Friday, February 09, 2007


There are always two sides to every story (three if you count the truth) so perhaps we Infidels need to step back and do a little research before we rush off to die(Rushdie) ..
I mean rush off to judgement about the cost of living under a global PseudoIslamoTerrorist Theocracy that a few Bullys are attempting to install here on Earth.

Take for instance these suicide bombers..
when viewed from the front
EXHIBIT A: these fellows look fairly threatening...

and when viewed from behind
EXHIBIT B: you can see that they feel absolutely terrible because they could not procure a decent shrubbery for the Knights who say NEE!

Now Sharia Law, atleast according to the twisted version of the PseudoIslamoTerrorists, at first glance seems pretty scary to Democratic Eqalitarians.
I mean really, chopping hands off of thieves, 100 lashes for unmarried adulterers and stoning married adulterers Yikes!
Atleast nonconsensentual sex is still OK with as long as
A You have a penis and
B it includes slaves and captured prisoners of war...
that's a relief.

In Afghanistan they crush convicted suspected Criminals* with boulders (*anyone railroaded through fixed trials at local Warlords Tribunals) and in Saudi Arabia (they 'gotcha over a barrel)they prefer beheading. According to an article in Wikipedia in Iran the penal code allows little girls to be hanged as long as they are atleast 9 years old but boys have to be 15 ?

These Merchants of Menace can't understand why the West gets all weirded out by the so-called Insane Barbaric Cruelty of a few Middle Eastern Theocratic Legal Systems.
Hmmm maybe it is because these archaic notions just happen to enforce the polar opposite of Democratic Rights and Freedoms...
anyway Public beheadings seem to be working as a strong deterent for those contemplating a life of INFIDELity.

For the 5.9 Billion other Earthlings who brazenly express abhorrent disdain for such stern measures (which is apparently none of our business ) some of these fanatterrorists (not to be confused with Muslims) who are constantly under seige by human rights organizations and Democratic Nations have tried to 'soften' up their image but support their message to their young people (who may be getting News and Infrmation from the 21st Century via the Internet) by sampling 80s songs such as My Sharona.


Ooh you filthy infidels, infidels.

Soon you gonna live by my rules, Sharia!

Ooh you make my vengeance fun, vengeance fun.

Heads are comin' off this time Sharia!

Never gonna stop, blow you up.

Such a dirty kind.
There’s a fatwa on the rest of man-ki-yi-yi-yind WOO!

M M M My Sharia...


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  2. Ok. Now that's out of the way. When I read the title I immediately wondered how you were going to work "My Sharona" into it. Good work!

    I'm so afraid of theocracies, whether they are our own fundie bastards, or the so-called (made up term) islamofascists that we hear so much about.

    It's incredibly arrogant for those people to put their religions onto those of us who are NOT that religion, and/or do not believe in their wonderful Sky-Fairy.

    bleagh. the whole thing makes me wanna barf.

  3. Why is this blog entry dated for Friday? Have I morphed into the future? It's the 12th for everyone else, right?

    Gotta love blooger!

  4. Imagine there point of view if they had the seem media set up...

    The western world:
    Religious leaders in unchecked sexual depravity, the slaughter of the unborn, Rioting over the mildest of inconviences (train strikes), Populations where less than 10% of the pop have passports let alone use them, People who cant find anything other than there own country on the map, A group which are driven to waste consumables, 1/3 of the pop but 2/3 of the resources, people who admire the obese, one language and they even struggle with that...
    *phew i feel better*

    But i am in agreement with the separation of church and state. WE just need to remember the images of the world we are shown are edited to sell, keep people afraid of an intangiable boogey man and they will consume.

  5. OK bloogler just ate round one...

    It is very scary when thugs/bullys/gangsters disguise themselves as something else and gain control over a country and all of its arsenal of weapons...
    they want to reduce the world to cinders and take us all with them...happy monday.

    I must confess that I do not know how this thing operates I just work here! It must be Friday somewhere in the world.

    OUCH! You don't really think that I am xenophobic do you? I realise that people are free to explore the mysteries of the universe through 1st or 7th century goggles..knock yourselves out...

    I am not even talking about Muslims..real Muslims preach tolerance...if you look back in history Saladin allowed far more generosity of spirit. religious tolerance and compassion than the vicious mob of crusaders did when they captured Jerusalem, they slaughtered everybody...

    sheesh what about Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves! There is a classic depiction of an honorable self controlled Muslim, a man of principle and science who was light years ahead of the Europeans..

    in fact when the Europeans reclaimed Spain from the Moors they recovered the texts of the ancient Greeks and Romans that the Moors were studying..
    this was the spark that ignited the Rennaisance..OK I am digressing...

    I am talking about criminals who somehow wrestle power by feeding on fear and ignorance (much like me) and play god (the ultimate power trip) by controlling and influencing the very thoughts of other people (ditto for me again dammit)..

    and it takes a very special kind of sociopathic narcissist to WANT IT no matter how many lives it costs..
    it is closer to Al Capone running Chicago.

    BUT since you called me on it I will sing Disney's It's A Small World Afterall for the rest of the day.

  6. Aidan - there is no more seperation of religion and state. Every speech by a US President invokes "God". Our own country won't legalise abortion properly because of religious beliefs. In fact, when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, all of our values and laws are derived from Judaeo-Christian beliefs. I suppose in the same way, a Muslim Fundamentalist (or whoever else) will have values and laws which can be traced back to their own relgion. It's a little scary to think how much of your own thought processes is due to unconscious indoctrination.

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  8. Something is missing here.

    So we've got the most so-called advanced democracy in the world, which right now is governed as much by religion as it is by the state.

    And it has invaded a country which is light-years behind it in terms of political/social evolution, and which is also governed by religion more than the state.

    And so what?

    You're satirizing the predictable reaction of the religious state being invaded and over-run by the so-called democratic state that has all the power, money, resources, military and every reason to want that religious state's oil...under the false auspices of WMD's?

    And which is propped up by a government that is cow-towing to a right-wing religious movement that believes in the Rapture and teaching its children that there was no evolution, only creation of the one and only beautiful peoples?

    Am I missing something here?

    Whether we agree with it or like it or not, the Muslim world has these kinds of cultural practices in place.

    To make fun of them and to diss them is just the kind of attitude that has got them strapping bombs around their wastes and blowing themselves up, and why they've become the "terrorists" that we have dubbed them.


  9. stace,
    YES! The only real difference is that in the West we can find out some of the things that our leaders are doing...
    we actually have some political 'governors' that (in theory) are supposed to 'govern' our 'governments' from doing things that we don't believe in....
    like starting wars..pffft!

    Democracy like every other system cannot function witout slaves..
    never has and never will...
    now the whole us v them thing is down to a science as aidan pointed out and obviously the government has the technical capabilities to simulate anything..
    how would we know if it was real or not.

    Obviously there are alarming similarities and it should ring some bells...
    but I don't hear anything...
    now they are trying to start a war with Iran and thanks to Sharia Laws it will dehumanize the enemy and make them easier to kill...
    plus I had to poke a little fun at the whole thing because those characters in power are right out of Central Casting..
    hello I need a couple villains..

    within on whatup,
    I give up..the jig is up..nobody really wants to talk about this crap on a Monday and I should know better.
    If aliens from outer space came and researched our species they would find remarkable similarities..
    HOWEVER you cannot deny that women have access to many basic human rights in the West that they would not have in many parts of the Middle East.
    Geez women here can shop on the same floor in the Malls and even ride in the front seat of the car with their husband!
    So the West has made some progress..
    most of it in the last 50 years which is entirely pathetic but hey...
    so anyway the whole idea was to get a little uncomfortable and jingoistic and see that the more things change the more they stay the same...
    so I don't know what to do about it...
    humans can't seem to exist without religion and if they didn't have it would they just tear each other from limb to limb?
    Let the agnostics have a shot at it..just give us one year...

  10. Grumblometer11:08 p.m.

    Three hots and a cot await you at Gitmo, HE;-) I'm really kind of surprised that moderate Muslims don't come upside their Mullahs' heads with the "Ugly Stick", for
    not getting their heads around the
    issues. It's not as though they haven't had a few years to lose the
    "Dodge City" methods of social discourse, and dry up the cesspool
    of self-annihilation that passes
    for a political calling card.
    As Rush opines, "Show, Don't Tell Me". BTW, I think they play the Clash at Gitmo, 24x7 -just a guess.

  11. what do "real christians" teach?

    i have to say that the word 'islamoterrorist' or the new fave 'islamofascist' really irritates me.

    that word was invented/created by the same people whose fathers were lynching black men 40 years ago.
    for us to pretend that we are any better as a society than another is absolute nonsense.
    we accept that barrick buries people alive in africa because they don't want to tossed off their land in africa, we buy chocolate by the truckload despite the fact that most cocoa is harvested by child slaves, we're more than happy to keep haitians in extreme poverty as a lesson to other poor central american nations who seek reprieve from sweat shop labour, yet somehow, we can still manage to see ourselves as superior.

    but we don't understand when someone fights back. why would anyone want to depose us of our divine right as the white man to rule the earth as we see fit?

  12. LOL @that cloud-man pic!


  13. "OUCH! You don't really think that I am xenophobic do you?"

    Not at you.... general social commentary about the media skewing our vision and making it impossible to create an informed decision.. if i thought you were xenophobic, or xylophobic i would not read this blog as religiously as i do.

    arabic science kept alive lost texts such as ptolemy, aristottle and Plato.. Without which we would have no concept of the ancient world.

    "I am talking about criminals who somehow wrestle power by feeding on fear and ignorance" as was i, in regards to the media... Sorry fr the misunderstanding it was not a shot at you... Keep on blogging


  14. grumbleocity,
    Great to hear from you. Three hots and a cot is a fair trade for having basic human rights..gee what could go wrong with this scenario...let's see are there any diplomats or trade representatives abroad in foreign lands who might be considered fair game..hmmm.

    Well 90 million Americans support Israel because they need to make sure that Jesus can land in would think that he could land pretty much anywhere that he wanted to but that's just me and I could be wrong...but hey it's in the book.

    That is GOD!..atleast the Monty Python version from the Holy favorite line of his in that movie is

    I'm sorry mate..
    just tried to leave a heartfelt 6 paragraph comment on your blog and BLOOGLER swallowed..
    I just about cried because it was (without hyperbole) the single greatest comment ever written by a human being in the entire history of mankind and now it is gone forever...
    well it was pretty funny anyway.
    I still don't understand why this system has random meltdowns????
    I take it you are still on the archaic functioning blogger.,,gosh when are you going to switch to roulette blogger?

  15. Roulette blogger, i guess its time... Without doubt it was the best comment written, and contained the meaning of life the universe and everything within it, but now its gone....

  16. Ok, am I the only one that laughed at your My Sharia rendition?

    Sometimes I think we take ourelves waaaay too seriously.

    I know you're not a xenophobe, which is why I found it amusing.


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