Saturday, July 08, 2006

Legalise Love

I have noticed lately that there are a number of you bloggers who are poets.
I love poetry but for some reason I can only remember one poem.
I know that is pathetic.
Oh sure I can remember snippets of a few poems but for some reason my brain cannot retain poetry.
I can find no rhyme or reason for this defect.

This week I shall attempt writing some poetry of my own but until then I present for your enjoyment the only poem that I can remember in it's entirety.
It is a lovely piece about lawyers and love.
I hope you like it!

She offered her honor.
He honored her offer.
And all night long,
it was honor and offer!


  1. Ha, ha, haaa! You silly, silly man!

    I do look forward to your poem! Go on and get to it then!

  2. Hahaha Cheeky Monkey!

  3. Very lyrical. I can visualize it.

  4. O poet most foul and vernacular!

    Fie and for shame!

  5. Here I sit waiting for the Humble Pie to be served up by MJ.
    The EYEtaleeans defeat FRANTS in the Final...sigh...

  6. Great one and I look forward to your poetry.

  7. Err, there once was a man from Nantucket...

    Oh wait, that one ends poorly.

    I remember in grade 4 I had to remember a Robert Louis Stevenson poem. I can still recite most of it.

  8. Emily Dickenson would be proud.

    A year ago, you probably would have been able to apply for some sort of arts funding from the feds. Of course now, I think that money tap has been turned off.

  9. haha!
    That was funny..well attempted must say...though theres a long road ahead!:-)

  10. Oh luvie darling, this is grand! So full of naught bits and such.

    I love a great limerick! They're such bawdy fun. Heck. Shakespeare penned plenty. Even your ever luvin' Lady Wordsmith has tried (less successfully than Willy) to pen them. So have it luvie! Take pen in hand and give us your poems.

    With bated breath I will sit
    to read the poem you have writ;
    And please do hurry,
    lest there be worry
    H.E. is losing his wit!

  11. reyspoutine11:29 p.m.

    ha ha.. 'take pen in hand'
    now who's writing the naughty bits?

    s.s., h.e., d.c., that was your poem, wasn't it?

    a point of interest, the word verification thingy just asked ME to type a naughty word.

  12. Great play with words, HE.
    Can't wait for the next one!

    eat my pants

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Hurry, Donnie, don't delay
    Inner poet calls, whatcha say?
    Rhyme or reason, reason or rhyme
    Get goin, man! Now's the time.

    MJ gotcha, good!

  16. LOL! homo! Not bad!

    Start writing poetry with SONNETS!

    Try reading Shakespeare. He wrote more than 150 sonnets.

  17. Not last night but the night before
    Three little tom cats came knocking at our door
    One with a fiddle and one with a drum
    And one with a pancake stuck to his bum.

    Not sure where I heard that, but I think it may have been an early Tennyson x

  18. LOL great poem of honroing n offering there!


  19. Let 'er rip! I see few signs of innate bashfulness, but if you'd like a few warm-up swings, try a little 'utility' poetry before commiting your soul to stanzas. It
    will add yet another dimension to
    your already-forested linguistic
    repertoire. Take comfort in the
    observation that anyone who can make sense of poetry is either troubled or delusional- ideal
    demographics, in the blogosphere.

  20. I loved it!
    More poems from you please!

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Thank You All for your kind comments.
    I had no idea that I could touch so many hearts with simple words about the legal definition of true unwavering love.

    You complete me...
    Ah that zany Zellwigger gal cracks me up.
    You had me from hello...pfft
    hey this is gonna be my next poem...

  23. is an illusion, its like the magicians play, if you see it then you will know it, if not just clap like everybody else.


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