Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here are some other ideas that I really wanted to explore this week to see what YOU had to say...

I wanted to explore the historically predictable victory of the English language (the black hole vortex, word stealing great whore of Babble-On) and discuss the inevitable future fonetic spelling chainjiz that wee can’t stop.
With 42 sounds spelled in 400 different ways it will continue to adapt, morph and survive even langwij killerz like txt msgs.

China is a country where three quarters of the population, 750 Million people, basically live in impoverished, archaic, rural, obscurity. This is not some Monolith that will steamroll over the rest of the world anytime soon and may even disintegrate if democracy ever gets a foothold.

I liken their political isolation to the lonely plight of the symbolic Panda. The mysterious Panda is basically held hostage to the restrictive limitations of it’s nutrient starved diet of bamboo which severely limits their energy levels.

China's government is screwing the people of Darfur (Sudan) in order to protect their OIL supply. A decade ago Kharthoum, Sudan, was Al Qaeda’s HQ and bin Laden (who will not shake a woman’s hand) planned on making it the centre of a modern Global Caliphate or Islamic Empire.

Tsar Nikolai Romanov’s beloved daughter Anastasia was murdered with the rest of Russia’s Royal Family but the amazing career of alleged Grand Duchess Anna Anderson captured the imagination of millions until she passed away in 1984.

The War ON Iraq has sadly surpassed Vietnam as the greatest military/political blunder in American history. A FRONTLINE documentary featured on PBS outlining the first year of the invasion revealed an incredible lack of sophistication by the tall foreheads in Washington.
Grand Poobah Paul Bremmer and his decision to introduce the De-Ba’athification (Saddam’s political party) of the country and the dismantling of the 300,000 man army were unimaginably ill conceived actions that did nothing but encourage insurgency and initiate the current full blown Civil War.
They didn’t even expect looting?

Has anyone else noticed that Russia’s Premier Putin is suddenly getting very negative coverage from the American Press. Could it be that the impossibility of ever winning the War on Terrorism has finally been (unofficially) acknowledged by the White House.
However, in order to keep feeding the trillions of dollars into the Military Budget the Bush Administration is deciding to resurrect the Cold War.

The losing battle against ‘Islamist Arabs’ is just too messy and politically incorrect, even for old guard Republicans, and the simplicity of fighting other ‘White’ people is much more palatable. Thank God that those pasty white Ruskies are old fashioned Atheists. Anyway as the withdrawal from the Mess’o’potamia progresses the USA seems to be picking a fight with Putin to keep the money rolling in.
The US economy is a conflict driven entity.

Judge Roy L Pearson of Washington DC, launched a $67 MILLION Lawsuit against Custom Cleaners because they temporarily lost a pair of his pants. OK begin clichés:
Take him to the cleaners & Sue the pants off him.
Offers from the Chung Family, who are the Korean Immigrant Proprietors, ranged from $150 to $12,000 to settle out of court. Pearson, the until recently *appointed judge??? was lamenting a divorce and financial hardship, went ahead with it anyway.

Pearson happens to be African American so the back story of ethnic tension between Asians and Blacks is now in session.
Roy is now the ligthning rod, the embodiment and the official posterboy, for the ridiculous, shameful, state of the Justice System in the USA.
You would expect that disbarment and immediate dismissal are required RFN to restore any confidence in American Justice.

You would think that this is the last straw to break the Camel’s back before the people storm the Bastille
..but then again this is a country with 194 accredited Law Schools and atleast 1 million practicing lawyers so what do you expect?


  1. Well you have said a mouthful. Now let's see if I can cover some of this with the same amount of obvious enthusiasm.

    I agree that mister judge there needs a new mind. Perhaps all the time he spent studying for the bar, he should have spent watching America’s funniest home videos. He sure has one in the making.

    As for the President well I say, never vote for a man that cannot speak for himself. Behind the scenes he has someone writing his speeches and well as I would like to think that Mr. Bush is fully capable, if I were to apply the adage, "Actions speak louder than words", well enough said.

    Iraq, now there is a story that causes fighting words, although not with me. I think the moment we didn't find those mass weapons; we should have run for cover. But we didn't so now we are butt of everyone's joke and the ass of the world. It is one thing to protect ourselves and humanity, when we start invading on a whim; well we become bullies and fools.

    The princess, well I cannot honestly explain that, but I chalk it up to stupidity. I mean the entire family was murdered together and if I am correct all put in a mass grave. I believe there was a show on their murders someone thought they found the grave or something like that. America, dang, left the dead rest!

    China, for some seriously intelligent people, they are a nation of idiots. Oxymoron? I think not. There are a billion of these people, and yet, they sit behind a wall, like Germany did, in fear. Someone needs to grow a pair of gonads. Their leader, a communistic man that murders his own people when they dare to say anything against him. Now, now I know what you are thinking. That the fear of death is so strong why would they speak up, well, there is no easy answer but if the people of this nation want to ever be free of tyranny someone needs to light a fire under their asses.

    Now for English, I have no tolerance for the blender that the English language has gone through. It makes me ill when I hear the slang, slurred, bad pronunciation, wrong usage of the language that nearly every country speaks. It may not be the language of their country, but dammit someone speaks it. I have no idea what we are doing. I thought when we allowed the word ain't in the dictionary; we were all going to hell. Now, we are adding slang gangster talk in the dictionary. Will someone get me a cold rag and a cup of tea please?

  2. inside our hands,
    Your enthusiasm is truly humbling! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that anyone would take the time to discuss every item.

    We are pretty much on the same page here. One thing that I am always amazed at is that if you are 1 in a million in China there are 1300 others just like you!

    I am deeply saddened by the demise of English but I realise that to completely swallow all of the other languages..
    which it will..
    it has to keep morphing and you know what happens to a xerox of a xerox...
    there will always be a place for 'Academia Nuts' to cherish and caress the former glory of English.

  3. its all elementary my dear watson...and oil!

  4. ghosty,
    I dare say Ghosty, Good Show Old Chap! Elementary indeed. Bloody marvelous to hear from you do sit down for some Tea and cucumber sandwiches.

  5. Yeah! What the hell is with all the Putin hatin' now?

    It seems like just yesterday, we never heard about the guy, and now there's missiles planned for here and there and people on CNN are using the words "Cold War"!

    Where did this come from?

    I think your reasoning behind it is brilliant by the way.

  6. Yor speling is gettin awful, dud! Mybe you need to crank up the old spilchik!

    Grate post!

  7. Actually, we gazed into Putin's soul and saw that he was a good hybrid capitalist/KGB/mafia chieftain. We know how to deal with those. Don't we?

  8. Ra Ra Rus-PUTIN. Is he related to him by any chance? :)


  9. hiya

    I studied Speech Language and Communucation at University, so your first topic is a favourite of mine. . .

    I think the point is that - like us, the ones who use it, who create it - it evolves, it grows, it develops, it changes, it adapts

    and - like us - elements of it will remain fundamental and basic and will not change

    if I had more time I'd make a greater contriubtion than that. . .

  10. The world is a scary, I would like to leave but I haven't been able to flag down any passing flying saucers. I think they are trying to avoid these place for some reason...:-)

    Best wishes,

  11. The worlds is what it had always been. Weird. Now that is something we can predict. Its weirdiness!

    India is no different. Most of its population live in obscurity like as in China!

    Hinglish is so coomon here. Just as punglish!

    As a matter of fact, the spoken inglis langwiz diphers phrom place to place in India.

    Like some would say, as iph I did not 'knew' it!

    An aside: I have not been here as regular so here are some HUGS for you!!

  12. u have a cooool blog...linking u ....inglizh langwijz wil srvive...:D

  13. The English laguage shall remain dominant because it is the language of science, medicine, and mathematics; of invention and sharing inventions and get this...when jihadists all over the world who speak different languages want to communicate, they speak English!

  14. Now that's a weird but totally in character collection of perspectives! :) And because I know this will totally tickle your tangential funnybone, go here:

  15. YArh Yarh, WE be the pirates of the Conversation... Plundering ya plurals, Hijacking your Homonyms, Pinching your punctuation, and Always always avoiding alliteration..

    It is amazing how many factors shape our language to understand and culture you must understand the language. You can see the French influence, the Scandanavian, the Germanic, pretty much anyone we have tried to kill or trade with. Always an interesting topic.

    On D) People who have nothing but the yoke for a bloody long time, and they didnt expect them to go a little crazy with the freedom, with no adequate police control. Monkeys shouldnt lead armies.

    e) I am Putin my 2 cents in here to. Maybe hollywood has a stronger influence on politics than we thought. Cold War two the Sequel. Now we must await (for further profitability) Cold War 3, with half the original cast and the same tired jokes and plot.

    Thanks for the thoughts on an idle sunday:)

  16. It's these things and more which make Aidan and I so keen to secede and form our own country - he wants to be an Emporor, but I want to be a Queen. Anyway, would you like to join us? Chuck it all in and start again! You know you want to. You can be Minister for Whatever You Want, if you like!

  17. Happy Father's Day Donn! :)


    woss a prtetender then?

    China will definitely be the next superpower - Himself said so and I for one, believe him because he pays for the shoes round here.

  19. I don't understand what China has to do with Darfur, so could you 'splain that one some more?

  20. Origins of The English Language in Less Than 800 Words.

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    posted by Vest @ 6/15/2007 03:41:00 PM 10 comments links to this post

  21. anonie,
    Just a hunch but since this war on terror was a success in respect to curtailing the rights of Citizens and domestice spying but a failure in the court of public, worldwqide opinion it may be time for plan B.
    Only 79 years of OIL left...tick tock.

    THE michael,
    Ain't it the truth. Those old hardliner godless commies are a much softer target than those crazy Islamists who don't seem to understand the don't grab a jumper when you're out on the ledge and that is exactly what these 'terrorists' seem to be.

    As far as I know he is not related to Russia's greatest love machine. Man that guy just wouldn't die.

    i like the view,
    Why don't I let ELO answer that:
    It's a livin' thing,
    It's a terrible thing to lose
    It's a given thing
    What a terrible thing to lose.

    annie wicking and loman austen,
    Moi aussi but they are too scared to land! I always discount the repeat alien abductionist accounts of anal probing, if a being is intelligent enough to make it to Earth by travelling millions of light years why would they look up somebody's arse..and worse..why would they ever do it twice?

    Ah yes despite my disdain for colonialism the emergence of English was certainly enhanced by the Empire...but thanks to the emrgent global supremecy of American inglish in the media and movies, the BBC proper anglische, though jealously preserved and guarded, will no doubt eventually become a part of inglash the same as Indian Hinglish...

    jeya anand,
    Were you writing in this manner to emphasize the flexibility of the language or are you a txt mssgr?

    Your last point is an interesting testament to the practicality of a global is absolutely essential now that we are connected..well we're fairly disconnected but you know what I mean.

    Thanks I love MAD TV. My teens and I started watching it when it first came out and we still make references to so many of their characters...
    "I have a cat named Cece!"
    "He looka lika man"
    and of course Stuart "look what I can do"

    Excellent thoughts but I am sidetracked because I watched the guys from Orange County Choppers when they went to Australia to meet Russel Crowe and toured around Melbourne. I saw some of the pics that Cazzie puts on her tours and thought of you guys too.

    They went to some Sheep Shearing place run by six sheilas somewhere near you because they were on that a real tourist destination?


    he will be king
    And you
    You will be queen
    Though nothing will
    Drive them away
    We can beat them
    Just for one day
    We can be Heroes
    Just for one day

    I will be Bruce number 4, the Pythonesque Minister of Pommyland who is joinin' you this year in the Philosophy Department at the University of Wooloomooloo:
    Australia, Australia, Australia, Australia, we love you, amen!

    Why thank you. Everyday is Father's Day and I saw a news item that showed people only spend $10B on Father's Day but $16B on Mother's Day...apparently Dad's are harder to shop for and they get less because kids figure out that they spent too much on Mother's Day.

    And where are those shoes made? AHA! Thought so.

    miss cellania,
    The Western oil companies left Sudan under pressure from human rights organizations but Chinese companies ignore the genocidic methods that Sudan has forced on 500,000?? of its citizens from oil-rich landsand uses oil revenue to purchase arms for its wars against its black African population.

    WOAH! I guess that you notivced that one of my favorite books of all time was the Story Of English.
    It is a tale of invasions and adapability..what we ended up with is something that nobody could have is an absolute miracle!
    Thanks for the awesome is totally fascinating.

  22. sheesh...
    lets start with butchering the english language shall we. i live in a country with 11 official languages, and for most people, english is a second or third language! you can imagine the butchering that goes on here- i pity tourists trying to watch or listen to the news...
    the romanov story has always interested me- i find it incredible that someone could even attempt to get away with such a claim!

  23. angel,
    11 languages! Hey did you see Blood Diamond and if so how did Leo do on his Sewth Ahfrekaan accent? Americans seem to think that he was speaking strine??

  24. heh heh, i haven't seen it yet- but i'm definitely going to. from the trailers i've seen he was pretty spot on!


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