Monday, March 05, 2007

(sent to me from mygoodladywife this morning)

Minutes after a woman gave birth to her baby her doctor stood solemnly at her bedside and said "I have something I must tell you about your baby."

"What's wrong?" the alarmed mother asked.

"Your baby is a hermaphrodite."

"What's that?"

"It means your baby has both male and female parts."

"Oh, my goodness, that's wonderful!" the woman exclaimed.

"You mean it has a penis and a brain?

That doesn't happen often, does it?"


  1. ah - the world of science fiction :)

  2. Yep, that was some Male Bashin fer sure, but I have a problem with that term in the same way as I have a problem with the term "reverse discrimination." Just doesn't exist but non-protected classes claim it all the same when they just can't take it like they give it.

    I'm fairly egalitarian when it comes to gender issues, and I don't find the humor in male v. female jokes, except when it's good-natured and not mean-spirited.

    My bf is way smarter than I ever could hope to be, but he can't pick out matching pants and shirts.

    I think people in general are smart in different ways regardless of what physical genitalia they have.

    Is that too heavy on a Monday morning? Sorry Homey. As the song goes...I don't like Mondays - I wanna shoot, shoot, shoot the whole day down.

  3. I might not be politically correct but I want to hug your wife for this!

    Do you mind stepping aside?

  4. paul,
    Nothing like starting the week off with a good ol guffaw!

    HA..maybe someday when they have finally mastered manipulating the Human Genome or Garden Gnome this will no longer sound like crazytalk!

    I am 'hearing' what you are 'saying' and I would like to believe that the sexes are somewhat evenly matched...
    but in reality they are two separate species with different agendas..
    I am surprised that we can actually reproduce..
    anyway there are more of you than there are of us so these jokes will keep on comin'.

    I am sure that she will be delighted to hear that..go ahead.

  5. Just had some fun enjoying your gift with the camera down a few posts. I think I may have to rearrange my lists, and begin to visit here TEN TIMES daily, just for balance.

    A penis and a brain, eh? I don't believe it.

  6. joyce,
    Uh Huh!
    It is about as rare as a man getting a penis reduction procedure to go along with his brand new charisma implant!

  7. Did you know it hurts to spray hot tea out of your nose...? Too funny!
    I'll have to send this to my daughter who lives in a house of males, it will brighten her day:)

  8. Ah - but when you find that a rare combination it's wonderful!!! Well, I guess it's wonderful, I haven't encountered that myself.Oh, I CAN say that the butcher I have a crush on can read and write - I know that for sure ;). Not only that - he can chop up dead animals as well :).

  9. Haha ! More "sociology" is welcome.

  10. okay, sending this to the hubby. the one i ALWAYS beat when playing scrabble.

  11. So what then? Just 'cause lovely Ally says it's so, all of a sudden you start believin' it?

    Just tell her about our nude snow angels in -40C temps while totally pissed out of our minds experience.

    She'll change her mind.

  12. Is this posting tied in with WW's posting?

    I can't keep up!

  13. Is that the best they can come up with geez.......Oh and a penis is a male part Derrrrrrrrr!

  14. grumblite9:08 p.m.

    May as well get the li'l guy used to a life of undifferentiated pain early. How 'bout a tattoo that reads:

    I read the instructions, too.


    ok so was the baby named Richard Cranium?


  16. That's not true men have a penis and a brain, just not enough blood to operate both at the same time:)

  17. That's not true men have a penis and a brain, just not enough blood to operate both at the same time:)

  18. ....god, following that...
    no, i don't know the guy.
    I'm sure he is a very intelligent man.

    ...once the blood returns to the 'big' head end.

  19. stace,
    Ahh I have to let it slide but I know how much the Ladies like to 'poke' fun at us.

    Hi idahl,
    What better way to clear the sinuses! Oh how we love to tease one sex is designed for communicating and the other is designed for fornicating..quite a combo.

    The butcher boy, the butcher boy...
    He does seem to have it, write and packing a lot of meat..WooHoo!

    Isn't it funny how some things are universally accepted..they cut across Cultures and invoke a sense of 'sisterhood'. I put this out there to build a bond with my female blogmates and fool you into thinking that I am somehow different. HA!

    Now, now, don't get carried away we men play scrabble with you because maybe you will reward us for spending 'quality time' with you...don't hurt his feelings, it is not easy for us to sit through a match of scrabble because we are wondering if it is going to pay off..that's why we are so lousy at it.

    without logic,
    You just certified the entire premise of that joke..DUH!

    Everything is tied to WWs 'post'...just ask him.

    Are you referring to the anatomical similarity of the penis to the clitoris?

    Yes I agree to your labelling...but he still won't ask for directions if he gets lost!

    I believe that Dick for Brains would be the short form of Richard Cranium.

    There are some universal laws in action when the demand for oxygen rich blood is required at opposite ends of the spectrum. If halfway measures are taken the women are always disapointed..the men..not so much.

    first nations,
    It's all in good fun fn. I am well aware that your knowledge of human reproductive anatomy and physiology is unequalled out here and I have learned more about 'vazjeen' from your awesome posts than I ever could have imagined.
    (You know that I am lulling them into a false sense of security..I will spring my trap on them once I am convinced that they consider this is a 'safe place' muah ah ah ah!)

    Hi. C'mon if Marisa Tomei can win an OSCAR then anything is possible!

  20. okay, that was funny. and if it was true, then that woman got a hold of some good drugs to be that sharp after labor.

  21. That is such a pisser, we are laughing our asses off here. hehehe

  22. pink drama,
    Aloha! I think that they save the very BEST drugs for the maternity ward. When my Grandmother had my Mom all that they did was keep her feet from touching the floor for 5 days!!! Somehow I don't think that would fly these days.

    By 'we' I am assuming that you are in a group of people and that these 'others' are visible entities or are you referring to voices in your head who are slowly beginning to dominate their hostess?
    Not that there is anything wrong with that!

  23. Dick Head that is.


    ooh lala cute. Wut abt KeshiBra?


  24. i was offended until i got to the punch line....(hahaha)

  25. I wanna be herbi...herma...
    Oh, bugger!
    My girl is reading the dictionary!

  26. Wait, I want to know more about the naked snow angels. Haha Naughty!

  27. keshibra,
    I am not allowed to even think about Keshibras.

    Offended? In the blogosphere? How can you be offended by someone's drivel?
    All is well that ends well.

    Me too.
    I love reptiles.

    My Word! As gay as that sounds (nttiawwt) it was more about the alcohol induced reasoning (or lack thereof) which always makes me wonder how I ever managed to live as long as I much for the theory of natural selection!

    If you want pictures it must be an equal trade (heh heh)


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