Wednesday, August 02, 2006

MEL is mel-lif-er-ous

(sweet to listen to; especially Torme!)

My middle name is MELVIN. It was my Grandfather's name.

When I was a kid I would get teased about it even though I told the other kids how great my Gramps was. Whatev!

Mel is now a COOL name and truth be told, a few of my old high school friends still call me MEL.

Here are a few people other than my Grandfather who have made MEL a cool name....

MEL Melvin Jerome BLANC b1908-1989

The man of 1000 voices including Bugs Whats Up Doc Bunny/Tweety I Tot I Ta a Puddy Tat/and Daffy/Porky/Sylvester/Foghorn Leghorn....

sheer genius

MEL Melvin (Kaminsky) BROOKS b1926

One of THE funniest men in history who has won an Oscar/Emmy/Tony and a Grammy: Blazing Saddles/Robin Hood;Men in Tights/The Producers/Young Frankenstein

MEL Melvin Howard TORME b1925-1999

The Velvet Fog is considered one of the BEST male Jazz singers of all time! Dabadeedadeebadeebadoodadeebadoo..

MEL Columcille Gerard GIBSON b1956


Mad Max himself is back in the news for alleged drunken anti semitic rants however He is THE 'Mel'.

An Oscar winning director and giantic movie star I predict that he is not quite done yet.

Mel C (Melanie Jayne Chisoholm) b1974

Formerly known as Sporty Spice she is my girl and I play Goin' Down and When You're Gone w/Bryan Adams, atleast once aweek so nyeh!

Melvin van Horne aka SIDESHOW MEL b1990 Krusty the Clown's helper on the Simpsons whose outrageous Shakespearean accent has given us"Another tragedy averted by gun violence.""This place is the height of tedium."and who could forget.."My Barbara will no longer pleasure me with the French arts!"

What is your cool middle name?


  1. actually its John

    Melvin? Melvin Hayes played Gloria in It ain't 'alf hot Mum..... that may not mean much to you thought!

  2. No middle name, I am afraid...
    But if I ever had to choose one, I would pinch Pelé's name! Edson Arantes do Nascimento. And then, maybe I'd start playing footie again!

  3. Mel, Mel, Mel, let me see...what is my middle name...Terry. Donald Terry. Not sure where my parents got the name Terry. Maybe from "terry not" or even the fabric terry.

  4. Peter John,
    Greetings monsieur thequacksoflife.
    I will have to google that one mate.

    Cream Arantes,
    How about just plain old Pele? That would be cool.

    Donald Terry,
    Are you sure it wasn't after dinosaurs..Terrydactyl or Terrysaurus Rex?

  5. I was at a free outdoor Mel Torme concert where the stage was literally rushed by the blue rinse set in their walkers. I was sitting at the front and almost got trampled. You never forget a sight like that. Tom Jones should be so lucky.

  6. Such Mel-odrama over at your blog! I really don't visit enough so think I'll bookmark. After all, since you prance around naked chez Within Without with art then why wouldn't I? :)

  7. This is just a baldfaced attempt to narrow down our identities and I'm not falling for it. Ever since the Superheroes Relocation Program hid me away in the mundane population at large, insidious efforts have been ongoing to draw me out and have vengeance upon me for my past exploits. Well, I like not having to leap speed bumps in a single bound, running faster than a speeding electric moped, and making excuses for the "American way". Good try, HE.

  8. I don't have a cool middle name, dammit! It's Marie.

    My mother gave it to me so we'd have the same initials: SMP. I got my first name because apparently it "looked good in cursive." I have no idea what my mother was on before I was born, but I want some!!


  9. I don't have a middle name, but if I'd been a boy it would have been Emerson ( which is Jack's middle name).

  10. mine's pretty nifty - gabriella

    yeh kids can be real mean, your middle name rocks!

  11. Is Mel a Jewish name? ;-)

    I just love that ol man Mel damn funny and cute!

    Melvin is actually not bad name...atleast it's not Elvis or something. Even thats not bad actually.

    My middle name is 'trouble'.


  12. ok let me be serious. my middle name is 'Radhika'. I know, u shouldnt have asked lol! It's a sanskrit name.


  13. Mine are Cyrano Rumpelstiltskin.

    But then you already knew that.

  14. Irene, I fricken rhyme. My parents are cruel people! I like Mel.

  15. Sideshow Mel > all the other Mels. Except you and your grandfather.

    See, my middle name is Ryan, so it's kind of bland. I do like having the "R" as my middle initial though. It has some authority when you sai it. Arrr.

  16. Mine is Marguerite!
    I like it!
    Amd love Mel Brooks!
    You are so full of the best info.

  17. I thought no one was interested in my middle name!

    Its Sujata!

    An untouchable ( India still has caste system..I am ashamed of that fact),Sujata was the young woman who served Buddha a bowl of
    rice or milk. (The food differs depending on the country
    where the legend is being told. Indians say rice, but Japanese go for milk)She later became disciple of Gautam Buddha and was known Gautami Sujata.

    I was named after her by my dad.

    BTW, my plaster cast is off. My arm does need physiotherapy to remove the stiffness though. At least I will not write like e e cumminings now... all lower case!

    I like Mel....Mel Gibson! LOL!

  18. Mine's Isabelle, I hated it when I was younger, I thought it was an old ladies name. I quite like it now though.

  19. Thank You all so much....

    Those blue rinsers are oversexed and always getting into trouble at public events. I bet Mel was totally cooool eh?

    Now now... c'mon.. you have to agree that the specific piece of art in question was screaming out 'unchain me from this wall and let the world see me'...

    the Michael,
    curses..foiled again. I'll find do-gooder..and when I do...

    Marie is a sweet name..what are you talkin' about?

    How does one go about NOT having a middle name? I suspect that this must have something to do with MI5.

    Excellent...Gabriella is indeed a beautiful middle name. Use it when you become famous.

    Cool..Radhika is as exotic and lovely as Keshi. Kesh is Rad!

    It is sooo neat to have an interesting name and it will serve you well in this world of single name celebrities like Cher..Madonnna..Keshi...

    I thought that your middle name was Jingleheimer?

    anonymoose blogger,
    Ryan Coke or Ryan 7?

    Marguerite is mah-valouse dahleenk!
    Absolutely Mah-valous!

    Anna is a very cute and soothing name....but I bet schoolkids gave you the anna banana or the anna 1 anna 2. I must confess I was that schoolkid..I can't keep this bottled up any longer...I am sorry.

    Wow that is a totally cool name... Sujata... and a very cool story. I love it when there is something positive and powerful about your name.

    hey...I love Isabelle has a certain air of romantic mystery..
    in certain rural areas of our province your first name would be pronounced as
    HAT-ter....but Isss-a-bellllle glides off of Dracula's tongue like a seduction...although in rural areas I'm sure that they would spoil it with

  20. Ha! I don't know how you did it, but the assasine you sent was dispatched with extreme annoyance! You may view his grisly remains on my last post, if you have the stomach........

  21. the Michael,
    Everyone should read the Michaels backyard struggle with the serpentine intruder....

  22. chinese' middle names are boring. you know, like, lim boh keng, tan ah chuan. lol.
    the newer generation may have nicer sounding ones, eg. lee suet fern, tang su lin...
    the 'now' generation are unpronounceable by 'english standards,' they have the hanyu pinyin which translates them to mandarin words. (hope i am making some sense to you)
    new names now look like chen xi wen, li zhu xin. even i have trouble remembering and saying these names.

  23. I changed it. Too hard to pronounce if you weren't German.

  24. Misti,
    You have somehow managed to make middle names harder to understand than Chinese Math.

  25. lol some friends do call me Rad :)


  26. within,
    Your middle name is integrity

    You are RAD!

  27. HE...Yes, I was named after a dinosaur. What a hoot you are!

  28. I like that you say...
    Marguerite is mah-valouse dahleenk!
    Absolutely Mah-valous!
    Sadly, I have never used the name
    Marguerite... and I love it!
    I got Margie from Marguerite.
    Luckily, I have never used my fist
    mame which I absolutely hate...
    or lucky my family never used that first name they gave me.
    Strange... I guess they were being
    kind not to saddle me with a horrible name... I was way too cute to go thru life with -------
    nope, that name I cannot devulge.
    I am afraid if I do people will
    start calling me it!

  29. I dont have one...damn!

    Buy u can call me siva 'particle' nesan

  30. Grandpa Leonard lyle
    Dad Barry leonard
    Me Aidan Barry

    My son ( in a couple of years at the moment he is at the some assembly required stage)

    will be Douglas Aidan

  31. Ok so like you drove past my place and never even honked as you went by to see them Icelanders. I'm crushed.
    Daryl and my other brother Daryl is thy name in the middle.
    How did you like our little storm we had on Saturday, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.
    As for the question of where we go from here it is quite simple. Where do you want to go? Be careful what you wish for you just might get it.
    I have experienced a great deal of loss in my very short period of time on this earth and all i know is that with all the turmoil in this lifetime that surrounds us that the next place can only be heavenly.
    Say hi to Alicia and the Riddler.
    Peace and light,

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