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Saint Valentine was beheaded on February 24, 270 A.D. because he tried to convert the crazy Roman Emperor Claudius.

Claudius was mad at Valentine for secretly marrying Roman soldiers despite his Edict to outlaw marriage ...
because the men didn't want to fight as hard if they had wives and families.
Legend has it that he fell in love with the jailer's daughter and sent her a note on the last day of his life 'from your Valentine'..awww!

Zoom ahead a couple hundred years and the Roman Catholic Church tried to put the kibosh on the Lupercian lottery which was an 800 year old event in which teenagers drew names out of a hat and went on a year long 'date' SCHWING!

Well Pope Gelasius wanted to erase all of these Roman fertility thingamabobs but he knew that February was the Love Month so he invented a new lame-o lottery with St Valentine as the Patron where the lucky winner got to emulate a Saint for year instead of hookin' up with a randy teenager WOOHOO! Obviously the fun part of Valentine's Day eventually won and here we are in Hallmarkville.

Cupid the chubby little nekked cherub with love potion on his arrow tips eventually became the mascot of Valentine's Day because he was the son of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty...she of course is the same Venus who is the source of the term Venereal.

Now we have all heard some corny/cheesy lines from movies like "You Complete Me" and "You Had Me From Hello"...
well my personal favorite is from Up Close And Personal (96) with Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer..
I can almost hear Celine Dion singing
"because you lurrrved me" ...
anyway at the romantic apex Robert tells Michelle that he loves her..


What is your favorite cheesy line from a movie?


  1. Allow me to bethe first (hopefully) to say...Happy Valentine's Day, HE!!

  2. I lurrrve cheesy lines! Mainly because it's always the perfect thing to say at the perfect time, something my husband has never been able to do. He tries, but "Wanna do it?" Isn't my idea of romance. *sigh Thank God for chocolate!

    I'll have to think about the cheese and get back to you.

  3. Happy VD.

    Best movie lines ever:

    "...but, i LOVE you!"

    *slaps him* "Snap out of it!"

    (Nicholas Cage and Cher in Moonstruck)

  4. Not fair, Chaucer's Bitch took my favorite movie line! *pout* That will teach me to sleep in until 6 am.

    Happy VD, by the way.

  5. You already said it, HE...


  6. awaiting,
    I hope that your honey has something sweet planned for you
    ((wunka wunka wunka wah))

    He needs a bit of training does he ((sigh)) well I suppose the only way to do that is to reward acceptable 'sweet nothings' like Jack's
    'you make me want to be a better man'...
    just don't hold your breath it may take while..we're a little slow.

    chaucer's bitch,
    Oh I knew that would be at the top of the list. Another one of my favorite scenes is when William Hurt throws the chair through the glass door to ravage Kathleen Turner in Body Heat! HA! I can't remember if he said anything after that because I was laughing so hard...what an idiot!

    6! What a slug the day is half over!
    C'mon there is so much fromage to choose from...
    what about Love Story with Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw 'love means never having to say you're sorry'..damn you Preppy!
    What a joke..
    Love means having to say you're sorry about 50 times a day!

    You are a true blue dyed in the wool Romantic Idealist eh?

  7. My favorite line? "As you Wish" which secretely meant "I Love You" in the "Princess Bride", my all time favorite movie!!! I had the hots for Carey Elwes until I saw him in Hot Shots, now I've moved onto "the Cage" (Nicholos) of course, but don't tell hubby that!!

  8. Hey it's my lil sis Dana D!!!
    I won't tell. Princess Bride is on so many favorite Movie lists...
    I never quite 'got' Cage..I personally think that he is still living off of the goodwill from Leaving Las Vegas and Moonstruck but what do I know?
    I am so glad that you showed up..
    except now I have to watch what I say or pay for it at Family Gatherings..D'OH!.

  9. instead of paying for it at the family gatherings, you can just pay me !!!

  10. dana'd'extortionist,
    ..and so it begins folks...
    OK how much will it take to keep you quiet about what I am really like and dismantle the Blogospherian persona that I have worked so hard at creating?
    HEY! Go and read Within Without's post on Y & R..
    (there that should distract her while I move to a new Blog)

  11. All's fair in love, war and in family. What happens in the "blog" stays in the "blog", but if it makes you feel better, a couple of days of free child care for my kids will probably make you feel a whole lot better!!!!By the way, I am probably one of the few people who do not watch Y&R, didn't you know treehouse is 24/7 channel? It's fantastic!!!! (hint the sarcasm).

  12. The beheading, venereal etc. - all good stuff. Valentine's Day isn't so great to be blog surfing because it's hard to know how to respond to a lot of the stuff out there like do you say "Great picture of candy hearts!" or what?

    Very refreshing...

  13. Best line ever - (I cry EVERY time) was from the Grant/Kerr movie, and he finds out she can't walk, and they're kissing, and she says (about the day she was hurt before she could go find him at the Empire State building),

    "I was looking was the nearest thing to Heaven..."

    I've got chills now.
    Happy Valentines Day!

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  15. Very hard to explain and I won't succeed in it, but I'll try : there is a Flemish movie about two young common people and how they struggle in life to have a love relation, and there is a folk song in this movie that became an alternative national anthem in Belgium with a simple text and with fairlike accordion music, which is warm in its simplicity and once it was played in Belgium on the markets of all the big cities and everybody came out and sang and danced on it, it has the simple words : "I love you, give me a kiss, and quick, before the last bus. We forgot how beautiful the summer can be, without worries and without rain, we forgot how warm a pasture can be, open your windows and open your doors, and look how bright the sun shines. I love you, I love you, ..." and you can hear it here when you scroll down and click on this sentence : "Beluister Noordkaap met Ik Hou Van U". And then you have to imagine a lot of people opening their heart and filling it with pure pleasure and dedication and they sing "I love you". Well, that's pretty nice. And if it's too much trouble to do all this, that's OK too !! And in case you would listen, the probability is high that you won't even like it, because you don't have the context, but hey man, these are your roots ;-)

  16. Ha that's the line I was trying to remember.'re good!

  17. lately i'm foolish,
    i don't do this,
    i've been playing myself but
    baby i don't care
    'cause your love's got the best of me,
    and baby you're making a fool of me,
    you got me sprung and i don't care who sees,
    'cause baby you got me,
    you got me,
    so crazy baby

    looking so crazy in love's
    got me looking
    got me looking so crazy
    ... in love...



    ah, some of the comments were quite touching and the post was quite educational. the valentines day crazies got me acting like a spammer but, hey, keep serenading us sweetly x

  18. I'm sorry to be cliched, but I have to go with the classic "I'll have what she's having" line from a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks film I've forgotten the name of.

  19. Yeah, but it's past 8 o'clock. Are you into foreplay yet?

  20. Hey hummingbird.... NIck Cage in CON AIR

  21. haha! U sure know how to tease some good old beheaded men awww.....


    where does it hurt? LOL!

    ok here's my fav movie line ever:

    Julia Roberts in the movie Notting Hill saying:

    "I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her"

    That'll be my next pickup line LOL!


  22. I like the one in When Harry Met Sally --

    "I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

    However, I want to swoon every time I watch "Ever After" (Drew Barrymore)and see the marriage proposal scene where the prince kneels before her, takes her grubby clogs off, puts on the glass slipper and says, "...I'm asking you, not as a prince, but as a man in love.. will you marry me?"

  23. Nick Cage never wrote love letters in the snow out of food coloring. Nick Cage never carved a 4ft by 3ft by 2ft snow heart sculpture. Nick Cage never hired a barber shop quartet to sing love songs. Nick never went out of his way to avoid the dark humour / sci fi movies he enjoys to instead rent a flick starring hubby!

    Thanks for the memories Nick.

    I don't know about you, but I feel like stealing a car.

  24. paul,
    Thanks this was a lot 'tamer' than what I had originally intended on posting about Venereal Day...
    ((wunka wunka wunka wah!))

    You big mush! Everybody has some scene that 'gets 'em' everytime...sometimes they are so contrived and you know that you have been manipulated but you don't care..WAAA!

    I did go and listen to it and yes it is a little too 'european'..sort of a mix between a ABBA and a slow polka..but if it brings people together like that then Bravo!
    The world needs more of those songs.

    You make me want to be a better Blogger!

    Crazy in love..Wahoo..I'll have whatever you were having when you wrote this.

    The saddest part of that scene is that it is true! How would we men ever know the difference?

    without giving away too much,
    On their anniversary Homer said to Marge.."We're gettin' takeout and doin' it twice WOOHOO!"

    More Cage! As far as I can tell he is always doing a sedated Elvis impression...I did like that arms dealer movie what the hell was it called???

    Yeah gals all fall for those throaway bonbons...what about Love Actually, have you seen that? There must be a few line from there.

    OOOH Everafter has Drew Barrymore doing the cheesiest British accent..I loved it..her killer line was her Shakespearean spin on the line..I can't even type this without laughing...

    hubby DD,
    Yeah whatever..keep chirping... but when push comes to shove who does a better Elvis impersonation..I mean he married his daughter to get even closer to the King...that is what you call dedication..

  25. Not you, not youtoo ! Wherever I go I find posts on Valentine's day!

    Spare me GOD!

    Anyway I am here to tell you that no one calls me G,GT or GST! I was always GAUTAMI, I am GAUTAMI and I will always be GAUTAMI.

    Get it?

  26. GAUTAMI,
    Ok GAUT it!
    I am putting the I AM back in
    GautAMI's in the vault.

  27. hmmmmmmm
    I can't remember a single memorable line! How crap is that . . . or it might be the Rioja I'm drinking on an empty stomach and the utter amazement I'm feeling that blogger is letting me blog!

  28. ziggi,
    Wonder of wonders
    Miracle of miracles
    blogger is working today!
    Start zooming around and commenting because you just never know whe.....

  29. ok, I'm in. And here, istead of replying at my place, is my answer to what I've been up to.
    Cleaning up slush in the basement/carport (we've had rain), trying to get some artwork done, sundry other stuff which I think is known as living.
    I have a quick hop through some of the blogs, but commenting has been such a will it? wont it? pain in the fundament lately I've not bothered much.Time is cut into small, precise portions and that is not how I like my day to run.
    And as I have no interest in crappy romance movies I'm not adding to the dross! Bah humbug? Yep! More so than Christmas.
    But I am here, I am well and I am as happy as GWB allows.
    A bientot!

  30. dinahmow,
    Well there it 'tiz!
    I am filled with remorse after wantonly wasting cyberspace on VD and sappy movie lines but I had to balance out suicide bombers with something karma should be back to 0.

    I can't imagine rain it has been absofrickinlutely freezing here for a month and I HATE WINTER!

  31. yup I love that movie (Love Actually)! One of my favs...


  32. Favorite cheesy line, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail;
    ..."'re bangin two alves o coconut togetha!..."
    ..."am not."

    Silly sausages those Monty's!

    Thanks for your comments on my photo blog!

  33. "Nice tits, bitch."

    I don't know the movie, or even if it was ever a pick-up line in a movie, but I would like it to be...that would be my favorite.

  34. I have to go with "As you wish" as well, knowing that he was really saying I love you!!!! Ahhh, that was just sooooooooooo sweet that it makes you want to die. I think valentines day is just a way for florists to cash up -can you tell that I'm single??!!

  35. HE mah sweetest big bro HUGGGGGGGGZ ur wonderful! I replied to ya in my blog.


  36. haha HE ur making me laugh with ur comments there abt u and WW. I need to move to Canada? D u think such a hot girl like me cud survive in cold cold Canada? ;-)


  37. Grumble S. Thompson5:37 a.m.

    "...Its probably good advice if you have shit for brains..."

    Duke's lawyer, from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  38. Ok, I accept. We rest our case.

  39. keshiroo,
    Aw shucks. You need to be looking in the right places..don't expect to find a Prince hangin' out with a bunch of Frogs at the Pond.

    There is no such thing as Mr Perfect anyway!
    There is only Mr I could tolerate this, this and this as long as he does this, this and this. If your plan is to wait for a White Knight to come galloping in to the rescue you might want to tweak that a little.

    As your big brother my job is to strike fear in the hearts of any suitors who think that they are entitled to raid the cookie send all applicants my way and I'll have a little chat with them.
    BIG Bro.

    blu the spa girl,
    I could write MP lines from now until other group of comedians has ever come near what they accomplished dismantling our stodgey silly worldview.
    "Well I suppose I could stand a little peril"

    You old smoothie you. What gal wouldn't be swept off of her feet (as she drop kicks your ass to the curb) with sweet nothings like that.
    You can't kid a kidder!

    HA! I love Fear and Loathing because back in the day when I was in College Thompson was my hero!
    Multi-coloured bats!
    Bill Murray did a good job in Where The Buffalo Roam and Johnny Depp was amazingly funny..but look at the source of the material..what a character.

    Thank goodness cooler heads have prevailed. I want you to post about your favorite metal bands..I am totally curious to see who and why.

  40. No such things as cheesy lines in movies.........

    "Aman's gotta do something."
    "Yeah well lifting up my skirt ain't one of them things!"

  41. LOL ur terribly cute!



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