Monday, February 12, 2007

Since my posts have been so alarmingly tedious and nobody is in the mood to discuss the End Of The World why don't we just look at some cute kid pictures...
Here is Ridz.Mishee Mish.Spenny, Coco, and of course
Waaa-thin Waaa-thout


  1. That last one's a little scary, did you have to???

  2. I told you not to use that pic you took of me just last week!

  3. Anonymous11:20 p.m.

    that is a fabulous picture of ridley.
    looks like it should be in a parenting magazine, or maybe an ad for SCU.

    that last one on the other hand reminds me of......

  4. OMG! That is sooo funny! You testing your friendship or something? :D

  5. Oh mercy! You should have posted some kind of warning for that last shot. I had a mouthful of water and it is now all over my new flatpanel monitor and I'm not sure my keyboard will ever be the same.


  6. all those kids r ADORABLE! including WW in da tub...awwww

    :) where's a pic of HE in a diaper? I dun mean the space-shuttle ones!


  7. I want to draw moustaches and goatees on all of 'em.

    Especially that last one.

  8. stace,
    Yes I could not resist and all of WWs fans plead for nekked pics of him.

    Waa Waa,
    C'mon you love showing off your wares...speaking of which where is it?

    anonymous commetus ,
    I confess that I have absofrickinlutely no idea what SCU is?

    Waa Waa thrives on negative attention, actuallthis is one of his more masculine shots so he will be delighted.

    OOPS! Sorry but I needed to the setup to display his hunky torso and dimpley arms..awww!

    Interesting that you should alude to exploring the universe...
    one of my teachers once asked me if I was going to be an Astronaut when I grew up...
    I said no why?
    he said because I was taking up SPACE in school..
    badabing badaboom!

    Go ahead,
    as long as you send me a copy.
    Doesn't WW look happy to be all clean and warm!

  9. That last pic honestly gave me the heebee jeebees.

    I am off to disinfect now and pray that the little tike grows into his head.

  10. What can be photoshopped in can be photoshopped out. Wouldn't want you to be embarrassed...

  11. HAHA! Great palate-cleanser. :)

  12. With friends like HE, WW doesn't need enemies!

  13. think local, think friendly, think we want to look like the bank who cares, but don't bother unless you're a rich mennonite who likes large glass and tyndall stone edifices as your monetary deity - Steinbach Credit Union.
    i must confess i have no idea how to spell steinbach.

  14. Those kids are soooooo adorable... uh... well... that last one... oh, I guess he is adorable too but he doesn't look much like you...

  15. Within with out has still kept the face of youth... wheres yours?

  16. The last one made me laugh. I must admit.

  17. What no pictures of the Hodedoo? You scared me within and without.....

  18. came to hug ya on a lovey-dovey day...HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ HE!

    I replied to u on my Dad post..I was crying as I read ur comment.


  19. They're beautiful! The last little guy looks like he needs a spanking! Where's Anna when we need her! ;) hehe

  20. awaiting,
    Scary kid eh? He just needs a little more love and understanding while he grows into his butt-less body.

    waa waaa,
    I don't get em-bare-assed, I get even!

    tidal grrl,
    It does sort of clear your ammonia.

    There is no such thing as BAD publicity, even in the Blogosphere.

    Yes I think that we need a DNA test..come to think of it our Mailman is really goofy lookin'..Hmmm.

    Yes he has. Waa Waa has somehow managed to retain a certain je ne sais quois but he lost all of his baby fat and doesn't have a derriere anymore?? It's just plain weird!

    HEY! I found the perfect T Shirt for you onone of those sites but it wouldn't let me copy it..all it reads on the front is

    define 'girlfriend'

    Actually Alicia just dropped one off with you near a potty that I will be sharing with the rest of the world on my Fiesta posting.

    We both had a good cry((whew))I think that we are on the same page about our Dads!

    If only they would stay that little and you could watch over them and protect them from heartbreaks and the ugly side of growing up...on the other hand then we would never get to be impressed at how resilient they is still hard to let go!

  21. awwwwwwwww...



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