Friday, July 14, 2006


Whenever I try to understand the strife in the Middle East I hear this song.

Blood On The Rooftops
Wind and Wuthering

Dark and grey, an English film, the Wednesday Play
We always watch the Queen on Christmas Day
Won't you stay?
Though your eyes see shipwrecked sailors you're still dry
The outlook's fine though Wales might have some rain
Saved again.

Let's skip the news boy (I'll make some tea)
The Arabs and the Jews boy
(too much for me)
They get me confused boy (puts me off to sleep)
And the thing I hate - Oh Lord!
Is staying up late, to watch some debate, on some nation's fate.

Hypnotised by Batman, Tarzan, still surprised!
You've won the West in time to be our guest
Name your prize!
Drop of wine, a glass of beer dear what's the time?
The grime on the Tyne is mine all mine all mine
Five past nine.

Blood on the rooftops - Venice in the Spring
Streets of San Francisco -a word from Peking
The trouble was started - by a young Errol Flynn
Better in my day - Oh Lord!
For when we got bored,
we'd have a world war,
happy but poor

So let's skip the news boy (I'll go make that tea)
Blood on the rooftops (too much for me)
When old Mother Goose stops - they're out for 23
Then the rain at Lords stopped play
Seems Helen of Troy has found a new face again.


  1. Its so easy to overlook the true toll of war. We are confronted with figures such as one hundred dead. For each person, that may be one wife, one son, one daughter, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. The true impact of the lives lost is nearly incalcuable. Some how we come to a figure called collateral damage (which turns my stomach everytime i hear it).

    All of this over gods true name and a patch of dirt not much larger than a paddock.*

    It has to stop eventually.

    *Darling downs in Aus is a padock larger than the state of Isreal.

  2. Seriously, if you put an Arab guy next to an Israeli guy, I can't tell the difference.

  3. Wow nobody wants to touch this one with a ten foot pole!

    The true victims of war are the innocents that are suffering as we speak. Centuries of hostility are breaking free once more. I posted these lyrics because they seem to reflect the baffling indifference of the common man. We treat this ancient struggle as something unsolvable and hopeless. What if the rest of the world said look guys you get this parcel of sand and you get this chunk of the dessert now stop fighting what would happen? Too much for me?

    Seriously you kill me. I always get nervous when these guys start fighting because if all of the dominos start to line up it can get out of hand very quickly.

    I am not sure if the other bloggers are nervous about choosing sides but it is women and children on either side of this conflict that are going to pay.
    Religion. politics and oil is an explosive combination. The match has been struck....hang on to your butts.

  4. Depressing. Horrible. Wrong. Terrorism is terrorism, whether it is perpetrated by a small group of people or by a state...

  5. **For when we got bored,
    we'd have a world war,

    isnt that so strange yet so familiar.

    I say Peace for Peace.


  6. apathetic horde, as you so bored, do not applaud a bloddy war.

    Like all deep thought this gem was on the back of a toilet door in a melbourne trainstation.


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