Monday, July 09, 2007

8 things (that I h’8) about me

I apologize for not visiting your Blogs but our 1 month of Summer is happening RFN and I don’t want to miss it.

Breakerslion @ and Gautami @ tagged me with this meme but in lieu of Summer Holidays I shall not pass it on...

1) I don’t have a 'normal' nail on either of my baby toes. They grow vertically like a Velociraptor talon!?
Luckily this trait was not passed on to any of my 4 children but I would have gladly traded it for the obsessive nature to question everything that I did forward.
2) Even though I can watch 2 or 3 movies in one day I cannot seem to concentrate long enough to read a couple pages of a novel. Generally I will only read something if it is educational, historical, or informative, and personal blogs seem to be the only exception. I am thrilled (but not surprised) to have found so many fascinating, sensual, sentient beings out here and it gives me a little more hope for the future of our species that there are funny, lovable, intelligent people out here.

3) I put EVERYTHING in alphabetized lists because I need to deconstruct events and look for patterns and rational explanations ‘in order’ to understand why the world is such a disaster and more importantly because my short term memory is for all intents and purposes non existant.

4) There are about one dozen specific incidents in my life that I deeply regret experiencing which I mercilessly relive nearly every week and even though I was a only child when half of them occurred I still cannot forgive myself for the fact that I failed to identify and avoid them. I cannot seem to be able to put down that load of bricks.

5) Actually I really hate the way that this world operates but I enjoy figuring out why it is so fercoct. I completely understand that the Universe is insanely inhospitable and that Life On Earth should realistically mirror that fact. I accept the notion that it is a so-called ‘miracle’ that Life exists here on the third rock from the sun.

6) I believe that IF there actually was a Creator like the version invented by the various Monotheists or atleast one that actually liked people, that Life on Earth would have been a lot kinder and palatable for 99% of all the creatures who have ever existed, instead of the insane, bloodthirsty, gorefest that it was, is, and will be tomorrow.

7) Therefore; If I could be the Creator of the Universe for one day I would separate all of the ‘nice’ people in your neighbourhood, country, and throughout the rest of the world, and rearrange the molecular composition of all the other violent ‘awful’ people in exchange for more puppies, kittens, great apes, or anything other than one of those seriously tedious waste of amino acids.

8) I will reluctantly touch handrails in public places unless I have hand sanitizer, and have come to the conclusion that we humanimals still lug around a primitive set of socialization skills that prevent us from advancing…like this article;


Never do a meme on a Monday f*$@#n Morning. How depressing to discover that I am little more than a tedious, naive, idealistic, snob. I hate, rather I do not prefer, memes about me I find it depressing..

a bit like being Eeyore..

"Thanks for noticing me"


prolly after I have a great summer.


  1. Yeah, a Monday morning male midlife meme response maybe wasn't the best idea...

    But you left out two of your most revealing traits: your ability to analyse; and your (usually) warped, humorous take on it all.

    Which leaves the rest of us both understanding the world better through your eyes and laughing at the same time instead of crying.

    Cheer up, Grumpy.

  2. Was that about you? I find that at least a couple of those are about the world in general.

    Go figure!*running for life*

    *coming back*'

    But as you say, mondays must be making you so.

    Whateverit worth,Mr sourface on a monday morning, I like you!

    Thanks for doing the meme.

    PS: Would you like to do a poetry meme? If you say no, I will anyway tag you. Either way, I win...!

  3. Eeyore is intensely loveable, and HE there's nothing wrong with a touch of retentive asperger's!
    Have a good holiday - the world, or at least my corner, is a better place for 'knowing' you. xx

  4. 1. I hate the tendency of people to be negative and complain about EVERYTHING. Yes, I am aware of the irony of complaining about complaints.

    2. I hate the way the media manipulates the public and tells people what to think and feel.

    3. I hate getting up when it's freezing cold. (3b, I hate getting out of the shower after I've managed to get up.)

    4. I hate those kids shoes with wheels in them - they spell danger to me!

    5. I hate the way that true originality in writing, music, movies, and almost all fields of art, gets overlooked by the media and the public or called "too weird", even when it actually has merit. (eg, a band called The Red Paintings, look 'em up)

    6. I hate my own nose, it ALWAYS seems to need blowing. I don't have to be sick to go through a box of tissues quicker than anybody else.

    7. I hate being slightly gluten intolerant, and knowing it will only get worse as I get older. It is a right royal pain in the butt, and mostly I just put up with being a bit ill rather than avoiding gluten.

    8. I hate that socialism only works on paper and cannot effectively be translated into reality.

  5. Is this the "I give the answers, you guess the questions" meme?

  6. " after I have a great summer..."
    So, Wednesday week, then? Or are you guys in line for an Indian Summer this year?

    I'll be waiting.

  7. I wish I knew what to say to convince you that you were not at fault. I wish you could forgive and accept and love that little boy because he did nothing wrong.

  8. Eeyore's my favorite character. But I find pooh cartoons a bit too sunny and positive and happy -- give me transformers anytime!!!

    Monday's about to end so cheer up. And enjoy the summer.

  9. Heyas HomoEscapeon... It has been a few days. You know, I rather like what I read about you and how you comment on other blogs. Seems many of us run in the same circle. I hope you are having a great summner, how sappy is that? But the feels are true behind it.

    The link that you have listed for me does not work and I wonder if it is because am redoing that site.

    the new address is

    it was nice for you to add me.

  10. Have a wonderful summer then mate :)

  11. hoping the sun is shining for you and yours and that good things are happening for you all


  12. HE, have a great break. Number 7 is a fantastic idea! And instead of hurricanes, we'll have violin music!

  13. 'Encyclopedic ignorance' is my new daily favorite phrase of all-time.
    Great list!

  14. I was just thinking about my Eeyore doll I had as a little kid and then I realized that I am Eeyore!

    Have a fantastic summer!

  15. 1. how quick i am to judge,
    2. how easily i jump to conclusions,
    3. how i let my family in law get to me,
    4. how jaded i seem about stuff i should get excited about,
    5. my laziness when it comes to housework,
    6. my regular procrastination,
    7. my materialistic cravings and
    8. my small yellow teeth!

    enjoy your holiday dude!

  16. cute cute tag HE. I love #7 LOL!


    me neither! yukkkk.


  17. oh, he, how about letting # 4 go? there are ways to do that, you know...

    you show up. that counts bigtime. and i think really you are an unbashed romantic.

  18. HE check out my latest holiday destination post. Im sure u'd love to go there too.


  19. 7 things we like about you...

    1. Humor ( i would really miss that)

    2. Your sense of Justice (sometimes over angry but always heart felt).. be wary young padawan angry is the path to the dark side.

    3. You web crawling abilities, the funniest pictures online are on your blog... Oh the huge manatee:)!!!

    4. Your humanity, you always write from the heart, as quirky and cool as it all is... You have a level of humility in all you do.

    5. you comments on our blogs.. always thought provoking or chalenging:)

    6: Your loyalty to friends and family and the "platonic" relationship with within without. Always heart warming to read.

    7 there is no point seven

    8. Facts, figures and lists... you gotta love 'em.

    There may be a few bits and pieces you dont like, but you truly enrich our lives by being you!

    Thanks HE!

  20. And Im copying Aidan now.

    8 things I like abt ya:

    1. Ur sense of humor. THE BEST EVER.

    2. Ur warmth towards all ur blogger mates

    3. Ur super intelligence

    4. Ur loving dad, great hubby, faithful friend qualities

    5. Ur big big heart

    6. Ur realistic view of the world

    7. Ur weird naming abilities that made me love being called Keshiroo

    8. The unique humanbeing that u r that makes u YOU.



  21. This image sums up my earily life. I'm a lot happier now.

  22. You are all so very kind.
    Not to worry...
    despite this moribund tone and apocalyptic rambling on this posting I am having a wonderful life and enjoying my summer of '49...
    one day at a time.

  23. Hey, I'm so glad that you picked Eeyore. Better than that high strung bunny.... "A RABBIT JUST CAN'T THINK IN THIS HUMIDITY!!"

  24. Egad! You're a lot like me! I am enjoying the two months of NH summer. While I'm not squeamish about handrails, I am about bathroom door handles. I wash my hands a lot, especially before and after eating finger food. I was once freighted with the kind of regrets that haunt you, and I live to tell you that there is hope for letting go. There is no easy formula, like "love yourself" or, "be here now", but you can catch yourself going to regret and living in the past, and decide for yourself what you want to do about the immediate stimulus that put you there. What worked for me was understanding that I only had to tell myself what I wanted to do about it, and if I was not able to do that today, I didn't need to beat myself up about it. I'm not done yet.

  25. oh, and ditto on 1,3 & 8!


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