Saturday, February 03, 2007

Keep Your Chin Up Kid

Pssst! Wanna see a GIRL beat a BOY in a wrestling match?

I thought so who wouldn't?
Zip over to the bottom of this page and click on
Girl Beats Boy at

I noticed that once the young man got pinned that he could not stop smiling and he seemed completely distracted for some reason.
Listen kid, it is time to face up to some facts, Victory was snatched from the getgo.
You got licked by a girl and it could have gone the other way if you would have just used your head! Just nod if you can hear me.

Oh well you shouldn't be fighting with girls but it is nice to see that you obviously look up to them.

'Keep your chin up Kid'


  1. If you "watch" with your eyes closed, it doesn't sound much like wrestling at all.

  2. I was thinking exactly what brian said.

    Our young wrestler doesn't look all that displeased about being pinned, does he?

  3. today and for today only, i crown thee, H.E., the king of the double entendre! he he he he he he

  4. christine,
    Really? I thought that it was a splendid demonstration of physics.
    That young vixen has her centre of gravity directly above his centre of gravity and he is powerless..because all that he could think about was levering her fulcrum.

    You're right..which only proives that women use sex as a weapon even when we are fighting with them...mmm makeup sex.

    His little brain is so conflicted down there that he wouldn't even be able to remember his name..
    which is as pathetic as it is true.
    Poor kid is stuck in between a 'rock' and a 'hard place'.

    Why thank You m'lady.
    This poor kid probably dreamed about being 'entendher' for the entire 2 minutes...
    I wonder if they went out for a nibble after?

  5. Victory was "snatched." Har!

    Sit on his face!

  6. He seems to be struggling just enough to prolong the position. Haha, smart kid.

  7. Uh huh. Black stockings with lace on top. Good wardrobe choice for a wrestling match and sitting on a guy's face.

  8. Now now, h.e., I wasn't expecting this from you...

    Tut tut!

  9. mj,
    If you watched the entire episode you noticed that it felt so good that she went back and pinned him again..uh huh uh huh!

    Ha this kid doesn't exactly give it his all..and he can't stop smiling or's just not a fair fight.

    I thought that her ensemble was quite tasteful and I could not for the life of me understand why the young man was allowed to remain shirtless if his opponent wasn't...that's not fair!

    oh gautami,
    You know that I can't be serious all(any) of the time...
    you were dismayed when I posted the erection chart and I am sure that I will disapoint you again...
    scold me if you must but do not abandon me.

  10. Down side of dial up... there is no way i can watch it at home, and work may start monitoring my actions

  11. grumbletizer5:03 a.m.

    Clearly, some sort of missed communication took place here. I'm
    pretty sure that the dude wasn't there to read the meter, nor was he
    attired for a fancy dinner, but there's no excuse for poor etiquette. When the "cook" insists
    that you try an appetizer, common
    sense mandates prolonged, enthusiastic enjoyment, or else,
    someones feelings could be bruised-
    not to mention potential neck
    actually, under-dressed though he
    seems to be, gotta hand it to him
    for sticking it out...

  12. mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! thats hysterical!


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