Monday, January 04, 2010

circa March 06

The basic shape of my eyes is the result of combining the DNA of my parents..

but there is much more to this than meets the eye.

My Father's eyes sparkled with curiousity


My Mother's eyes scrutinized

How I see the world is partially the byproduct of observing how they viewed the world.

Likewise, how I look at things will affect how my children will examine their universe.

If I could pluck up the courage, I would shape my caterpillars (thanks Dad) with the hope of looking as dashing as Tyrone Power...whatever.

People take notice of your perceptions.
Sometimes people see what they want to see.
Do you let them see the real you?
Do you try to see what they see?
Are you taking a hard look at Life?


  1. The way I look at things these days is so much different than it was just two years ago that, I think, my wife is quite afraid for my children. I just hope that I can remain honest enough, as I do the looking, that they will copy the way of looking rather than my particular perspective.
    I've been reading some Walter Brueggemann lately and I like what he writes about regarding approaching the world and forming ones own world view. On the right there are the objectivists (fundamentalists), and on the left there are the Subjectivists (anything goes). He is suggesting a middle ground (probably more left than right) called perspectivism where everyone will glean some form of meaning from their particular environment, experiences, and situation. Everyone's found meaning is as valid as anyone elses, even if they conflict. I never would have imagined that I would ever believe this to be true, but now I think I like this.
    I don't have to go around and try to evangelize everyone anymore. I think people appreciate the acceptance.

  2. All that to say..."Nice eyes, Donn."

  3. People take notice of your perceptions.
    Sometimes people see what they want to see.

    Every time. I have come to realize that people are rarely thinking about what I do or how I think, as opposed to what they think or how they think.

    Do you let them see the real you?
    Do you try to see what they see?
    Are you taking a hard look at Life?

    I'm honest to a fault about my thoughts and emotions. I always let people see the real me regardless of the consequences. This gets me in hot water constantly! (either to boil or get jiggy in a jacuzzi - this can be either effect at any given time depending on how well the real me is received.) hah!

  4. I don't understand eyes. My brain doesn't process them, can't interpret what they're saying.

    Fucking asperger's.

  5. Bodhi the Buddhinite,
    So my son you have become enlightened and have chosen to follow the Middle Path.
    Fabulous re-examination of whatup.

    Isn't is great to feel comfortable in your own skin? Since you are on the cusp of Middle Age you have rightfully prepared yourself for a Sheehyian Passage.

    The secret is to finally abandon any hopes/desires/chances of living up to everyone else's perception of you and who they want you to be is time to just start being ME.

    I always wonder about my own personal paradigm look back and scratch your head and say to yourself AHA that's why I did this and this and this and this.

    LIFE starts at 40. Forget the peer pressure, toss your preconceptions that have pretty much all been obliterated by now anyway...and start enjoying the moments...sigh..good for you.

    Now arise
    SIR Brian the Menn-OHMMM-nite!

  6. HE - great advice to "start living in the moments."

    No. Excellent advice!

  7. Tidalgrrrrl,
    Hey you just gotta be you!
    You strike me as being brutally honest as well as being someone who likes to stir it up a little and doesn't shy away from opposing an issue.
    So I am always going to flatter you and try to keep you onside because I am a big wuss...

    chaucer's beeotch,
    I hate asparagus too!
    Windows are NOT the windows to the soul because actions speak louder than mean't if looks could kill then there wouldn't be any people left on Earth.

  8. _ _ _ _ _ _

    That's just me batting my eyelashes at you

  9. What ahppened to that bird post? I was unjustifiably proud of that

  10. cherrypie,
    'Fluttery' will get you everywhere.

    The birds were migrating to September Archives..

  11. "The eyes are the window to the soul...."

    You can sometimes tell if someone is smiling by looking at their eyes. Are they smiling too? Too many smiles are simply manipulation of mouth muscles; a person can do the most aweful things to you all while smiling, or they will smile at you while thinking "please, please, go away..."

    Of course, I am guilty of that, and I wish I could always be honest with my expressions, but sometimes honesty is the LAST thing you want to spring on someone if you really DO like them. Cunundrum. My particular affliction is NOT having a smile register on my face no matter how peaceful and happy I might be feeling, and people constantly misunderstand my mood, which sucks.

  12. "If I could *pluck* up the courage..." very clever Herr Escapeons. You may now advance to the role of Tyrone Powers.

    PS Chaucer's Beeotch is a scream. Must visit him/her/it now.

  13. sometimes I will feel too raw and at those times it's hard to make eye contact with people because you feel too exposed - as though everything can be seen.

  14. You know what's weird? When I was younger, I completely viewed the world through the eyes of my parents. Now, it simply isn't like that at all. I don't know why the change. I guess it's part of growing up. But when did that happen?

  15. The eyes have it!

    What you see with your eyes and what you decide to see in your head or heart AFTER THAT can be very different things.

    Like The Michael said, someone can smile at you and their eyes can give away the lie they're showing.

    But someone can look at you without a smile and you can see the depth and feeling in their eyes.

    The eyes are the direct line to the soul, I think. Everything happens when you meet those eyes.

    Cool post, and nice cropping on a whole bunch of generations of Homo Escapeonz.

  16. From the corner of Mr. Tidalgrrrl: "He hates asparagus? Cool!"

    My honey can't stand the stuff. You have a fan for life. Even iffen you are Cernadian.

    And you know - my MOTHER always said "iffen" so I know that's one thing at least that I got solely from a parent.

    =) And the butt. :P

  17. Check out the book, The Power of Face Reading! Great information!

  18. grumblant10:48 p.m.

    Damn, son! Who's got the soul of a poet, eh?

  19. THE michael,
    What do you mean you can't takes more muscles to frown than to smile
    Turn that :(
    into this :)
    Isn't Florida the SUNSHINY STATE?

    Yes she certainly is funny, smart and edgy..ooh lala!
    If I started plucking today I might be finished by Christmas..we'll see..I could just shave my caterpillars it's faster and I have to shave anyway...

    I hear ya! I make a point of making eye contact with potential bullys because I know that they are looking for signs of submission...they don't have any idea that I would use my last ounce of strength to drag their carcass into the great hereafter because being passive/aggressive is so much work that I am going to snap one day and the poor bastard who finally pushes me over the edge is going to wish that he had never been born....oops did I just say what I think I said?

    Well it is bound to happen. You decide what you want after you acquire enough information but be will find yourself re-evaluating some of them from time to time and you may even do a few 180s...keep learning, keep listening, keep reading, keep asking questions......
    you should learn something about everything
    and everything about something.

    wind and wuthering,
    Some people give you a complete overview of their essence in a millisecond with a single glance...others draw the blinds.

    We always 'look to see' if we are invited in or not. That and body posture pretty much sends us messages before we even get to open our mouths and ruin the moment.

    I actually love asparagus.

    I was just trying to be cute and not too offensive about replying to chaucer's aspergers syndrome which makes my touch of OCD seem insignificant. As you may have seen I completely f*cked up the entire reply and it is nonsensical at best...DUH!She will no doubt forgive me as you have when I say sumthin' schtupid.
    btw:Iffen is an awesome term and I will use it liberally iffen when I feel like it! How's that?

    That does sound interesting..are there lots of pictures? I am in the point in my life where a book has to have lots of pictures or I grow weary...sounds like I am on that slippery slope towards a happy second childhood...what are ya gonna do?

  20. GRUMBLY!
    Finally someone has the courage to state the obvious. My word this is a tough room.
    Aside from the ridiculous comment about Tyrone Power there was a deep soul searing warning about... um..
    there was a message in there...
    it is a cautionary tale about...about...

    Grumblefish..feel free to jump in any time and tell everybopdy what this post was really about...anyone




    Thanks man. I appreciate it.

  21. It's all about perception for sure but we do play into it, how right you are, for we wear masks and very rarely do we take it off... I think that with time and age I am more and more comfortable letting go and showing just me and if they don't like it well then, tough titties to that I say! FO SHO!

  22. some beautiful eyes there!

    hey HE did u read my 'Reminds Me Of You' post? :)

    ***Do you let them see the real you?
    ***Do you try to see what they see?
    ***Are you taking a hard look at Life?

    My eyes are always honest. And I do get in a lot of trouble cos of that. Im a very emotional person so I cant hide much. I cry easily and I laugh easily too. And when Im moody it shows too damn well!! :)

    btw u got sexy eyes HE!


  23. actually, i rather like asparagus.

    Asperger's Syndrome is something entirely dif. Brain malfunction. Can't distinguish faces or interpret facial expression, esp eyes. Bugger of a nuissance I can tell you.

    Don't be beatin' down on da innocent asparagus! Whadid it evah do t'you?!?!

  24. ps. many spanks for all the compliments. my ego likes hanging out here!

  25. the last post was great; well done!
    this post is great too. i say go for the Tyrone power look!
    disembodied eyeballs freak me out, but thats my problem.
    carry on.

  26. It can be quite scary to look too deeply into things. You could lose yourself x

  27. Another good post. You're getting very good at this.

  28. HE, I didn't say I COULDN'T smile, I just don't have a neutral expression that registers as one. And, in my case, I actually require MORE effort to smile than frown, since my mouth is already headed south to begin with.

  29. grumblicant4:22 p.m.

    All that, an' more... a light streams down through a crack in...

  30. mizzy la'bohemme,
    Although I only have your wide eyed glare from your blog banner to go by I know that your eyes would be transmitting 10,000 messages in rapid succession that I would have to choose from.

    I promise to never ever ever mention rice-a-roni again.

    I have seen your big beautiful eyes and they look warm and inviting and friendly and ready to laugh.
    I can't picture you frowning or mad..oh except for that little putz that borrowed your avatar and impersonated you.. LOOK OUT!
    OK I take it would look like ...TIGER MAD!!!!!

    chaucer's snitch,
    Asperger's would be a can't disinguish faces?? Have you ever posted on how you have adapted?

    Come here anytime you need that ego massaged..that's pretty much all that we do around here.

    ben jammin,
    Hey man. Yes as usual you are right..ignorance can be bliss.
    Once you get to be my age it doesn't matter as much how others judge you...or maybe it is due to the fact that you can't hear what they are saying or even 'see' their occular thought transmission without your glasses on. Hmmm ignorance is still bliss!

    THE michael,
    OH! In lieu of singing

    Grey skys are gonna clear up,
    Put on a happy face...

    You could just perfect that blank stare/dumb grin combo that I's weird but I guess I am just lucky to have been born with it. People always misinterpret it as a sign of intense is the sequence in my head with the blank stare/dumb grin on my face at a loud party where I cannot hear the other person anyway....

    "Please Do go on (acknowledging nod) I am utterly fascinated by your story"
    ..oh my look at those...
    eye contact re-established.
    (acknowledging nod #2)...
    "You're Kidding!"....
    lock in grin and let's have a little peek shall we...
    full smile..emergency full smile FULL SMILE DAMMIT!
    "So what did you say to this guy?..."

  31. grumbilical cord,
    A crack!?
    The only part that I understood was whatever.
    I guess that I am just not cut out for this artsy fartsy stuff...
    well there it 'tis...
    back to the old evolution/anthropolgy well...

    grey skys are gonna clear up,
    put on a happy face...
    now I can't stop hearing that song...

  32. The picture probably wouldn't be as interesting as those in your spanish georbe bush book!

  33. My problem is, if I encounter someone for whom I have zero respect or use for, I get the blankest, tightest look on my face. When I get cold, my face starts tapdancing right around zero Kelvin.

    Not that I'm a Mississippi River of charm to begin with . . .

  34. Wonderful Post HE!
    Some beautiful eyes here!
    And,I love those warm n sexy eyes
    of yours!!!
    You can compete with Hearttrob
    George any day!!!!
    Eyes... the windows to our soul!
    I love looking into people's
    eyes...the eyes tell all!
    Here's a poem....
    I call it....


    One thing when
    sorrow comes to me
    Has helped my spirits
    The quiet courage
    that I see
    In other's people's


  35. **keshidijireedo,


    btw HE when i asked u if u read my 'Reminds Me Of You' post, I didnt mean to force u to read my blog lol! There's HE mentioned in that post...thats why I asked if u read it :)

    ***TIGER MAD

    lol! Yeah I can be that. U wudnt wanns be anywhere near me then!


  36. im taking a hard, take no prisoners, critical look at life. Public perception is important so that we dont one day decide to walk naked on the street, but then people have to accept our evolution too...everyone has unique traits, and that means there are billions of variations out there which command respect, so let them have the respect they wish to receive. That is, show people your true self, and if they dont take it, go somewhere else where people might respect it. Simple as that.

  37. When you meet someone for the first time. I've always thought that you can see how they see you in their eyes. When ever I'm introduced to some for the first time, I always look them in the eye. That look tells me me right there if we can get along or not. The eyes are the window to the soul, and I believe that statement. I can't stand people that won't make eye contact when your talking to them.

  38. then it's probably best we never meet, naked nerd. i find it almost phyically impossible to make eye contact with people when they're speaking, owing to my Minor Brain Dysfunctions.

    I can't stand people who don't know the difference between "your" and "you're."

  39. angela,
    The pictures may not be as interesting but atleast they won't make me cazy like those 'staged' shots of horhey.

    Frankly old river boat gamblin' charmer.
    I respect the fact that you openly confess that when you meet people whom you have zero respect for or no use for that you can bounce quarters off of your face like a Marine probies cot...let that be a warning to any Extremist/Nutjob Advertisers who do not prefer your editorial not expect the warm fuzzies and a hug....forewarned is a forearm wascally wabbits.

    marge in charge,
    oh gosh...
    I wish that I had 'quiet courage in my eyes' instead of a loudmouth in*sigh....mouth.
    SEE. That's why you are the poet and I'm not.

    I read all of your posts! I'll check to see if I left my 2bits or not.
    Yes this dijireedoo suffix is a winner..I think that I might stick with it for a while.
    Those tulip pics were so pretty..I am always mystified that even your seasons are upside downunder!

    I know you are..good for you. Unfortunately most people don't like to have to thoink ( I just said thoink!?) THINK about 'stuff' and get very nervous around guys like us who need to scrutinize everything.
    It is way more interesting and challenging to keep asking tough is easy to just follow the 'herd' and 'blend' in...with the 'wool' firmly pulled over your eyes...(like all of those sheep references? how dreadfully cliched UGH!)

    who needs is too short.

    nekked nerd,
    No kidding..when someone is not making eye contact I always suspect that they are wearing a wire for the Feds. Especially when they ask me about exact dates and times...hmmm...I don't have to worry though, thanks to my nanosecond memory retention program I don't even remember what I wrote after no kidding....

  40. Oh no! Feel free to mention rice-a-roni as much as you want to! Bohemians simply like to jest!

  41. miz bohemia,
    OK you ca't kid a kidder!

    It is just that I cannot get the commercials out of my head whenever I hear the name San Francisco..rememberhose spots with the cable cars and the ding ding at the end...scarred for life I tells ya!

  42. Forget the rice-a-roni - get back to the fresh-steamed, buttery, salty aparagus. YUM!!

    Lest you think I'm without a clue, HE - I did catch the reference to Aspergers. I have a cousin who has Autism - but was initially diagnosed as having Aspergers. It does suck, and I have much sympathy (NOT PITY!!)for those who are challenged by it.

  43. tidalgrrrl,
    I would never underestimate your powers of observation.
    I am sorry that the media in your country is so immersed in the present climate of bipartisan is a stark reminder of how the rest of world watches with mouths wide open at how the American Media is so manipulated and off track. They seem to be relegated to reciting White House Press releases and talking points...guess that is what you get when 5 corporations own the entire industry.....c'mon bloggers you are the last hope of keeping them honest...keep digging!!!.

    You were right on the money when you said that there were so many IMPORTANT matters to discuss instead of the childish he said/he said crap that is mean't to deflect attention away from the Huge Pile Of Crap that your Armed Forces wersent to march through.

  44. sorry if my last comment came off as a bit tetchy. I know he didn't mean anything by it, but NN's comment got my blood pressure up because there are some people who have very legit excuses for not looking people in the eye, but we're often accused of having a suspicious manner or not being trustworthy by people who don't take the time to get to know us. makes it dead difficult to make friends and meet new people. that's all. anyway, sorry if i was rude.

  45. You know you can get viagra in eye drop form...... So you can take a long, hard look at your self:)

    People see a you shape by their own personal experiences of you and of life in general.

    You will never "understand" annother person you can only appreciate. as you have not had the same experiences.

    Put simply never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes, then you are a mile away you can judge them and you still have their shoes.

  46. People see you, in a light shaped by their own personal experiences of you and of their life in general.
    I have to slow down when i type/think.

  47. chaucer's bitch,
    I commend you on your blogetiquette. I can see how your situation would lead to misinterpretation. I was painfully shy as a child and remained so until middle school when I realised that I had to look the bully in the eye to get him off my back.
    Now I have the full Clint Eastwoodian "Go ahead..Make my day" glare down to a science.

    Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom!
    2 for 2! Don't stop now you are on a roll.
    I agree that you need to see where they are coming from..
    everybody has a 'story'...if you take the time to listen you always find out something amazing, sad, hilarious or a combination of the three...always!

  48. Yeah Im springing when ur autumning :):)


  49. "Likewise, how I look at things will affect how my children will examine their universe."


  50. Sir, I realize that my last remark was ambiguous; forgive me. I meant merely that the possibility of another generation of anthropologically-inclined online Seers is daunting, but in a good way...

    My best to Lord Tennisanyone.

  51. I finally landed up here after so long and read about what? Eyes?

    No eyes can be as beautiful as mine.

    So there!

  52. Chuacers B , have you concidered the Jackie O dark glasses , people will think you very hollywood but wont notice the eyes......Oh the glamour :-)

  53. Talking of eyes Mr H , Some gir was blatantly eyeing me up when I walked past her the other day , I said to my companion "Did you see that girl eyeing me up" to which he chirpilly enquired if both her eyes were pointing in the same direction.....flipping cheek

  54. I let others see most of the real me but I do keep somethings very personal and private. Certainly my sass is not one of those things. I am very protective of friends and family as well. I do take a hard look at life but because I was highly Type A pre-baby, I have learned to adjust, accommodate, and be much more flexible. I think life is full of lemonade, not lemons.

  55. You should definitely get your eyebrows shaped/trimmed.

    There is nothing more ageing than a man allowing himself to go grizzly (or as you might say, reverting to his natural type!)

    If only we girlies could drop at least 5 years off our ages so easily! Count yourself blessed.

  56. I haven't been on your blog recently.I like the changes you've made and I love that post!Eyes are the best!It's my secret weapon!


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