Thursday, July 06, 2006


Believe it or not, one hour away from Whateverpeg lay three kilometres of some the finest white sand beaches in the world!
Welcome to Grand Beach.

I know that a lot of foreigners think that this is the land of ice and snow. Even some Americans living right next to us in Minnesota and North Dakota imagine that we live in igloos and eat whale blubber. HUH?!
We have Fantastic Summers!

In fact Grand Beach was once voted by no less than Playboy Magazine
as one of the top ten beaches
in the world!

On hot summer weekends 20,000 people can swarm the place to soak up rays and cool off in Lake Winnipeg, the 11th largest lake in the world.

As a Prairie Boy I was fascinated with the ocean and the terrors that lay beneath the surface. In my mind the ocean or any body of water larger than the bathtub was crammed with killer fish waiting to eat people. Actually I have managed to swim in both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean without being eaten.

Isn't this crazy?
Actually I will be chillaxin', reading my Psychology Today, and splashing away the hours with my youngest replicant and goodladywife....with one nervous eye scanning the horizon.....theme from jaws..da da da...

Yes the forecast is excellent
and there hasn't been a shark swimming here for millions of years.


  1. For millions of years? You sure about that? Hmmm... ;-)

    Have fun and live it up! Soak up the rays and enjoy!

  2. Mind the mosquitoes and enjoy yourself!

  3. Have a blast! I can't wait to get out to the beach.

  4. You didn't tell them about the horseflies with the four-foot wingspans...

  5. miz bohemia,
    I'm fairly certain about the sharky thing..yikes..if there was a rogue maneating shark terrorizing a summer resort I could write a novel about it and make millions!
    Wow that would make a great book..
    I just need a title ..hmmm!

    The 50 knot winds whipping off the lake will keep the world's deadliest animal away from my tender juicy buhluudd!(pronounce it like Dracula)

    You're back Hurrah! I will be making sand angels and castles within the hour. Hopefully there won't be too many perfectly sculpted young hardbodies meandering about..I can do without the shame spiral...sigh.

    I will bring a bucket of pig fat and honey to schmear all over some poor unsuspecting 'decoy' that I locate napping on the far end of the beach.

    Old trick but it keeps the flies away..hehehe.

  6. Is dat a nude beach!!! omg!!! i SO WANNA COME THERE BRO!

    hAVE Loads of fun! Beware of jelly fish, their sting is bad bad bad, n then u have to p*ss on the wound to make the pain go away...

    Hemmm...Prairie boy...u just inspired another short story tittle for me...

  7. I want to go to that Beach!
    Wish I was there now!
    Loved the pictures!

  8. I promised Joyce and the kids that we'd go at least twice this summer...perhaps we'll see you in the crowd of 20,000.
    I'll be the one at the beach volleyball with the red licorice thong advertising for Speedo...or NOT.

  9. The pig fat and honey would save the poor soul from dying of third degree sunburns, but he'd die from horsefly bites.

    Just make sure you weren't that poor soul...

    Note to Ghost:

    Lake Winnipeg is a freshwater body of H2O. The nearest salt water is in Hudson Bay, about 1,000 miles north and within shouting distance of the Arctic Circle.

    We're closer to polar bears than we are to any jellyfish. But I'm sure HE would have watched for them and sharks anyway as he waded in three feet of water.

  10. Enjoy it. I'll be honest. I always thought of Winnipeg as a landlocked, cold city. I guess that's a better description for EDM though.

    I truly had no idea about the beach though.

    During the last family trip to Florida, I wasn't worried so much about the sharks or jelly fish, but the seaweed touching the bottom of my feet.

  11. ghost particle,
    It isn't a nudie beach but there is plenty of Schwing!
    I am always amazed at the spectacle of nearly nude people on parade. Why is it that those who should show it off don't and those that do should not????

    Thanks. Although the shark pictures provided an aura of danger the only thing that bit me were the #%*@n' horseflys and sandflys aaaarghh!

    Please let me know when you are going so that I can snap some photos for the Carillon. Do you really have a red butt floss swimsuit? How european!

    I will direct all further inquiries in my comments to your blog @ mrgeografrickingee.

  12. Ewwww, sorry, I didn't let YOU go on your rant about it, in which you most likely would have also explained the lake is the remnants of Agassiz, that it's a key marshland habitat too and OOPS!

    There I go again...

    Wish I had a red butt floss bathing suit like Brian...

  13. I often swam in the oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers in the half of my life. I love being in the water. Now I live in a place where my best bet is a pool, and I hate swimming pools. I miss being on the beach. I have to move.

  14. On sharks we have a small bay near where i grew up. It had a massive shark population, being unimaginative people in Aus, we called it Shark bay. Later on in history we noticed a huge decline in the number of tourists to the area, so the council updated shark bay to......

    Safety Beach.

    Mostly the shark population had dropped down though.

    DO you just read playboy for the articles as well?

  15. Ha, right...the Carillon. I'd like to keep my job for next year. And no, I don't actually WEAR the butt floss in public, but I am quite European in some other ways...YEAH BABY.

  16. You guys have nude beaches in the 'Peg? :(

    Or is that lake Nipissing? Zing.

  17. within,
    For gawdsakes man let it go!

    Yes indeed. One must feel the freedom of helplessly bobbing about in a large open body of water containing huge multicellular organisms with triangular shaped dorsal fins and serrated teeth gliding beneath your naked limbs in the unseen darkness of the abyss to really enjoy swimming.

    The Japanese trawlers are decimating your offshore shark population but the inshore group still relies on tourists. Safety Bay HA! Your country is famous for its sharks and the success of netting the beaches to protect the swimmers. They just don't mention that half of the sharks are snagged heading back OUT to sea...hmmmm.

    Yes I did read Playboy for the articles...and to carefully inspect the delightful airbrushing on those nekked women!

    brian the M,
    I am unsure if I want to pursue this line of questioning any further just in case you actually divulge your EUROPEAN traditions.
    Does it involve yodelling
    RI CO LA!?

    It isn't a nudie beach but with today's beach attire if you have a shred of imagination left it isn't much of a 'stretch' to get to SCHWINGVILLE!

  18. Beach is out of the question right now cos it's bloody cold here :(



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