Saturday, February 03, 2007

Last night I posed for this picture with my Master Angler sized Northern Pike which we Canadians also refer to as Jack...
this fish once weighed 20 pounds and met its maker back in the 60s when it unfortunately decided to get caught by my Father who dragged it onboard at which point it began to flop around with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth snapping in the air which of course caused my Sister and Mother to start jumping around and screaming and nearly capsized our boat until Dad unceremoniously whacked the Jack over the head with a paddle....
and Jack is exactly what I would have been doing if these people hadn't been kind enough to brave the minus 50 weather and came to entertain me.
Pictured alongside of me (L to R) is my cousin
Fester Possumnuts from Arkeesaw,
mein vetter Fritz Apfelsine from Schokoladeville,
and on the far right is of course my dear diminutive spinster aunt Charisma from Sasquatchewan.
Just kidding..Joyce @ Chronicles of Blunderview was kind enough to try out their new camera and shoot Homey chillin' with Reyspoutine ,
..what a great way to forget the winter blahs.


  1. Were you also drinking Jack (Daniels)?

  2. OK, I gotta point out a few minor details here in this pic. It's your Aunt Charisma (nee Bypass).

    First, Homo Erstwhileago surprised by all by making it a surprise hat party, forcing us all to wear goofy hats.

    Second, he is standing on a stool in this pic with Rey (6-3 or so I think) on the left and Brian (6-2 I think he said) on the right.

    Me, I'm only 5-9 and a bit but in this pic, I look like one of those little imps in Lord of the Rings.

    I won't stand for anything but pure authenticity.

    There were also three lovely women at this gathering. Maybe Brian and HE have an agreement that Brian will blog about those of the gentler persuasion...

    A great time was indeed had by all.


  3. laurie,
    Ha that would have been pserfect!

    Aunt Charisma,
    Prove it shorty!

  4. Fantastic ! (except for the fish ;-) What a wonderful quartet of friends.

  5. Well, you do all look happy, but I was hoping for a little more raunch at the ranch.(one gets bored and lonely when the roads are closed. sighs... and goes off to sail leaf boats in puddles...)

  6. The fish is great, but what I'm most jealous of are the wonderful hats.

    Great to hear you had a great time.

  7. Well, you guys certainly look like you had fun. Though the hats don't look fancy enough to me. Not even a Mickey mouse hat! Or bunny ears, at least.

  8. what a wonderful, happy and fishy pic ;-)

    Jack or Jill, does it taste good?


  9. *inserts Dueling Banjos soundtrack from Deliverance*

  10. Is that Scuttlebutt Lodge?

  11. What a handsome bowling team!

  12. i'm starting to wonder if i went to the same party, given the photographic evidence that I have!!

  13. So what happens - the fish is dead, but it doesn't get eaten, it gets stuck on a board? How does that work?????:).

  14. "inserts Dueling Banjos soundtrack from Deliverance"

    Holy Crow MJ! You read my mind.

    Have some bleach.

    Word verification: ahfutkt


  15. Yeah, I've never understood that. Kill the fish and then let it rot up on the wall? Or does it just...dry out?
    Either way, ew! But then I'm a squeemish l'il baby when it comes to fishing and fish. I have a hard time with breaded fishsticks, too.

    It looks like you boyz had a great time!! =)

    (...I'm cold!)

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr -

  16. hildegarde,
    What is wrong with the fish? Sure it looks a little weird but hey I sort of like the tropical touchup.

    You have puddles to play in?!

    Actually we had hats that were more ridiculous but this is a very conservative crowd..well they are anyway.

    I had my Disney cap out but nobody would wear it because they are all so scarred from those Disney movies because they always killed off one of the parents.

    Jack tastes horrible and by summer they are wormy and taste even worse..most people catch and release is a sport you darts and bull fighting.

    Not once did I hear anyone say "squeal like a pig boy" or "you've got a pertty mouth."

    ms val,
    How generous of you to say so...they were all so embarrased to be pictured with such an ugly fish...I forced them to do it.

    EVERYBODY needs to go and see what rey did to this picture..

    Now I did this so that you will get a feel for my outdoorsy persona when I pose for you (au natural) this Spring.

    Now before you phone PETA it was the 60s and we ate the fillets (blecch) and this fish had a decent sized Pickerel inside of it so it did have a last supper. It is going back to the basement because my goodladywife will not allow it to be displayed in the kitchen or the dining room.

    Within does have a striking resemblence to that banjo playin' feller in the movie don't he...((shivers)) I didn't realise that until just now...dee dee de dee dee de de de dee...

  17. something very fish about that photo

  18. nice fish! so what else did you do that night?

  19. aidan,
    You mean reyspoutini's photo shopped thingamabob right?!

    Everybody else shared their deepest thoughts, fondest memories and future aspirations in a tranquil, nurturing, environment of mutual respect, sincere admiration and concern...
    I drank Rum.

  20. coffe makes me get migrain@Z


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