Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Man Eating Shark

Blue water,
white death.

First dive,
last breath.

Grey steel,
black eye.

Men fish,
sharks die.

Myths live,
bowls fill.

C'est le fin,
spoons kill.

In the last twenty years 75% of the Great White Shark population has been eradicated by mankind. Remarkably, Great Whites release their grip and swim away from most of the 8 humans that they mistakenly attack every year.

In Asia prestige seekers devour $200 a bowl shark fin soup irresponsibly believing that it contains magical powers.
This is happening at the expense of an estimated 100 million sharks slaughtered at sea every year.
Most of these sharks are cruelly de-finned while they are still alive, tossed overboard back into the sea to spiral and drown in the abyss below.


  1. guess very soon we will only be left with human race as the only race on earth as we seem to be hunting everything else!

  2. Your time at the beach has had an effect on you.

    There needs to be an effort from gov'ts around the world to stop the sale of shark products. Then maybe there can be an overall effort to stop the hunting.

  3. Stupid is as stupid does. I think I'll have a nice bowl of shrimp fried rice, or butterfly shrimp, or shrimp scampi....

  4. That's sick! No wonder sharks dun trust humans anymore :)


  5. Firstly why dont sharks eat clowns....

    They taste funny:)

    Why dont sharks eat lawyers...
    professional courtesy:)

    Sorry bad jokes. Being Australian we grow up arround sharks, we are home to the highest percentage of shark attacks in the world. 27% of the worlds shark attacks happen in our waters. considering our population of 20 mil thats a fair bit of our population. We learn to respect the ocean at a young age, you have to remember we are invading their world. If they attack it is generaly out fault.

    Banning shark products is a good idea, but you end up with the same problem as with comercial/scientific whaling. Unless the whole world agrees to it, it will always continue. It is also nearly impossible to enforce.

    Alot of our coast lines have marine national park status which helps to protect our lovable man eaters. Which is truly fantastic.

  6. beautiful...but killing!

  7. There is only one answer: inter-breed humans and sharks, to create a race of super soldiers.

  8. That's disgusting.

  9. It's another example of how superstition, stupidity and lack of ability to empathize with suffering of others leads to murder.


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