

  12. You scare me.....

  13. angel,
    No kidding it is already starting to escalate..if I can just capture the hearts and minds of a select few in the aforementioned group I will break free..I have NO intentions of doing all of that socializing.

    kirsty's mu,

    There is literally NO WAY that you can do both. So I will be sticking with the gal who brought me to the Dance.

    dana d,
    SO! I have to join Facebook to get you to come back and comment on my blog eh!? You and Alice should know that I won't be raining on your parade. You can have it...too many thingamabobs, too much commiserating, and way too many options.

    Alice and I both love reading and not reading Blogs. We can comment or not comment for's 3:39 gotta quit.zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Yes. Also joined Facebook about ten days ago. Can't even remember why now and yet have spent far too many useless hours on that site.

    I just went to look up any groups with my relatively unusual surname in them. Turns out there are 318 groups.

    The whole site reminds me a bit of the London Olympics 2012 logo: designed for the kids. Makes me feel old. Tchuh!

  15. I think I will let this pass. I do not have a cat or a dog or a mice or bees or ants. Hence how do I fill up the e-pages with pictures? Obviously I don't count. I am faceless...

  16. What's all this talk about "poke me?"

  17. WW: I'm not sure either but I'll bet it involves Ceiling Cat.

  18. I don't know what you're talking about!

  19. grumblisopher8:42 p.m.

    Yeah, it may sad to say, but i suspect that the future will be
    measurable in more ohnoseconds than
    memorable moments, as these irredeemable mementos are stuck, like tiny comets, veering around the blogosphere endlessly. Mostly
    amusing to watch now, they're bound
    to crunch into something (with cataclysmic results?), eventually.

    "Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood!" -E. Burdon

  20. I think Im too old for Facebook.

    **My kids and their generation seem to have abandoned Myspace to the Goths and Garage Bands that have overtaken it and picked up on Facebook as asort of Bloggin-Lite



  21. Anonymous10:17 a.m.

    I joined facebook when i went to uni as an easy way to keep in contact with the pals back home :).Of course back in the day you had to have a uni/work related email addy to register - that was the whole point of NETWORKS. Now any old myspaz stalker can join. PLUS they've put those annoying applications in. pish, i say. plus its so much easier to use than myspace. I like it. I'm addicted to it. i need help.

  22. *still chortling over ceiling cat*

  23. Spentrails,
    Excellent description. It does make you feel old because the youthful exhuberant celebration of the mundane just doesn't do it for me anymore. So?

    now, now, gautami,
    What are you talking about? People would love to see more of your life but you have carefully cultivated this enigmatic character who is to be solely measured by her wordsmithing.

    HEY! Why didn't I do that?

    without getting poked,
    You can't get poked nowadays unless you have a Facebook. You know that you are gonna try it just do it already...

    I discovered that the Ceiling Cat and Dynamite Monkey are legendary out here in hte ether along with several other iconic creations.
    Nothing gets by them.

    My lips are sealed.

    What future?

    If you are too old for Facebook I am like Oldie Won Kenobi!

    Yes Facebook started out as some la-di-da Ivy League be there or be square thingamabob didn't it. They have so many doo-dads now and it is easy to use..all you need is interesting people like BLOGGERS to poke you.

    Ceiling Cat ROCKS!

  24. I hate Facebook. All these people writing on my wall (i'm a neat freak) and drawing clever pictures on my graffiti wall. Now they want me to have food fights too?


  25. Good advice on the dynamite monkey!

  26. damn! That is true...that's a great famous last word. Im adopting 'Tell The Truth'.

    BTW...yeh facebook, fridndster...everything gets boring after a while, but blogging stays constant.

    How did da summer go?

  27. Yeah mate stick to what ya know best!

    And that is?

  28. jungle jane,
    Hi there. I liken Facebook, which I shut down last night after four days, to being 100 year old man and the orderly tells you everything that happend in the nursing home that and so became and so wrote on so and so and so's wall...
    Come On!

    Isn't the dynamite monkey a hoot? That look of indignation!!

    It is so hot and humid that I can't wait for Fall..except after Fall comes our 6 months of 30 below zero! This hum-drumity too much though.
    Blogging has more interest for me because it isn't so regimented. Facebook seems so Big Brother.

    Ha! Great Question...but answering smartass comments is far more engaging than getting poked all day..
    the Facebook kind of Poke..
    I'm not that old!

  29. Ceiling Cat and Dyna-Monkey are my fave super-hero duo! Great stuff!

  30. Allan,
    Aren't these ubeauquities the bestus ever!!

  31. lolz cmon ur not thaaaat old!


  32. I was going to congratulate you on joining the Facebook club. Then I read the rest of your post. LOL.

    When I first joined, I was on it all the time, and now I hardly go on. It has pretty much died to me. It will happen to you too . . . . . .


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