Saturday, February 03, 2007

Latitude = Atitude!

Now before you get all hot under the collar hear me out.

This weekend was cold enough to freeze the nuts off of a Robot and I for one would let my van idle 24/7 if it would speed up raising our winter temperatures to something tolerable.

Oh sure I feel sorry for you people trapped in moderate latitudinal zones but up here in the Great White North a warmer climate would be welcomed with open arms.

Seriously this frrrrigid weather sucks and so what if all of the people who live on the coast had to move inland a few hundred miles?

What about my needs?

I suppose some people would think that this is a selfish, myopic, frickinview but hey..

it's not my fault that you or your ancestors picked the wrong place to live.

The average temperature in December should be about 30 F so that there is snow for Christmas and then it should start warming up for New Years Eve.

I suppose that the only alternative would be for me to actually move South and start worrying about global warming..

No Frrrrickinway can have it.

I'm staying up here in the middle of the North American Continent where this weekend there was ZERO evidence of anything even remotely resembling global warming.

It's your problem not problem is finding enough time for Glowbowl warming.


  1. No kidding!! We were enjoying a mild winter, and then BAM! Everything in town is closed today, except my frigid office. My fingers are turning blue because it's just so damn cold.

    My office manager just found a space heater. I plugged it in. Maybe now I won't have to set my files on fire for warmth. Damn.

  2. I just occured to me that I am very like Bob Cratchit.

  3. mmmmmm. nice and toasty here in Arizona... sunny and 78°... but you just wait, once summer gets here i will be wishing I was up north...

  4. I first man to think about global warming and start to see the trend in increasing planetary temperatures, Had sadly just been left by his wife, then moved to greenland, in a subsequent interview he believed global warming would be a great thing then the world would be warm and no one would feel lonely.

    This was a story passed on by one of my physics teachers, i have yet to verify the claim... good story though:)

  5. for a man with a fish head, you do a remarkable ostrich impression.

    and quit yer whinin! it's only -25 now, which is only -13 F.

  6. I believe the weather man said I could expect 26C today.With more rain. My partner lived in Edmonton the winter they hit the all-time low.
    Doesn't help, does it?
    By the way, have you and Blogoogle resolved your differences?

  7. I'm lovin' the map of the new coastline. That's most of the red states taken care of right there.

  8. So now that you've absconded with the cold weather as your blog topic, I have nothing to whine about...

    Oh, wait! I can whine about Gloogler seeing as now you appear to have kissed and made up!

  9. i'm freezing my rear off also. my dog couldn' make our walk today because her paws were in pain from the freezing miserable snow.

    how are you he? i'm kind of depressed but still hoping for the best.....

  10. At least you know what you're in for! Try living in Melbourne... "four seasons in one day". If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. How many Melbournian sayings can I come up with? It's all fun! :)

  11. tidalgrrrl,
    I read your very poignant explanation of your cyber persona over at WWs and it was very interesting....very interesting indeed.
    We were having a fairly mild Winter too and we were all concerned that if the REAL thing showed up that we wouldn't be able to handle it...and I was right.

    It gets too HOT here in the Summer..we can't live without is extremeville!

    Greenland is full of Ice and Iceland is green...go figure.
    That guy will probably be lonely wherever he goes if he complains as much as I do.

    Did you go outside today? It would have been too cold for Neanderthals to hunt Mammoths. Quit acting like such a tough guy you're not fooling anyone...except yourself.

    Edmonton can get even colder as anonymousblogger and ww can attest to because they are basically situated about five mile from the Yukon...that's crazy.
    No we have not made up it still won't let me do most of the things that I ask...I am waiting...

    chaucer's bitch,
    Isn't that sweet! Yeah that's what I thought TFB if those wankers had to move and become sensitized in the progressive Blue States.

    without weather,
    Whine away if you want to and as I told dinahmow Bglooggler is still not working at 80% capacity but neither am I so we'll see.

    Don't you have a little booties, hat & sweater ensemble for your pooch? Our old pal Jack was a huge black hairy beast who ran outside and buried himself in the did he love it..and now that I think about it I realise that having him around forced us to take him for walks and get some exercise even when it was freezing.

    Isn't that a Crowded House song? I have a dear old friend from high school who now lives in Melbourne and I have said that it must be hard not having a real winter...he said no it is great..I couldn't take too much rain.

  12. Tidalgrrrl11:07 p.m.

    I love that song by Crowded House! One of my favorites.

    It finally warmed up in Madison, and got to -10F. Now it's back down to -17F. I hope my car starts tomorrow.

    Glad you thought my story was interesting. :) I often bore myself, with myself, to tears.

  13. Oh how you would have laughed and laughed had that earthquake prediction for the west coast come true this week.

  14. you had a pet called "Jack" Not that ugly fish you were all cuddling?

  15. Edmonton's high for Friday: -26C.

    I can't wait to take the bus to school that day.

    For what it is worth, I feel your pain. I guess we're both going through a cold snap.

  16. LOL u froze ur tush HE? Come over here...we have nice warm sunny days all year long n we all have 'hot' butts mate ;-)


  17. I love cold weather! It's hot where I'm from...

  18. 42c here, just cooking brekky on the for something to eat........

  19. I love the cold, but not this nasty stretch. I'm getting old and grumpy. The high is to be 24F - bah, humbug!

  20. tidalgrrrl,
    That cold night ruined all of our hose connections in the van so we lost most of the fluids and it is in the shop getting fixed..winter is soo frickin' hard on vehicles..UGH!

    No I would worry about poor andrea and our is coming but I hope that it doesn't happen in my lifetime...tick tock

    Yes I pretty much just name everything Jack..that is weird isn't it.

  21. gblooggler just ate all of my comments..sigh..the word verification is now officially gone I GIVE UP WITH THIS SH*T
    PUH-LEEZE fix this gawdam system!!!!

  22. antarcticblogger,
    Is living in this plutonian world really worth it???

    I'll bet you do.

    There is cold and then there is cold..I think that you probably mean the 'other' cold.

    How very kind of you..I would love to have some of your weather and some breakfast..thanks.

    I hate Winter more and more with each passing year..I just don't see any upside (other than the microbe killing power of the deep freeze) to living in such a ridiculously extreme my age anyway...but I hate drizzle and rain and deserts have little appeal so where exactly is that utopian latitude where they do not experience fluxuations of 100 degrees????
    I am so there.

  23. My utmost wish is it should snow here in Delhi!


  24. The weather isn't great here either, but at least it's not -40C, yet.

  25. Take care that the big walnut in your head doesn't freeze because I really would miss your reflections on life and on the weather ;-)

  26. Well I see that Blogger ate my comment from yesterday...hasn't done that for a while. *grumbles*

    Could somebody send some Global Warming my way before I freeze to death?!! I can only hibernate so long before I have to make a grocery run.

  27. gautami,
    Then I shall grant your wish
    Did it work?

    It was such a mild winter until this weekend??? w
    We always used to blame the Ruskies for screwing around with our atomosphere but now that the Cold War is over (uh huh) I guess that we have to blame you Yankees!

    I hope that WW sees your astute observation..actually my so-called big walnut is cracked and all the King's horses and all the King's men ..well you know...
    but I appreciate the sentiment.

    Hold on...
    this cold spell makes me feel like Jack shivering in the water after the Titanic goes down and Kate Winslet is yelling NOT THIS NIGHT!!

  28. u evil north american! We are drowning here! :p

  29. ghost particle,
    Oh I saw that on the News..I can't imagine dealing with something like that..or earthquakes..or volcanos..or tsunamis...actually this makes freezing for a couple of months look like a walk in the park.

    Your supersonic senses would warn you hours before the big quake and you would simply unfurl your wings and fly away to safety. Unfortunately all of the humans that you have befriended during your visit to our planet would not be as lucky.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the Sea to Sky Highway is going to be the BIG story during the Olympics... it makes me nervous.

  30. Shelley10:17 a.m.

    It warmed up to minus four!! Wahoo! I still wish I had taken time to finish knitting up some new mittens.

  31. You wish went all haywire! It was blazing hot in the day!Actually your presence was required. You just didn't do it the proper way.

    Next time ask me, ok?

  32. its hot as BLAAAAAAAAAAZES where i am dude!
    i love airconditioning...

  33. shelley,
    Minus 4! Did a Nuclear Powerplant rupture or something?

    I am still pretty rough around the edges when it comes to controlling the weather...I bet if you check you will discover that I made it snow somewhere else today!

    Rub it in! Nyeh!
    Well I'll have you know that I complain about the heat in the summer..I stay in and crank the AC...I used to love getting tanned and I do love warm as much as a cat does but I don't do the HOT HOT...
    and now that I have had a few altered moles removed from my face I try not to overdo the SUN.

  34. This is a warm and moving post -

    Paul aka Darius

    I think my link here is going to show three blogs instead of the one new one that I want it to...

  35. Darius!
    Great to see ya back my friend and I am thrilled that I could warm your heart with this blatant exhibition of selfless altruism.
    Let's try out your new link...

  36. I came to annoy ya...which Nursing Home wud u be living in? I'll book myself in there too.


  37. I took young Arctic out today and he determined that when the poop freezes coming out and goes clunk instead of plop then it is cold out. He then began the 3 legged hop into the snow indicating he did not like the biting cold weather. Now maybe some say wew spoiled him but when even the birds stop flying i know its cold...6 bird feeders and no one to visit them.. So global warming is not appearing to be in the frozen tundra we call home...however me thinks that the ice age may be returning or the politicians are taking a recess...
    Just a thought.

  38. the equator's always warm. but we did have a dip in temperature as of late. weird, eh?

  39. keshiroo,
    You are too young my dear..I will have expired long before you get there..and I plan to exit with a big smile on my face!

    It's a hoax that is being used by the governments to distract us from real issues that affect us RFN.
    I am trying to scrub your imagery from my noggin...eewww!

    Rub it in why dontcha!
    Well like I said the upside to freezing your ass off is the exemption from volcanos, tsunamis and earthquakes..if we had an earthquake people would run and huddle around the seeping lava!

  40. nah I aint sooooooo younger than old r u again?



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