Monday, June 18, 2007


I distinctly remember the last time that I was anesthetized in an operating room. I was having all 4 of my wisdom teeth yanked.

I find it quite ironic that anything labeled ‘wisdom’ would be extracted from your head.

“OK Donnie can I ‘getcha to start counting back from 100?”
“ninety nine,
ninety eight,
nineteee sevvvvvvvennnnnnnnnnnnn”

Suddenly I am falling backwards into an abysssssssssssssssssssss ((Poof))
One of my stoner buddies described the feeling so succinctly back in the 70s,

“The first thing I knew,
I didn’t know nuthin’.”

To be anesthetized means to be rendered insensible. The word Anesthesia comes from the Greek (an) “without” + (aisthesis) “perception” and has traditionally meant the condition of having the

I believe that modern homo escapeons, human doings, are overwhelmed by a combination of the governmental ‘thought stopping’ propaganda of FEAR, and self inflicted cultural capitulation to psychologically calculated advertising programs from global corporations.
These oppressors are not necessarily overwhelming us in coordinated strategic alliances their individual efforts all just happens to feed off of each other and form an all encompassing net.

Our collective goose is nearly cooked thanks to the final ingredient in this equation. The majority of the news media have failed us spectacularly because so many of the professional journalists are now morphing into infotainment parrots caged in revenue producing entities for global corporate conglomerates. The pros are no longer our watchdogs and advocates.

Far too many of them are now merely messenger boys relaying government press releases and part of that vacuum is being filled by bloggers. So don't believe for one second that nobody is reading your crappy blog.

BIG BROTHER is very interested in what you are saying.

Our primate brains are frantically trying to catch up to the modern methods of anesthesia. We are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and the inability to filter, decipher and evaluate the authenticity of all of this propaganda and media cluster bombing.

Like SLAM or Midazolam, a psychoactive or psychotropic substance, this tsunami of information acts primarily upon our prehistoric central nervous system where it alters brain function, resulting in temporary changes in perception, mood, consciousness, memory, and behavior.

To make matters worse, all around the world humans are funneling into urban centres in record numbers and suckling at the teat of the giant pacifier known as the internet.
These two trends offer our would be puppet-masters an economy of scale that is unparalleled in history.

I also believe that the 'Interweb' is our greatest weapon against them.
We, the emboldened, despised, 'ordinary' people can disseminate information that can impede or curtail their brainwashing campaign.

However our adversaries can just as easily infiltrate this culture of the amateur investigators, wannabe journalists, and armchair philosophers by throwing out 'shiny' stories about Paris Hilton getting some 'religion' at the Crowbar Hotel.
Which is why the great unwashed seems to know more about celebrities and than they do about their neighbours.

Divide and conquer, shock and awe.
Let us hope that it really is a reversible lack of awareness.


  1. Whenever I want to think REALLY clearly, I just do as Mel did, and strap on my aluminum hat. But it's hard to remember sometimes. I'm like a fish every so often and I find myself going after those shiney bobbles.
    You're quite right about bloggers being the ones spreading the real news. For instance I've learned so much more about the world news reading your writing than watching any of the big networks. "Catchy" sells, not what's necessarily true. Keep it up, friend. Your crappy blog is my favourite.

  2. Calling All Sheeple...AWAKE!! AWAKE!!

    It can happen, Homey. I promise. I blogged similarly to this earlier but completely independently of reading this. Get outta my head. :) /grin

  3. Brian what a relief to see you out and about. Where did CSIS hide you this time? The Nervous Hospital?
    I'm not a full blown conspiracy nut but I have been around long enough to know that Governments and shadow Governments will take advantage of people with every new technological and biological or psychological trick that they can to stay in power for as long as they can.

    So will the tall foreheads in the Wide, Wide, World of Advertising and Retailing. These people want your money. It's all about influence and I just sort of realised how deep we had really dug ourselves over the last 40s.

    I have officially surged so far in your head that I am entrenched and claiming refuge status...

    you couldn't get me outta here with Dynomite!
    Obviously Great Minds do think alike eh?
    I absolutely hated going under and being in the dark..that falling backward sensation was awful.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Homo Escapeon,

    I have been waiting on you to see what you will come up with next and well here we have it.

    I, again, agree with you. The media has become the best friend of the government. I turn on the million of channels there is and the same things are rolling off their tongues. Where Paris Hilton is, who got custody of whom, what child star is out partying like a mad person. What celebrity is leaving their partner. Frankly, I do not care. I do not want to watch how uncontrolled spoiled children have grown up and now all their parents can say is how unfair it is that they are in trouble and being held accountable. Give me a break please! Splash some water on my face and tell me the world is not going to hell and fast.

    Someone tell me why we have 65,000 homeless people in Michigan with at least half of them being low-income working families. Why Michigan's economy is so bad off that unemployment is higher than the national average.

    Tell me why they say our economy is bad, but we have money ear marked for ski resorts, remodeling, and foreign countries. We have starving children right here that we aren’t feeding. Instead we are blaming the poor, the disabled when we have people serving the public, or so they say, but are sucking in money for themselves while 5 miles away there are homeless and hungry people.

    Understand, I do realize there are people that make the choice to live poorly or take advantage of programs that are trying to help, but for every one of them, there are 5 more truly needing help. In the United states we have 2 or more million of children without health care insurance, we have parents choosing between heat and feeding their kids. All the while, we sit back and watch politicians walking around in 5000 dollar suit, being driven to work (there’s some gas hogs), everything is paid for, and it is still not enough for them. How dare they blame the poor when they are eating 1500 dollar dinners, and again the street or around the corner people are praying the soup kitchen is still open. Oh yeah, some of them volunteer, but what is lifting a ladle to giving food, passing laws that matter, helping those that need it instead of billion dollar corporations and let’s not forget themselves.

    I say turn them off, write our own papers, and watch them run for cover!

  6. Maybe you're right. Maybe the interwebs will save humanity.

    I think it scares the gov't more than anything. For the most part, they are powerless to control it.

    Although now Barak Obama is using YouTube to reach the people is a great idea. But will this lead to politicians sticking their noses everywhere on the web? I hope not.

  7. I personally take everything with a grain of salt unless I witness it myself. I hate to be so pessimistic, but it seems that information is chewed and digested before being offered to the public more than ever.

    How do you know that your so called "ordinary" people are just that? They could be planted and working for the "enemy"...

    Perhaps ignorance IS bliss!

  8. Ignorance is never biss.

    Well, ok, most of the time it's not.

    Sheeple go through life without examining their lives, worrying about that new wrinkle or laugh line and generally don't step outside thier comfort zones. They eat up the endless mind candy fed to them by the networks and believe themselves informed.

    Sad, that.

  9. I don't know how much of this is Donn Dung (the stuff you're purporting to be fact).

    All I know is it is enlightened (gasp), true, bold and right on for what's happening to us all.

    And what THEY want to happen to us all -- to be so confused we have no idea that they have no idea what they're doing.

    Brilliant, man.

  10. grumbulant10:11 p.m.

    sounds pretty ominous, HE. I don't expect a rosy scenario when folks
    actually start getting what they've
    asked for - honesty, justice (not to be confused with legal mumbology), a true acknowledgement
    of the state of things, closure.
    maybe the reason for shifting definitions is to avoid the immutable, if not the inevitable.
    I know this is an engaging thread-
    for a brief instant, i was able to
    simultaneously chew gum and operate the remote control- a huge
    increase in productivity for me!

  11. it's become difficult for kids who didn't grow up with a less sophisticated media to sort it all out, though, since now it's all packaged like entertainment. I know that i learned MUCH more about, say, the aftermath of hurricane katrina from private blogs and other sites than i did from the national news. that's why i keep saying let the mainstream denigrate us all they want. go ahead. because once they start taking us seriously, the thought police start marching in. keep our subculture free!

  12. Knowledge is power...but information isnt always knowledge. :)


  13. If big brother is REALLY interested in what I AM saying, he obviously has nothing better to do!

  14. bravo homie! bravo!

  15. insider,
    Wow. Quite a passionate rendition of the state of the union. It is hard for the various 'estates' to relinquish their oligopolistic time honored system. Bloody peasants are getting too uppity.

    You are right.
    What if we start our own revolution and don't invite any of them. NEENER!

    I know what you's like sorry guys there's nothin' goin' on here on the Interweb. Just kidding and then start whistling and waiting for the mainstream OUTSIDERS to go. Leave us alone!

    Government 'plants' on the Interweb? For sure there are and what would we do to them when we catch them? Give them a decent shunning?

    Hi Pam!
    Unfortunately all of these people that we know out here are informed and are vigilant about discerning the News and Entertainment. Here we are preaching to the Choir.

    How do 'we', I mean our gang not the 'floggers' who are paid by the MSM to simulate indepndent Bloggers, where was I, Oh Yeah,

    how do we get to the next level and train the great unwashed to take a few minutes out of their day to examine what they are being spoonfed.

    within reason,
    We are being BS'd, Bamboozled, and Discombobulated, at historic levels. As long as the average person is kept back on their heels they won't have time to pick through the garbage.

    first nations,
    I never realised how BIG a deal it was for the Post to be digging away at Watergate when nobody else would touch it...except for the Chicago Tribune...anyway look at how complacent the MSM is about Iraq. It took 3.5 years for them to really start questioning the entire operation and the pretzel logic pushing it along.

    Iraq is one lie after another and they are still lying about it!

    Information is what we have in buckets out here on the Interweb and most of it is seriously tainted.
    Information needs to be processed into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom...when did that equation escape us?

    Don't sell yourself short. Big Brother wants to know who the sh*tdisturbers are so you are right on top of the pile mate!
    They would like us to be compliant 'good machines' that don't ASK anything.

    You are really out on a tear these days I see you all over the place.
    I wish that I knew how to turn on the 'light bulbs' on all of those people in the rw because somebody is going to come up with a great idea...and it will be ridiculously simple won't it?


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