Friday, February 09, 2007

Goodbye Vicki Lynn Hogan

Goodbye Vicki Lynn
Or should I call you Mrs. Marshall
You loved exposing yourself
While those around you gawked

You crawled out of the woodwork
And did it for financial gain
You posed naked up on the stage
And we won’t forget your frame

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a flamethrower in the wind
Always knowing when to flash them
To keep attention pouring in

And who wouldn’t want to _____ you
But who are we to kid
Your broken heart quit just before
You hit another skid

Faux Monroe was tough
The toughest role that you parlayed
Playboy made you a superstar
Instant fame the bed you made

Even though you died
The Paparazzi still hounded you
As they wait for DNA
The Bombshell Amazon can still be seen out on YouTube

Goodbye Vicki Lynn
From all the wankers who always let you know
They never saw you as more than sexual
Nothing more than Anna Nicole

(My apologies to Bernie and Elton
but hey you changed Candle in the Wind for Diana
and Monroe was Vicki's Idol and Template
so I could not resist)


  1. A child left to mourn who will always have lots of pictures to view of his mom. I'm afraid their is too much Drama attached to this one and my feelings are for the child who is left to mourn and left to defend a very controversial life.

  2. Sad, pathetic life, wasted life. And a five month old being fought over by now three men. There's no happily ever after here.

  3. Pretty sad state of affairs all-in-all. I never understood her popularity, of course I am a heterosexual that probably explains it.

  4. that's a pretty bizarre story.
    that is such a good song, too.
    not yours, so much, but the b/e version.
    it's fun and sad to watch elton performances back 'in the old days', fun because he was just so talented, and sad to see how his time has gone...i'm not sure what the hell i'm trying to say here. i grew up listening to kiss (destroyer) and elton john (captain fantastic and the..., etc) and those memories are ingrained. i wish things today were as simple as they seemed then, and seeing elton john now makes me long for the simpler days even more.

    not sure how this became about elton instead of anna nicole, but i think your lyrics are a pretty apt assessment of how you get out of life what you are prepared to put into it. also a cautionary tale, give them what they want, and they will take only what they want, discarding the rest.

  5. This can't really be a huge surprise, especially given what a mess of a life she has had in the past couple of years.

    She had become maybe the most extreme example of a living freak show with beauty and with a past built on nothing but her build and her looks. She was a walking Barbie Doll with boobs -- fake boobs at that.

    She oozed denseness as the blow-up dumb blonde, marrying a man in his 80s and flaunting the only thing she had. And it was quite obvious, as the media continued to chronicle her every nonsensical move, that she was almost constantly drugged or stoned or something.

    I think her history is she had a sordid early life. If that's true, it's not surprising. Playboy made her what she was. I wonder what Hef is thinking now.

  6. oh man...and the whole world mourns. There is something about this american dream that is both weird and inspiring.

  7. I think her death is getting way too much media coverage - as did her life. Jack Palance's death got a lot less coverage than this and I thought he was a much more interesting celebrity. There are countless other notables that died recently who could be mentioned also. I think it says very sad things about our society.

  8. hodedoo,
    That poor little zsa zsa Gabor's German Prince Von Schtupp something has declared that he may be the that makes atleast 3 potential Dads.

    Vicki Lynn Hogan from Texas extended her 15 minutes of fame far longer than expected thanks to the inexhaustible voyeurism lurking beneath the pseudo Puritan society...we watched this car wreck in slow motion for years.

    Vicki was lusty teenage male fantasy incarnate..her blown out of proportion physique was the perfect mirror for the Wrestling steroid enhanced males..these uber cartoonish characters satisfy some bizarre idolatry that finds a way of grabbing our attention...we shake our heads and say OMG!

    I was a huge fan of OLD Elton but after his Diana phase..well it's like Jagger getting knighted...anyway because Monroe was Vicki Lynn Hogan's idol I thought that it was appropriate.

    She was dumb as a Fox..she knew how to keep the cameras clicking and in this day and age anyone who can fool us into noticing them for that long has to have something on the I think deep down a part of us just wanted this gigantic lonely little girl to find some sort of happiness...she was the Bombshell that fiunally exploded.

    The Cult of Celebrity is a mysterious powerful force that keeps us from dealing with real lives and issues...they will replace by the end of the weekend...the sad little girl trapped in a big sexy broad...
    quite the contradiction.

    Well the media machine needs to eat 24/7 and this is gold! I find it as astonishing as you but I understand the whole American Idol thing and it doesn't matter HOW you get it long as you GET it!

  9. I don't know why this came as such a shock....after the Anna Nicole Show, the slurred speech interviews, her display at the MTV awards...

    But it did.

    She was GORGEOUS and she will forever go down in history just as Marilyn Monroe. People will remember the controversy but as time goes on, they will see her as a tragic beauty lost.

    Just as Marilyn.

  10. Anonymous3:42 a.m.

    One day and all you know-it-alls are already making fun of and trashing this woman. Its unbelievable! Are you all so simple you've fallen under the spell of the press...gawd! Please stop for a moment and ask yourselves - did you really hate Anna Nicole; did you want her to die; are you happy now that shes dead? Will your life be better now that she's gone? I think you'll all say NO but its this very behavior that made her what she was; a poor lonely tragic soul, always reaching out looking for love and somebody she could trust. She was a good person, beautiful inside and out; a wonderful friend and an excellent mother. Somebody to love her was what she wanted but attitudes like yours made it impossible for her right from the start. So maybe she did find semblances of it in unlikely places, and was that any of YOUR business? She had LESS of everything that you take for granted! If you had a mother like hers how would you have turned out? Would you as a single mom have been able to successfully raise a child who respected you? Your holier-than-thou behavior here disgusts me and its only because you broads are jealous that you dont hold a candle to truly fine human being and none of you guys would have had a chance with her. So why dont you all just shut up, wipe the happy smiles off your faces and get off her case. Give her the benefit of the doubt - i mean after all - she's dead now; you cant kill her anymore so stop trying already.

  11. awaiting,
    She specilized at exposing her demons and I think that most people kept thinking 'that poor woman' and then she would turn around and do something outrageous and people would say was a rollercoaster ride from the getgo.

    (anonymous) AnnaFanatic,
    We cannot really debate because unlike your heroine YOUR identity is underexposed but since you obviously feel strongly about this the least that I can do is defend my peeps (who btw are all entitled to their own opinions just as you are)

    First of all AnnaFanatic this group is the LAST group on earth that swallows anything that the media dishes out...

    and not a single person has expressed any glee at her death and thirdly....

    Vicki Lynn made everything our business, it was her goal in life to become unbiquitous and over exposed.

    Her mother may have been a complete asshole (whatchout she may well inherit the baby) and the root cause of Anna's mental problems but many people surpass the stumbling blocks of poor parenting.

    Thanks for commenting AnnaFanatic I hope that I changed your opinion and have a nice life.

  12. boy, i have to agree with anonymous. none of us really knows the real substance of someone else's life, esp. those the media creates and recreates.

    this woman's death has hit a chord. it's interesting: people i would never expect to care or take notice have. ever the sociologist, i wonder what this reflects about our society and values in general.

    rip. that's the best thing i can say.

  13. Eltons gonna kick your ass.

    And have fun doing it. ;)


  14. kj,
    Well by tomorrow there will be about 50 new books on Anna for you to study. She walked make that praraded about with a huge target on her forehead for feminists and lecherous wankers to aim at. She made it impossible to ignore the minutae of her life and thrived on the attention which was almost exclusively negative.
    I certainly think that most people recognised a wounded spirit trapped in a statuesque jaw dropping body. She made such an impact because as she dragged the spectre of women as sex objects around she was in fact making millions of dollars doing it...and nearly made hundreds of millions.

    hey steven,
    I am not worried about taking on Elton mano a mano..pretty sure I could take him..and I hope that Bernie finally did something with those bangs!
    It was a perfect fit (the execution was ham fisted) but the fact that Vicki modelled her life after Monroe (x 10) cannot be disputed.

  15. I think this strikes a cord because everyone watched her crash and burn. She's had a severe drug problem for years and instead of getting the help she needed, they made a show about her. I wonder how much support she had.

    It's sickening that people watched on and enjoyed her fall from life. For me, her death is more a symbol of what's wrong with our society. Another stain on humanity.

    "Goodbye Vicki Lynn
    From all the wankers who always let you know
    They never saw you as more than sexual
    Nothing more than Anna Nicole "


  16. I've just always felt sorry for her.

  17. Can you believe it, I feel sorry for her? Controversial people are the saddest.

    Her poor 5-month old child..
    I am sucker for babies.

  18. There was a mother teresa version called "sandals in the Bin"-

    It hard to imagine the impact of a single life, loss of a mother, a daughter, a friend, and the associated support net works...

    Not just an Individual effected.

  19. I can't add anything that hasn't already been said, so I'll contribute by saying this: I never thought she was that hot.

    Of course the death is still quite sad - not because she was a celebrity, but because she was a mother to a young child.

  20. Aint it all so true though? Ya can't take the fame and dollars with you when ya go now can ya? Not woth it at all, very sad.

  21. HE, thanlks for leaving that nice comment.

    Her death is sad. A little girl is orphaned.

  22. well Wanger!! those double D's will kill ya!

  23. christine,
    My daughter thought that I was being too harsh but I was trying to express the futility of Vicki getting what she really needed instead she kept trying to put out her fire with gasoline.

    She was an object for our pity and not our scorn but she never did find someone to guard her and protect her from herslef and the all of us she made some poor choices butI have no idea how intoxicating it is to be famous and to want to stay famous at any cost.

    Yes now her legacy will be passed on to some innocent child who will have a loof holes to fill..hopefully someone will emerge to shelter her and give her a chance.

    Mother Theresa has always been hard target congratulations.
    There are always ramifications and connections...and now the dominos start tumbling.

    Well that little baby is now another victim of the system that devoured her mother.

    Pathetic story..I doubt that anyone would trade fame and fortune for a happy relationship would they? CNN had a report this weekend that 36% of married people would NOT marry their spouses if they had to do it all over again.

    I think that the machine will follow that little girl like they did with Onasis...poor kid.

    I suddenly have a craving to go to Tim Hortons for a Double Double!

  24. I always had this dream.
    Me her in a lift. Lift stalls, me and her playing horny animals...

    Another shattered dream.....

  25. he, i can't disagree with you. i'm asking myself if there is anything about anna nicole's death that i should learn from and thus start to do or not do................


  26. After all is said and done, I think just about everyone here learned their lesson about getting what you want a long time ago, and we all should just say there but for the grace of whatever belief system we have go us.

  27. whitesnake,
    No really? You wouldn't want to discuss Goethe or quibble about Sartre?

    Do not implant the wrong impression of yourself on other people..
    they will never ever let you forget it.

    chaucer's bitch,
    Joe Pesci told me to say,
    "What you think I'm funny..
    I amuse you?"
    I walked a thin line between sympathy and sarcasm
    ...the fact that it is the BIG story seems so ridiculous
    ...why does the news machine focus on such matters when there are real issues to dissect?

    Well most of us do not put as much effort into getting noticed at any cost to the detrement of our shattered inner child for the sake of sake of getting negative attention....
    that isn't true.

  28. awwwwwwww...


  29. keshiroo,
    I am glad that one person saw something sympathetic in my version...I guess that we all look at things the way that we want to see must be big mushpot.

  30. that I am :)



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