Saturday, July 15, 2006

What is Your HUMOR Style?

My favorite zine is Psychology Today. I am fascinated at how evolution has molded us homo escapeons into such bizarre creatures. Trapped in a nonsensical world we have developed gigantic brains (although we apparently only use 10% of the available space on our hard drive ) with a sense of humor that no other creatures seem to have.
This month the power of humor is examined. One of the featured articles, Rod Martin's Humor Styles Questionnaire, describes the prevailing styles.

This is an aggressive style that is used to manipulate and criticize through teasing and ridicule. They cite Ann Coulter as an example. The just kidding defense is used to assuage confrontation but apparently this type can take a toll on relationships. I scored very high in this category (no really?) but apparently it does not mean that I am any less well adjusted.

Witty banter, fun to be around and mood lightening people like Ellen DeGeneres. The we're all alike and in this together and we all find the same things funny style is universally attractive. The dark side is a feeling of inclusion and that means that somebody is on the outs. I scored high in this one as well so nyeh!.

Being the butt of the joke for the amusement of others. The dark side is that it erodes self respect and can lead to deppression which has ironically taken the lives of so many comedians like Chris Farley. Self loathing can make others uneasy in large doses but a little at a time can get you invited to a lot of social gatherings. I scored very high here too sigh....

The current King of this type of humor is Dave Barry.
Someone who doesn't take themselves too serious. These types make you step back and laugh at the absurdities of life. This is a healthy self enhancing type. Martin suggests that this type of humor doesn't require other people to entertain because you can make yourself laugh and enjoy life. My score: High, honest.

I guess that you can have a combo sense of humor and once again trying to package human behavior into a nice little package all tied up with a bow proves to be impossible. Obviously professional comedians need a style to be branded and established but I am talking about us everyday garden variety people.

Like most of you lot I do make an effort to find something funny about most things. Some days I try to soften the sting of horrible circumstances with humor and others I want to f*cking scream.
Perhaps that is why so many of you are having a hard time pigeon-holing me. One day I am going on and on about evolution or religion, the next day sex, next day politics. I also leave mushy comments that are emotionally charged and I drop flippant remarks that may cause some consternation. Whatever.

I am just like you.
We humans are all very complex and our ever changing moods reflect this.

Oh sure I come across as a Liberal Agnostic Smartass on most issues but I desperately adore connecting with the Bonding style humor as much as the other three types.
I am still a newbie blogger so perhaps I will eventually settle into a more permanent rut, I mean style. Hey I haven't written anything for 20 years so give me a break!

What I have noticed on my blog roll is that I am attracted to the brainiac bantering of the smart n' snarky set and for balance I temper this predilection by visiting all of the gentle peaceful poets and the artsy esoteric searchers. I love playing devil's advocate and yet I race to bolster the rights of the underdog even if they are absolutely 100% wrong. Overall I try to have fun because Life is short and other people are what make it interesting and worth living.


  1. Yeah, I think you will eventually find your writing style. Like you said, we've seen a few different types from you, but if you're anything like me, you'll settle into one over the others.

  2. This is great. Thank you! My humor? All things...I love humor that involves letting the truth out and surprising people.

  3. reyspoutine11:02 a.m.

    ha ha ha... yeah, that ann coulter, she is funny a sort of McCarthian kind of way.

  4. I don't have any sense of humor. I lost it little by little over the years by reading the news and looking in the mirror. (Is it #3 or #4 on your list? :-) )

    P.S. The "we use only 10% of our brain" idea is a meme that is no longer accepted by scientists (if it ever was accepted in the first place). The latest research indicates that we do use all or most of our brain. I can't seem to remember where and how that meme started, I am pretty sure I've read about it somewhere. I guess the part of my brain that is responsible for this information is not being used very well, if at all. ;-)

  5. omg I was thinking of posting a similar post but I think u've done it the best :) I gotta come back on this one cos I wanna read it again and right now Im in a big hurry to go to the mall - it's my sis' bday next wknd and havent got anything for her Im panicking. Will be bakk to comment on this brilliant post. Humor is something I cant live w.o. u know that na hehehe...

    tc n have a good wknd matey!

  6. I like your writing style, it is very human. You capture humanity at its best and worst , with a sense of humour which strengthens your argument.

    I dont think people can be pidgeon holed, most of those surveys allow you to see what you want to see. Generaly with an egocentric bias.

    Sort of like horrorscopes, if they said your head would fall off at an innapropriate moment, and dwarves could be a prominent feature in your day. (just a reflection of yesterday.) people would stop reading it.

  7. Psych Today's always a fun read. Thanks for pointing to proof of why. Almost tempted to renew my subscription. Almost.

    The fact that the questionnaire pins humor down to a measly few styles keeps that almost from ringing the bell. Same for those who suggest you should narrow your blogging style to a singular content.

    Sure. A singularly defined blog - and for that matter, a sense of humor - will make you easier to read, especially among the linear set. (no offense to those walking that line) But a singularly defined blog/sense of humor also makes for a narrow mind. Or rather - reflection/projection of a narrow mind.

    Clearly, you are an Escapeon of broad interests and intellect - as evidenced by your blog's posts, comments to the blogged posts of others, and (sigh) results of this questionnaire. It can't be contained in one narrow scope. And the fact you haven't tried to thus far proves you are also generous.

    Of course, I am hopped up on pain meds right now and feeling very dopey happy. I could be very generously wrong. In fact, the truth of it is all is that I am now less interested in your great intellect and instead very curious as to whether I am ranked by you as:
    a brainiac with smart n' snarky bantering;
    a gentle peaceful poet;
    an artsy esoteric searchers;
    or if the combo rule applies to your categorization of blogrolled bloggers.

    Hmmm. Wonder what that confession, and the fact that I found the pic of the 'bespectacled dog’ to be hilarious says about me and my humor style?

    Ego-centric slap-stick anyone?

  8. anonymous bloggerooski,
    Thanks I think that I'll pick caustic bastard trapped in a elevator with a kindergarten class and tourists who do not speak english.

    Ah my peaceful poet friend, forever tossing the gentle words of encouragement right into my lap. You are a prince.

    I know that you think Ann is hot and that you could make her see the light.It is like teasing the girl you like in grade 6..if you bug them a lot they know that you like them...neener

    I sit corrected.
    I of course should have stuck with my initial suggestion that I only use 10% of MY BRAIN.
    I am deeply concerned that you think that your sense of humor is lost. Stop watching the news. The world will not change one iota if you miss a day here and there..except for the huge sense of relief and a great nights sleep.

    I use to be a news junkie...4 sets of news every day...aaarggh! Now I catch up in 5 seconds on the web without the hyperbole. If something is of special interest I can search it and file it. Just a thought.

    As for lookin' in the mirror go get a 'mirror mirror' on the wall that tells you how great you are every morning!

    You rascal, I know that you love to laugh. Go get your sis something and we'll see ya later. toodaloo roo.

    Well I take that as a huge compliment. I try to lighten the mood to disarm and because chances are incredibly good that I am completely talking out of my ass.
    Horrorscopes alarm me..I read that because of the Earths wobble on its axis that the whole schlemeel is out of whack by one whole month since the Babylonians used it! I know that they figured out 365 1/4 days so they had incredible insight. I think that on the whole fortune cookies are a better bet but thats just me and I could be wrong.

  9. lady wordsmith,
    Aha while I was answering who should arrive but one of the great 'combo' stylists.
    Dopey happy is a 'good thing'.

    LW I have a little OCD so I like to categorize everything and file it. People of interest however defy gross classification unlike right wing nutjobs!
    My compromise is to start by creating a genre and then expanding and ending up with 1000 genres which I am so unhappy with so I start all over again with a new name for the same genre and...well you can guess where this is going.

    I hope that when you come down from dopey-happy mountain that your uncommonly astute assessment of my BS is unchanged.
    I would be so crushed...le sob, le anguish ;)

    THERE NOW..let that be a warning to any future comments laden with so called constructive criticism. I am a ticking timebomb of endless nuisance comments waiting to explode on your blog..HA HA (as I swing on my chandlier out through the window and into my patch of gout weed)

  10. Would you suggest trying on different styles? i.e. writing our blogs in the gentle peaceful poet style this week and the artsy esoteric searcher style the following week?
    *laughs at self (Laughing at Life Humor style)*

  11. you have an amazing capacity for understanding people. i enjoy your company. thank YOU!

  12. You make me laugh almost every single day with your spin on things and your witty comments.

  13. mj,
    I did the groovy peaceful poet thingy this week! I guess that means that it will be artsy esoterica this week WOOHOO!Maybe something on Gumby turning 50!

    Merci. You are very kind. I am fascinated with people and I am trying to understand why we act so goofy and ignore almost everything that has been discovered about our species and our planet in the last 300 years????

    I am so relieved that you have risen from the ashes. I was concerned that our new alien insect overlords had stolen your identity when your juicy jaw vanished from view.

    Isn't the witness protection program a blast? I always ask for more money everytime they start asking me to return the launch codes. if!

  14. Fortune cookies anything that is tasty has to be an accurate way of telling the future.

    My last fortune teller i saw was.

  15. Im bakkk :)

    Im all except the put-down and hate-me kind...I hate ppl like that. ppl who put others down in their jokes and ppl who laugh at themselves to the extent of losing self-respect.

    I just love to have a kookaburra laugh every now n then LOL!

    U have a variety of writing styles mate...and thats the best part abt ya. Whereas Im just stuck with one sappy style :):)


  16. now this is a revelation!

    I love day to day humor. the ones that strikes you sudenly and then stays forever to you alone, to remember and laugh...

  17. aidan,
    She was yummy was she? Did she crumble in your arms?

    keshiburra sits in an old gum tree...
    Your style is not sappy. I always get the impression that I am hanging on to the tail of a huge tiger shark cruisin through beautiful warm blue water when I am over in is magical and surreal...but you don't ever forget what is up there at the front..the business end of this big fish...just in case you get any bright ideas and decide to say something annoying or rude...

    ghost particulars,
    Funny is funny and it is hard to nail down. I think that you are right, the element of surprise is usually the deciding factor.

    white forest,
    hello wf, I am well pleased that you had a larf at this drivel...a little too much sun on my head...losing perspective...must save others....

  18. hehehe thanks!


  19. You use about 1 per cent of your brain, which is the REALLY scary part...

    You are a jerk of all trades in the humor department and a master of all, I would say, as I listen to the incessant strumming of Eagles songs from the apartment above, evidently some guy who must be practising to be the next Canadian Idol...

    You're able to laugh at everything while simultaneously recognizing the real significance, a rare gift.

    Your innane absurdity is eclipsed only by your creativity in portraying it all, and you purposely mask your message under the guise of amazing talent that I'm not sure even you understand.

    If the people out in blogger world could only hear your laugh...


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