Thursday, March 08, 2007

purple dolphins

This morning I wrote a 24 paragraph swearfest on a scumbag little f*cker who I absolutely f*cking HATE. read

My tirade ended with sentencing this f*cking waste of amino acids to be delivered to his victim’s father who would have a shovel, some garbage bags, ‘carte f*cking blanche’ immunity, and no time f*cking limit to do whatever he needed to do!!!

Unfortunately my blood pressure kept rising to Giraffe like levels (280/180) so I had to stop.

One of the themes running through my rant was the disturbing , inexplicable, absence of divine protection for a sunny, beautiful, good little 9 year old girl who went to church every Sunday and yet suffered the cruelest most humiliating terrifying horrible experience possible that ended with her being buried alive in a garbage bag while clutching her plush purple dolphin ((sigh))..

it is every parents worst nightmare..and then to see this little f*cker on the News last night.. colouring in court..pretending to be mentally incapacitated..makes my teeth clench just thinking about him and his f*cking defense lawyer ...


then I thought back to the halcyon days of my youth and how simple my idea of god really was.

When I was a kid I often thought that if god was really smart he would just KILL all of the bad people and then send them to HELL for an eternity of torture…along with all of the snakes.

He would also bring back all of the Dinosaurs and make them friendly and tame enough for me to ride them.

The same goes for Tigers, Bears, Komodo Dragons, and Sharks…Oh yeah I would be able to breathe underwater…and I would be able to fly, run or swim super fast!

Everyday would be Saturday and my Birthday which just so happened to also be Christmas.

School and Church would be cancelled forever, Toys would be free, and there wouldn’t be any commercials on TV just 24 fun filled hours of Cartoons, Get Smart, and the Beverly Hillbillies.

You could read National Geographics or Comics.

Food would consist of grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, cookies, brownies, bazooka-joe bubblegum, and chocolate bars.
You could drink chocolate milkshakes or coke.
Life was pretty simple when I was 9 years old..
Jessica Lunsford was
only 9 years old.


  1. I can't begin to imaging what poor Jessica's parents are going through. There are so many cases of this in the world, and as a parent of four young kids, it makes me sick to the stomach. It's impossible to give these guys what they deserve. I don't think there's anything cruel enough. I with you on the politically Conservative side when it comes to crime and punishment.

  2. The death penalty is too good for that scumbag. I hope he has to suffer the rest of his too-short life in prison with the other inmates who will know just what he did and how to punish him, daily, with broomsticks and vaseline. Hell, skip the vaseline.

    That poor girl and her family. =(

  3. I will never jump on the death sentence band wagon..

    Such a horrible crime, and a horrible creature that commited it... How do you do that to annother person??

    at a loss what to say

    its just horrible

  4. It's sickening, the things some people can do. Part of me wants to see the culprit pulled limb from limb very slowly. But you know my views on capital punishment.

  5. brian,
    Perhaps if prison was a harsh environment, but a cowardly little f*ck like this will be molly coddled and protected from his own kind. Now begins the nauseum of appeals and psych tests and maybe in a decade or so he will die waiting on death row after being cared for and well fed by the tax dollars of the parents whose children he would have brutalised at every opportunity.

    It is too good for 'it'. What possible benefit to society is there in maintaining the current catch and release system that these recidivist monsters manipulate..they cannot be cured.

    Maybe if 'it' was forced to listen to victim impact statements and view images of his victim every day for the rest of his life..butthat won't happen..he'll play cards, watch TV, read books, the only think missing from his retirement will be fresh victims..he will have to satisfy himself with his trophies.

    aidan and stace,
    I know that you are strongly opposed to vengeance and I understand your stance..two wrongs do not make a right. If and when you have children of your own someday perhaps your view will change..maybe not.
    What this tragedy proves is that the frustration level with our present justice system is reaching a breaking point. This little f*ck should have been in custody..all of these turnstile perps should be locked up and stay locked up.
    If we have to build ten times as many prisons we should do it before the full effects of what you would refer to as frontier justice prevails.
    This week pedophiles were discovered hiding in the washrooms of Elementary schools here in Whateverpeg and now all of the doors are locked on our schools instead of these assholes being locked up.

  6. death is too good for beings like that. he's not human.

  7. I think I could still have a pretty good time in a world designed to your nine year old specs!

    Didn't actually read your link just because I know the kind of thing and didn't feel up to it and it would be redundant, having digested a lot of it over the years and felt exactly the way you do.

    These kinds of cases are also the ones that led me to think through my view of capital punishment.

  8. This is what makes me wish I could just put my kids behind a force field that would protect them forever. There are only so many things you can do as a parent to protect your child. That Jessica was snatched from her home is doubly horrifying because it makes me think that there is no safe place anymore.

  9. It's been one of those days. Today I learned that two women (including 12 year old girls) are murdered, often after brutal tortures and rapes, every day in Guatemala and the authorities don't give a f*** about it. It puts the furor over the penal system turning the so-called Balcony Rapist loose on Vancouver into some kind of perspective.


  10. That is a heartbreaking story. I honestly don't think prison is enough punishment and the death sentence is too merciful. There ought to be a special place for people like that to go.

  11. sometimes i wish precrime was real. Fcking bastards...these slimy horny baskets are everywhere. I want to pick up weapons and start a war now againsts this buggers. May he rest painfully in hell...

  12. She looks a lot like my Emma. I've always been a bit over protective, I've had parents tell me to loosen up, "Let her go to the park by herself" etc... I don't fucking think so! I agree with Menchie, what is safe anymore?

    Why do these sicko's have more rights than our children?

    Poor thing.

  13. Ya just have ta wonder what the fucking hell the world is coming to..........

    How come you spell fuck with a *?

  14. chaucer's bitch,
    The worst part of the aftermath is how defense lawyers (how do you live with yourselves) will summon the absurdities of the Law that surpass even the simplest form of common sense to protect this piece of sh*t from owning up to his actions.

    You are perhaps the most even keeled individual that I have ever met out hereso I would love to read your thoughts on the matter.
    You're right about being would be awesome.

    Why this little girl didn't scream for her Daddy..he probably would have been in her room in about 5 steps and snapped the neck of this monster before he knew what happened. We must teach our kids to fight, punch, scream, kick do whatever they can because it's the only chance they have.
    I want a force field too.

    I saw the protesters on the CBC news..shades of Karla Homolka..I will never understand how the Parole System works..who the f*ck are these people who decide that criminals with a 99% rate of recidivism should be released..EVER!
    We probably don't know a fraction of the horrors that go on around the world. Sometimes the Earth looks like a very ugly place.

    Between a rock and a hard place..somewhere where every second is a reminder of what they have done..which isn't easy since sociopaths have no can't grow a conscience...and killing them outright is too merciful.

    Yes if only Tom Cruise could see the ball rolling down with some little girls name on it..precrime in the real world would be addressing the economic system and profiling at risk youth at the very first sign of trouble...won't happen because our governments are only interested in one thing..Self Preservation.

    We are called helicopter parents for hovering over our kids but too f*cking bad..we had pedophiles hiding in Elementary school washrooms this week! I would NEVER let my kids go to the park alone..these are prime hunting grounds. I watch the playground like a FBI profiler and I think back to the days when I was that age and we could just do whatever until it got di da....and it happened back then but it wasn't reported or talked about...
    sad, sad, sad.

    The pendulum of 'rights' has swung so far over the line that it has to start coming back to centre (common sense) because the alternatives..anarchy or totalitarian terror are even scarier. The commoners have to get involved and put pressure on the legislators because the Legal System is an insider's club designed for and by Lawyers to generate fees and maintain their monopoly...and it affects every aspect of our lives!
    Bloody annoying!
    I spell f*ck like this because I am a prude... I also pronounce it "f*ck".

  15. I'd be up for pressing the button or pulling the trigger - but I'd want him to get some really good fear and suffering in first.

  16. ziggi,
    "Our chief weapon is fear..and surprise
    our chief elements are fear and surprise"
    Much to the chagrin of many the executions of these monsters creates a carnival type atomosphere outside of the any Horror Story the villagers cheer when the Monster is finally defeated.
    They would be astounded at the number of volunteers that they could get to flip the switch.

  17. I read about it this morning in ...
    I understand your anger.
    This is one of those times when one wonders why oh why things like this should ever happen.

  18. self preservation...damn them/../

    There was once i read about dna profiling of potential criminials. Hope that comes true someday...or well just have to stand up real soon and get rid of maniacs from our streets.

  19. cream,
    These assholes wouldn't harm others as often if I was sheriff..
    and they would never get to do it twice!
    ..if you know what I mean.

    The thing about many sociopaths is that they excel at deception and manipulating others...
    because it is the reason for their existence and they live in a fantasy world...
    so until they start genetically modifying humans we will always have them with us...

  20. Anonymous5:40 p.m.

    I personally believe that if there is irrefutable proof that a perpetrator committed the crime of murder then they should be punished in the same way.

    Let the parents have some time with them first though. It won't bring their child back nor will it alleviate any of the horror and torment from their minds but for a brief moment it might make them feel like they "defended" their child.

    Its impossible to try and imagine what torturous thoughts must go through the minds of the victims parents but one things for sure. They will never get their life back as they knew it and will be damaged for life by the experience.

    Very, very sad.....

  21. i don't have any moral objections to letting this monster suffer the same fate he inflicted on that little girl. i'd save him from the brink of death and have him tortured over and over again in the exact same way.

  22. I'm sick...I'm sick and deeply, deeply sad.

  23. I'm definitely a helicopter parent. And I'm not sorry I am. No going to parks alone and I don't leave them with the nanny in malls, not even just to go get the car in the parking lot. There have been a lot of incidents in my country where children left with nannies are snatched while the parent is shopping or getting the car.

  24. madame butterfly,
    The lives of the parents are ruined and I don't know if they would ever have one single day of peace. It won't bring their child back but it would offer some closure, like you said, an echo of what they could have done, because any parent would trade their life in a heartbeat. It bothers me that these cowards will never experience the terror that they inflicted...who knows if their wiring even allows them to understand their transgressions since they objectify their victims into their fantasy world.
    At any rate it isn't fair.

    How do you measure a just reward for such horrible actions..many will argue that the perp entered a mystical state of being and was not cognizant of the reality of the situation...I do not accept that as an excuse because the victim does not have that option.
    I said earlier that I would resuscitate them on the table and repeat the procedure until it was impossible for another recovery...I know this sounds barbaric but all that I need to see is the eyes of their little helpless victim and I would gladly throw the switch again and again.

    It is the deepest kind of sadness, the kind that cannot be erased with time...a sadness that will just keep burrowing into the hearts and minds of the parents until their last breath.

    I am always stunned when I see parents leave their kids to run in anywhere..last month a woman left her child in the car and left it running because it was cold and the mother thought that the child was sleeping...
    the child woke up and accidentally strangled herself by climbing on the electric window button...for what..because we don't take an extra minute to do it would you EVER forgive yourself?

    Too many kids are left in vehicles that get stolen in shopping centres...we don't get many kidnappings here although I am always reading about them in so many parts of the do you punish such callous, desperate people?

  25. I wish we had something that approximates hell on earth. Maybe like Azkaban -- where the dementors actually suck the soul right out of you.

    The son of a former officemate was kidnapped from their house while they were at work. They beat up the nanny and took the child who was 3 at the time. Sadly, the parents resolved it without the help of the police who was taking so long. They paid ransom to get their child back who was fortunately unharmed.

    This is one of the reasons I have not made any plans to move to a place where it's closer to work because that would mean moving out of the house that is next door to my parents. I don't think I can ever leave my children in the care of a complete stranger without supervision by a family member.

  26. This makes me cry.

    I don't believe in capital punishment. I sometimes wish I could though.

    I will say this: our world really does have it the wrong way around. THEY should be locked up. Our children should not have to be locked into their schools for their own safety.

    Havng said that, I watch my kids like a hawk. I don't always make it obvious to them because I know that they need to feel free. But I'm watching.

    You're right, Donn, these people cannot be cured. They should never ever ever be allowed a second chance to harm-- they shouldn't even be allowed any chance.

    And to anybody who has criticized me for being so protective of my kids, I've said this: There are about 300 registered sex offenders in York Region, Ontario. I'll be as protective as I want to.


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