Friday, September 29, 2006

by Coppens

Some days BLOGGING is for the birds.
You get up before the cock crows and the cuckoo clock strikes six.
The early bird gets the worm.
No easy task for a nighthawk.

Sometimes you are cocksure that you won't post a turkey.
You have taken to BLOGGING like a duck takes to water and you are ready to soar like an eagle.
You get goose bumps just thinking about it.

You usually wing it, try not to parrot others or get pigeonholed.
You are a bit of a culture vulture and you try not to ruffle too many feathers.
Yes the eagle has landed and it is ravenous for a bird's eye view from the crow's nest.

Even though it started out as a lark, now you fancy yourself as a bit owlish.
With eyes like a hawk you swoop down on others with a swift wit and sink your talons into their funny bone.

But still...some may think that you are a quack, a bit of a loon.
Others may think that you are strutting around like a peacock.
Some find you too hawkish even though you are really a dove.
Hey what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

But what is this don't hear a peep and there is a goose egg in the comments. Don't birds of a feather flock together? you start squawkin.
BLOGGING is for the birds!

Did you just post your swan song? NO.
When the chickens come home to roost this albatross may have you eating crow but you are not as dead as a dodo.

Commenters are a migratory species.
Some of them may fly south for the winter and others may flock off for good.
Like water off a duck's back you have to let it go.
Keep building your nest egg and lining up your ducks in a row.
Stop brooding.
Nobody else can clip your wings!

Birds of a feather will always flock together.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I THINK I know who this was directed after, but I'm only assuming. I don't think it's me, because I haven't sank into the deep dark depths of despair for quit some time now over a nagging lack of comments. However, that Dodo looks suspiciously like MY Dodo, and I want my Dodo back.

    I can always count on you to skip the light fandango.

    Great post!

  2. Even if you took to ROBIN, were BITTER,Nasty, it would be a MYNER issue. TOUCAN play at that GAME.Your pOST RICH blog CHEEPS me coming back for more. You could never get on my TITS.

    ( I so want to add a COCKATOO in there but it might offend the LOVE BIRDS)

  3. And some of us are big Boobies.

  4. THE michael,
    Never assume because of the Ass out of Me thingamabob.
    Nope not YOU..
    you are self actualised, hip and happenin'

    This cautionary tale was a reminder for ME that I need to do this for myself..
    unless of course somebody starts paying me...
    then I'll be your Huckleberry.

    Very PUNNY!
    Wow I did miss a few didn't I.

    I think Tits are called "chickadees" in North America and Tit is from petit, right.
    Plus you Brits actually have a phrase 'Gettin on my tits!'

    I think that the only bird that you missed were BOOBIES
    (Blue Footed of course)

  5. mj,
    HA 'there there it 'tiz'

    I knew that somebody (probably you) would remind us about those BOOBIES...these birds are apparently dumb enough to land on ships and be eaten...

    hence the insinuation that calling someone a BOOB if they are dumb...

    but I have never found any correlation between BOOBIES and intelligence..

    I mean there is no connection between BOOBIES and being dumb...
    oh forget it...
    just diggin' my hole deeper and deeper..

    can somebody throw me a rope?

  6. *throws HE a "Mae West" life preserver*

  7. homosimpson,

    Haha. Wow. A lot of thought went into that. I can only imagine what my blog would be like if it got that kind of thought put into it.

    What I've come to realize about blogging is that it's most enjoyable when you do it for YOU. Do it the way you want to do it, and people will come. Some will leave, but you will always your regulars. Some days those regulars make blogging all worth it.

  8. I think Cherrypie wrapped up all the ones you didn't. Challenge: try it with, say, farm animals.

    Andrea (feeling sheepish)

  9. HIp? Happenin"? Coooooooooool! :)

  10. Leave it to Cherry to put a lEAGLE spin on things.
    NEST ce pas?

  11. Horsing around, are you?

  12. chaucer's beeotch,
    You are being more than generous.

    Did you know that shark researchers call that orangy color that they stick on lifevests YUM YUM YELLOW because it is so attractive to sharks!

    No kidding. Somedays it is sooo much fun to talk to commenters in lieu of people who are phoning you every five minutes to see if they can clean your furnace ducts.

    You mean make a pig of myself talkin' bull and just horsin' around..I may feel a bit sheepish about that..

    THE michael
    Yep. Hip and Happenin'.

    Confound it man..
    that's it....
    no really thats all I got...
    just say it out loud with a British accent...
    go ahead try it..
    Confound it man!
    That is the lawyers' motto.

    horsing, goofing, thinking out loud
    well yeah I got tired of cleaning my brain and just finished flushing it out when this landed on my screen.

    How very kind of you to say so... someday I may try to rhyme again which is what I should have done with this but I like surprises so somedays I just let it out..I thought that it pretty good..
    for grade 6.

  13. Very clever post! Seems like you got this blooging thing down pretty good. :)

  14. My favourite adage...
    It is hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by the turkeys.....

  15. nekked,
    I am still tinkering with who I want to be when I Blog up. That is the beauty of don't have to get pigeon-holed!

    Yes that is so true..except that Turkeys are soooo dumb..dumber than rocks...really really scary dumb...that if you can't fool them, then you are really in trouble.


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