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Homo Escapeons have always felt the need to communicate to others. The oldest instrument used for this purpose (aside from yelling) was the drum.

The first hollowed out log that somebody banged on probably caught the attention of the next clan and here we are tens of thousands of years later still banging away.

We communicate to inform, build relationships, persuade and make requests (bloody memes). These are the same reasons why we blog. Developing strong Blogging skills requires establishing a goal and organization, knowing your audience and matching the message.

What makes blogging so interesting is that you have a way to get your audience to explore and respond to wht they think you said in the comment section.

Apparently Homo Escapeons produced enough digital information in 2006, an estimated 161 BILLION Gigabytes, that to visualize this the AP report stated that you need to arrange 12 stacks of books from here to the Moon!
The Moon is 93 Million miles away so that image is completely useless !

The number of Internet users is now estimated at 1.1 Billion (another useless statistic beyond our comprehension) and they sent about 10 Trillion (Pickle Dillion) e-mails last year, translation a lot!

I wonder when the first misinformation, junkmail or spam was sent by smoke signal or drum by some arsehole teenager who was just bored, stoned or just an arsehole teenager.
When the other tribe responded and ran over to rescue them and all they found was a couple of teenagers laughing their butts off..
”HA HA Dude You’ve been punked!”
Of course back then there wasn’t a la-di-da Young Offenders Act to protect them and I am sure that retribution was swift and gratifyingly painful.

Which brings me to today’s communication
Here in Whateverpeg a crack cocaine addict on welfare is the Mother of 3 sons 18, 16 & 14,
who have 181 convictions and 77 new charges
(mainly car thefts) who have endangered lives during high speed pursuits and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.
When informed that she may be asked to pay for damages under The Parental Responsibility Act she replied with the understatement of the year,
“What for ? I didn’t do anything.”

Did you get my message?


  1. All matter and achievement can be broken into three distinct catergories.

    1. things we can eat
    2. things to have sex with
    3. rocks

    Good examples the telephone, noble idea for long distance communication, straight to phone sex.

    Video/ DVD pornography. Complete with funky 70s bass in the back ground..

    And the internet which became the largest free pornographic library in existance. It had so much potential too but this seems to be its primary function..

    Blogging however has opened up an amazing world to me, so many talented and amazing people the world over... It truly enriches my life.

  2. not to take away from your analysis, but the moon's maximum distance from the earth is around 405 thousand kilometres. that's still a poopload of books.

    as for the gist of your post, i see parents everywhere who take little responsibility for their children's actions, and who fail to anticipate the negative implications of those actions. if your child sits five feet away from the table while eating chocolate pudding, who's responsible for the stain on the floor? it's a tiny, tiny thing, but how much effort does it take to say, 'could you please sit up to the table?'

    and yes, that's about as far away from car theft as the earth is away from the sun (93M miles), but it is about teaching children how the world works (gravity) and their place in it.

    which puts me in mind of former enron chief ken lay, who bilked his own employees out of billions of dollars and their entire pension savings. what life lessons did his mother impart to him? take everything as your own?

    and what of barbara bush? she has failed on a far greater scale with her son than this poor, hapless cocaine addict has with hers. mrs. bush had the benefit of everything: a social circle, money, harvard for her son, business contacts through her husband to get her son into business. or maybe she didn't fail at all. maybe she taught her son that if you have everything, you are entitled to everything, whether or not it belongs to you.

    if 'our' leaders don't take responsibility for their actions, why should a drug addict take responsibility for her inaction?

    i can hear him now at his trial:

    "what for? i didn't rape those prisoners at abu ghraib!"

  3. Is there a lack of institutions for juvenile criminals in Canada too ? Here it is quite a problem.

  4. Bang the rocks together, man. Just keep banging! :)

  5. I still wish there was a way to make having children more difficult than (I may even settle for as difficult as) obtaining a driver's license. Shouldn't people meet some sort of qualification? And if there truly is a good god, then wouldn't he/she see to it that assholes didn't breed assholes? Wouldn't our heavenly father WANT us to be better with each generation?

    I seem to be all over the map with this comment - so sorry about that.

  6. HA adidan you crack me up!
    It is sooo true. We can produce the most spectacular technology and we still use it to either kill or simulate sex. No matter what we do we just cannot outgrow the beast in our DNA...if that isn't enough proof of our origins what is?

    the current culture of CEO greed is an excellent benchmark of how little progress has been made since the Monopolist Golden Era at the turn of the Century. The average CEO now makes 400 times the salary of the workers who actually produce the goods and services.
    Why shareholders don't revolt is beyond any rational explanation.
    This woman will be seen as a victim to many and as a scourge by others. She is the result of a perfect storm of political correctness and social injustice.
    When the totalitarian script is finally prescribed out of desperation these victims/misfits on the bottom rungwill be swept out of view to parts unknown and any trace of their existence shall be expunged with extreme prejudice.

    Aside from countries that exact shariac legal measures most countries share this problem. Cutting off the hands of these young men would no doubt instill fear in others and prevent them from stealing more vehicles...but c'mon.
    We are forever forced to deal with these problems because we ignore the ounce of prevention methodology...although many would be upset with (mass sterilization) forced birth control.
    As our population 'greys' there will be a stronger demand for safer streets and less tolerance and sympathy for these troubled/bored/uneducated/unmonitored kids. We will build twice as many juvenile detention centres and warehouse them.

    I don't wanna work,
    I just wanna bang on de rocks all day!
    Perhaps those futurists were right..the information workers will withdraw into a cyberworld in gigantic complexes and only travel to secure selected destinations. We won't come into contact with the great unwashed masses who will be killing each other in the streets and destroying their infrastructure as they rampage and dig their own graves...
    the rest of us will be blogging behind covered windows.

    When the gunfire out on the streets finally stops we will go outside and start cleaning up the mess...and this time there will be a lot more rules.

    Holy Eugenics Batman.
    Of course who among us will decide who gets to reproduce...and great people come from deplorable conditions...the laws of nature are in effect here and the race to spread DNA is easily accomodated in the so-called 'underclass' because limited resources and opportunities dovetails perfectly with lots of spare time to spread the genetic material.

    I would make getting a Dog as difficult as getting a Driver's License.
    The problem of rampant uncontrolled birth rates in our cities and in other countries will eventually be decided for us by some virus..unfortunately it will affect all of us. The measure of a society being as great as it's care for the least valuable members is certainly a poor indictment of our world.

  7. I'm a strong supported of the prevention methodology but you are also right in saying that something like mass sterilization would be troubling for a lot of people.

    I don't think there is a perfect solution. China seems to have a handle on their population control but we don't know the long term ramifications of that. Singapore has an aging population and I read somewhere (Time, I think) that there will come a time when there will be a gap in their population (really old people and very very young). Already, their young professionals are choosing not to have kids. So it looks like it is not the perfect solution either.

  8. Digital information - DELETE, DELETE, DELETE...

  9. HE we need ppl who dun do anything too...just so that we have more jobs thru more jails.


  10. Frankly, what did I do, man?

  11. So what happens to those that feel that the parental figure of a foster parent who is their to guide and work with the system to reshape the misadventures of the past of these youth or children for that matter? We have had this conversation before HE and you know that it has been tried and frankly if they want the system to completely fall apart (worse than it is)blame those willing to try and help for the bad things going on.
    Their can be so many reasons for the bad things taking place and i am not trying to take away from the fact that they are happening but it is pretty hard to blame me for a mother who was drinking and doing drugs while pregnant and who has a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome and the child grows up starting at a disadvantage from birth.
    I do however feel that in this particular case that you have presented some form of responsibility needs to be laid down but not only to the mother but(the fathers) and the kids. They choose to do what they do and need accountability as well. Our system is far from perfect and i hope that input from all will improve this system.

  12. Arrrrrrgh!

    At what point does the government step in and remove the children from a bad home? Obviously too late in this case.

    My family fostered a couple of kids when I was in high school, and one of them had almost died (previous to coming to our house just in case that wasn't clear, ha) because her mother had left her at 3 months old in a hotel with 4 other kids, all under the age of 7, so that she could hit Vegas with the other mom. Well, one of those kids died, and my foster sister was in the hospital for months before we could actually take her home.

    They STILL wanted to give her birth mother the opportunity to get her back!! We applied to adopt her and the mother was too crack-high to come to the hearing and lost all parental rights. And that, as they say, was that.

    I would still beat that bitch to death with my own hands if I ever saw her again. She's probably dead, but one never knows.


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