Sunday, July 01, 2007

THE OLD 'RATE AND SWITCH' While checking up on ole Steve @
I laughed when he revealed that his blog received an 'R' rating. This didn't surf*ckingprise me because he's Ausf*ckingstralian for f*cksake.
Anyway everybody knows how demure and polite we Canadians are so I clicked on the link and 'they' evaluated all 275 postings in less than half a second so I know they cheated.
My Word! Apparently Homo Escapeons received an R rating because the words suicide (x3), bitch (x2), and viagara were mentioned somewhere in my archives.
Who do you suppose would be behind this sort of Tomfoolery?
Think about it who would benefit from trying to sanitize the blogosphere..
I had an 'epiphanot' when I found out that this rating badge was all a ploy to get some 'wake and bake' 'freetimers' to search an online dating site called Mingle 2.
Who are the holier than thou little twerps at Mingle 2 to judge me?!
I hate to 'break your crayons' but I am not amused now prepare for my 'hater tots'.
Where do they get off pushing their twisted sense of morality on the rest of us?
These pretend to be all high and mighty but you ain't nuthin but a cyber PIMP!
That's right.
The only way Mingle 2 can make money is if strangers start having 'textual intercourse'!
OK OK let me calm down for a minute...
now I know a few people who have developed very intimate, mature, relationships out here in the cyberworld so I know that it is possible.
But like the Van Halen song, I ain't talkin' bout love!
Fortunately I am embedded in a mature, committed, caring, relationship with a wonderful gal who I met while I was emceeing MILFllenium at a gold club swingers convention with my 8th wife in Vegas back in '99.
Just to show you what a good sport I am here the link in case you would like to see who they would send back as your perfect 'scrollmate'...NOT!
I have liberally sprinkled 'hipster lingo' from
in a last ditch effort to prove how happenin' I am.
It is 4:50 AM and the birds are chirpin' HAPPY CANADUH DAY!


  1. Ha! I recently did the same thing but I guess I've trained myself to look away so well that I didn't even notice the Mingle2 ad. Or maybe I didn't notice because I was given a boring, white-bread 'G' rating and was feeling sorry for myself. (As for the Aussies, my 14 y.o. son recently practiced with the largely Australian 'Burnaby Eagles,' a local men's Aussie Rules team. He came back delighted at all the rampant testosterone. My first question, of course, was, "Was it an endless stream of swearing?" :)

  2. What were you doing awake at 4:50 a.m.?

    And isn't it about time the world recognized a Homo Escapeons sub-dialect of modern culture?



    I think you should start your own version of an urban dictionary...or are you stealing all these words from it?

    Super post, man.

    I suspect if I was to get my blog rated, it would come up "I" for Indecipherable.

  3. I would leave a pithy comment if I knew what you were talking about
    . . .

  4. yeah, i missed the ad too. and how did I end up with a pg-17? please.

    now, come on...are you for real about the MILFennium, 8th wife, swingers club thing? huh? or is this one of your clever bot mots and as usual i'm out on the front porch eating bugs going 'duh'?

  5. ...btw, ol' SB. Cohen has a nice ass going on there. the thong looks uncomfortable, but judging by his expression he...yeah. ok. *goes back to picture*

  6. andrea,
    I was expecting something much more sinister than some dating service sheesh!
    Your son will have no doubt learned some new terms and phrases for reproductive organs that you and I have never even heard of!

    without a rating,
    I couldn't sleep and tried to write about the future housing market crash and how the divide between the rich and the poor is just like the 20s...but I wasn't coherent enough.

    I get a kick out of all the crap in the Urban Dictionary and yes everytime that I come up with a terrible pun I think about submitting it.

    I'm with you Ziggi, what the hell is this post about anyway? OH it's about the bait and switch antics of all these sneaky bastards out here in the blogosphere.
    Nothing is 'free' and if something is too good to be true it is usually too good to be legal.
    What am I talking about now?

    first nations,
    MILFllenium was my concocted idea of who would be the tackiest sleaziest guy to complain about a moral rights issue.
    Sorry for misleading you but I would never have survived 8 wives just the mere thought of ((THUD))

    Very Nice, How Much!?
    Borat might have a nice tushie just don't forget all of the carpetting on the front?

  7. I can NOT believe you got an R rating........

    Should have been a triple x.....

    HE, with a triple X.......God what was I thinking?


  8. Don't worry. The R Rating will very likely draw even more (sick....haha!) readers to your controversial blog! ;p

  9. Interesting u got an R-rating...wut d u think I'd get? :)

    That Borat guy is hilarious!


  10. I am yet to chk mine!

    And I have tagged you. You better check it, Mr Saggi!

  11. We already know I'm NC-17. I know all about the bait with free widget/switch with pay for romantic services thannng, so I deleted that part of the html code to be embedded in my blog. Simple! You just have to know what to allow. ;) Cheers, Homey!

  12. I'm NC-17. Several of us did this the other day and truly I didn't even know about the the bait and switch stuff. I suppose if you aren't looking at anything other than what you've been directed to you can't get into too much trouble. Or so I've been told. ;)

    We also did this one.

  13. Nope, you are H rated, H for HOT, LOL

  14. grumblhhoid8:39 p.m.

    I guess you have to pay the piper
    (one way or another) for the priviledge of speech. On the other hand, I believe that reciprocity is
    only fair, especially when dimbulbs
    helpfully supply their opinions in
    such didactic forms as ratings labels. For example, consider putting a separate frame somewhere
    on your homepage, reserved for
    disclaimers and (of course), rating
    notices, not to exceed 15 watts in
    intellectual power. Such labels
    could be displayed in eye-catching
    color schemes (black background/
    dark grey foreground letters), or,
    debated in equally well-intentioned
    Other treatments come to mind, but
    these will be left to your forested
    imagination- I prefer honeyed
    expressions of contempt, myself, but tastes vary, I think.
    If readers can't make up their own
    minds, why do they expose themselves to other peoples thought
    processes, then have the stones to
    kvetch about what they find?

  15. i got an NC-17. Screwed up world. Now 16 yer old girls cant read my blog anymore!

  16. whitesnake,
    ME XXX?
    I am waaaay to scientificky and edumacated for that sort of tomfoolery.

    Controversial? I wish!
    I am so pedestrian and 'safe' these's almost embarrasing how sedate and nonthreatening I have become.
    I am such a sellout!

    You would get an A for Amazing. I have no idea how you can keep up with your communications? You are a Pro.

    Oh Boy! Breakerslion pinned this 8 things on me last week and historically I have been averse to complying to being memenapped but the guilt is eating me alive..f$#%!

    Shelley I am not nearly as sophisticated as you and my computer pretty much does whatever it wants to..therefore I rarely try to force my will upon the 0s & 1s for fear that it will all just freeze up and die on me..AGAIN!

    hi jocelyn,
    I suppose that fewer than 10% ever even click on to the SUCKER link but maybe that's all that they need to justify getting paid? I will definitely try out the cadaver thingamabob.

    You are far too generous with your accolade but an R for having bitch, suicide, and viagra, is right out of the 1950s! Who is the rocket scientist that came up with that list?

    grumblestar galacticus,
    OK stop making so much sense. What is all this about personal accountability and letting people decide something for themselves..are you mad? What sort of anarchy pills have you been taking..what would happen to our society if we started to make up our own minds?! Oh the Humanity!

    Well there you go..that's what you get for having all of those high falutin' ideas about the future and pickin' on my um-ber-ella

  17. Hope its eats at you.....emerging from the other side!

  18. o cmon! there r so many bloggers with 100s of comments :)


  19. har har... i got a "g", a part of me is disappointed...

  20. i didn't see the "mingle 2" thing! i'm waaaaaaay to quick to click on a link!

  21. Great Post! Made me laugh. My blog managed an NC-17, but they went under the link is broken now...


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