Saturday, March 03, 2007

It has occurred to me that I have been very, very, lucky to have wedged myself into such an eclectic group. I want to thank all of you for cautiously..I mean graciously, adding me to your blogrolls.
Now if you don't see your blog on the (blogshares list of links) list below then I apologise for the glaring omission. You can heap burning coals of embarrassment upon my head by sneaking me on your blogroll before I return. Or you can be adult about it and tell me that I am an idiot and that I forgot to add your Blog.
Now I am a bit of an egalitarian and I would like to see everybody get an increase in activity. I could put you in like-minded groups but most of you already recognise blogmates from the comment section.
I enjoy having a variety of opinions and different angles on my posts.
If everybody agreed with me I would just turn into a blogwhore and start believing my own spin *shudders*.
The biggest stumbling block for me is that I tend to respond to people who leave comments first (which makes sense) but I only have so many hours in the day and I just can't get through this list without having a better plan.
Therefore by doing one set of ten everyday I can manage to get to everybody atleast twice a week..which is about as good as it gets if you have a life in the rw.

I also don't want to alienate anyone (I hope that I haven't) or make my site look a bit too cliquish and inclusive.
I love going out and meeting new people that I find on your Blogrolls.
It's always more fun to get some feedback and I encourage you to make an effort to go visit a few Blogs on my sidebar that you've never been to before.

I am going to start listening to more of you and stop churning out so much 'apcray'. Obviously I could talk about nothing for days and days..
but like Grandma used to say..
"Just because you can
doesn't mean you should!"
I've had a year to yammer on and on and on about my interests, viewpoints and pet peeves...time is flying by and I don't want to miss anything important.

So now under the heading 'been there/done that/bought the T-Shirt' I intend on getting more out of blogging by scaling back and spending more time reading OPBs less time posting.
Here are my groups of ten'ish' twice a week..I hope this works.
1. Miss Cellania 2. Kevin Charnas 3. Colouring Outside the Lines 4. Mental Excrement 5. Chronicles of Blunderview 6. Screamers 7. Freedom's Place 8. TidalGrrrl Rants 9. Madness, Musings and Melancholy 10. Frontier Editor
11. I Wonder 12. Pregnant Pauses 13. My Pursuit Of Happiness 14. The Other Side Of The Mountain 15. Betty's Utility Room 16. Dipping My Toes Back In The Water 17. Random Rants From A Random Mind 18. Rooted 19. Geoff's Ordinary Blog 20. And Don't Call Me Sweetie
21. Conscious Living 22. Funny Old World 23. My Own Little Reading Room 24. Awaiting X~tasy 25. Angel's Mind 26. Don't Make Me Get My Flying Monkeys 28. Brambleberry Blog 27. Bold Contemplations 29. Spontaneous Arising 30. Slit Trench
31. Miz Bohemia's Rhapsody 32. Rinncess 33. Laura Elizabeth 34. Thought Of The Day 35. 42 Year Old Loser, Or Am I? 36. My Test Blog 37. The Great Blog Review 38. =Coffee House Studio= 39. Viva Forever 40. Infomaniac
41. A New Start 42. Funny Old World 43. Trouble On Westbourne 44.Ces And Her Dishes 45. I Don't Do Mornings 46. Suicide Blonde 47. Idle Thoughts From An Idle Woman 48.Human & Universe 49.Emerald Eyes 50. Flanders Inside
51.Blonde Moments 52. Dazed And Confuzzled 53. Idea Senator 54. 365 55. Cheap Tarts And Cigarettes 56. Options;Associates For A Better World 57.Kill Them With KIndness 58. Load Of Old Cobblers 59. Ramblings Of A Confused Mind 60. Fluffy Pink Blog
61.Mistipurple 62. Original Faith 63.Something New 64. Menke's Kinky Hair 65. Goatfood 66.Kaliyuga Kronicles 67. White Forest 68. Testing Testing 69. Penny Lane 70. Timeouts 71.Breakerslion 72. Imogen Reid 73. Paul Because Paul 74. Snippets From Smartass 75.A Whitesnake's Bite

Please let me know if I've missed you.
and at 75ish that works out to 15 per day.


  1. I don't see your dear friend WW's blog listed in your groups of ten. What's up with dat??

  2. DooD! Joo gotz HackZ0red~!!!

  3. Shelley/Anna:

    Actually, HE is over here sitting on my bed ("DON'T SAY SITTING ON MY BED!!," HE says. "THEY ALREADY THINK WE'RE GAY!!")***

    We're checking out blogs and somehow I could hack into his blog. But it was a one-time shot.

    Sorry, gang.


  4. Holy Hacker Batman!

    I just want to reiterate that WW just isn't my type..that's all.
    I prefer a little meat on my bones.

    Anyone know how to get rid of that pencil? Yes the one on the bottom corner!!!

  5. Well...No. It kind of goes with the "Gay Lover" territory to share blogging. Sorry Homey. Looks like you're stuck with Without Wenches as a blogpartner. *snicker*

  6. Nah, he's not sitting on your bed.

    He's lying on the bed on his front with his feet up in the air waving them to and fro in an excitable "gee whiz this is fun. let's have a sleepover" motion.

    I bet he's wearing pyjamas with feet.

  7. hahaaha! Pajamas with feet, omg! hahaha!

    I need less tequila about now.

  8. shelley,
    Without Wenches! HAHAHA!
    My jammies do not have feet! or a trap door!

  9. Who wants a bedtime story?

  10. mj,
    I gotta get back to the party..just came over to get WW so that he can start cleaning up tomorrow morning.
    He screamed like a little girl and took off after I started up the foam machine. I think that he is still traumatized from last year when we found Slash and Colin Farell past out under the foam!

    Oh and Courtney Love was hanging on a chandelier...she's a lot heavier than you'd think and WW had a bit of trouble gettting her down from there.

    I don't know..I just don't think that his heart is in it anymore.

  11. Do you think the foam machine has lost its magic for WW?

  12. i forgot to ask for Thor's phone number.

  13. Anonymous5:25 a.m.

    Lucky for you I've only been posting once a week instead of daily. Just when did I become a crank?

    Deb L.

  14. omg! does this mean i will have a regular reader? wow! thanks H.E.!

  15. well, i had to trudge through a mountain of witty comments to arrive at the original point of your post: the 10's.... i have to say that mj's comment about your pajama feet makes me want to add her to my links just based on that.

    ok, he, it will be nice to hear from you here and there. whatever works for you. i'm quite random about it all and maybe you'll be a good example for me....


  16. I'm not offended to be left off the list. I've been remiss in my commentary. I see a lot of my favorites, and I'll have to check out some of the others. I've also been a lazy shit about linking. I'll stop procrastinating tomorrow.

  17. I can't believe that you are so organsised that you got your list all worked out -hehe. Who knew a man could be so organised?? :).

    -The thought of you and WW together is more than this little mind can handle!!!!!

  18. OMG some very cute pics HE!

    awww u mentioned Viva there...HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


  19. KJ: I'm flattered but you seem very nice and my blog is dirty. The whole idea of you linking to me makes me feel unclean. I can't be held responsible for your moral downfall. :)

  20. An interesting idea HE.

    I don't know. I'll be honest. All this seems like it's too much work.

    I mean, you have a schedule now. That isn't what blogging is about.

    I think it's great that you are so inclusive, but is that what you really want to do? I guess you are a victim of your own popularity.

    I know this will sound crazy, and it will never fly. I know I've suggested it before. But I think you should cut your blogroll in half, maybe even 1/4. It will make life a lot easier on you.

  21. laurie,
    I don't think that he can take it,
    'cause it took so long to make it,
    and he'll never have that recipe

    I'll email it to you

    I should take a page out of your book...sounds a lot more manageable.

    I though that I had visited you fairly regularily? We see each other at freedom too...oh the guilt.

    I fear that I am setting myself up for failure and turning a hobby into a job! We'll see.

    D'oh! Sorry...see what I mean..I just can't seem to zip around and get to read everything.

    or-gan-ised...hmmm. My OCD is getting the better of me again..I need to have things laid out and arranged in colour coordinated piles for my wittle bwain to comprehend them...drives me crazy..especially since I will redo the list about ten times.

    You don't have a blogroll and you still manage to comment on your 100 visitors and surf around and comment on their blogs????
    I should just hire you to be my ghost-commentor!..hmmm.
    See how fast this little guy is growing up..scary.

    It was very kind of you to warn kj about your occasional naughty displays.
    Oh, I see the mj/kj 'j' connection thingamabob.

    I think that you may be absofrickinlutely right my friend.
    It certainly becomes more of a job and less recreational. It's not that I am so popular pffft!
    What will probably happen is that I will get frustrated and pack it in...I should just let the marketplace sort itself out...laissez faire.
    There are obviously cycles involved here some people hook up, go hog wild for a while then get bored and look for a new fix and some people are casual and cordial.
    Some people get ticked off if you don't visit and others just let it slide.
    I need to seriously look at how this is going to work..I have seen a lot of bloggers quit during my brief newbie year..I don't want to quit but if it isn't fun...there is always the rw.

  22. WW would never do this to us.

  23. mj,
    Oh for cryin' out loud!

  24. About time too. You are getting so much better in being organised.

    I had this nasty feeling my poetry goes much above your head. Not that I blame you...err..your brains..:D

    *do I hide?*

  25. gautami,
    That sounds like a challenge?
    A poetry duel!
    As Ramses said,
    "So let it be written,
    So let it be done!"

  26. Hey Don, I hate to have to remind you of this, but MM&M has been inactive for quite some time now, having been surplanted by TTEM. You might want to make the appropriate adjustments.

  27. THE Michael,
    I know it and You know it but Blogshares doesn't know it!

  28. **keshoala,

    LOL love it mate!

    na u cant hire me cos rite now Im dead-drunk. u'll know what I mean if u read my current post.


  29. keshiburra,
    Youu taaake (hic) thaaat backkk!
    That's just crazytalk!

    *upon returning,
    Well, well, well.
    Now you know better.

  30. With all that blog visiting, do you ever find time to, say, shower? :) Don't answer that.

  31. andrea,
    I luxuriate with a bi-monthly sponge bath at my computer station and have all of my meals catered.

  32. Hey, I am honored mate, and will await your comments with delight :)

  33. Gosh, those pics melt my heart. What a little cutie!

    Enjoy your family and the RW, stop in every once in awhile. No pressure, dude!

  34. I love the babay photos. Very lovely!


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