Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Pick Of The Litter!

I cannot stop laughing about Ceiling Cat!

I sit in humble awe at the prodigious fine work of mj at infomaniac.
Do yourself (ha ha) a favor and check out the Wankerfest post:Tuesday, July 18 .
I've got nuthin' cause I am still laughing at this stupid Ceiling go on, get out of here...Ceiling Cat...hahahahahaha


  1. Infomaniac's pics were funnnnnayyyy! :)

    lol @ceiling-cat! Must be watching kitties??


  2. excuse me!!!!!

    i ain't laughing!

    you have to do this..

  3. keshi,
    Perhaps I have had a little too much Sun lately (went to the beasch again) but Ceiling Cat has left me gigling for three full days? I may need serious professional help?

    I am sorry if I you were less than impressed by my complete submission to the piercing glare of the Ceiling Cat and the strangest British charity event of the year. Queen Victoria will be rolling (probably not the laughing kind of rolling but who knows?) in her grave!

    I just can't seem to win. If I try to explore deep thoughts...nobody reads them. It's summertime, what can I say. Aside from a handful of diehards the opinions of others that mattered are off being amused elsewhere. Perhaps I am unaware of all the fragile egos or unprepared to view this as a fierce competition to see who is the smartest or funniest?!

    Whatever. I may just comment for a week or two until I can determine why I would continue this.

    If I can't be an informative thought provoking wiseacre smartass skirting the edge of public decency bylaws then I think that I'll pack it in.

    gautami my dear, I realise that this may not suit everybodys definition of humor but it 'killed me' especially that Ceiling Cat. That goofy bugger poking his head down...all the other stuff is not shocking to me but I do realise that some may wince at the topic of self fulfilment issues.
    But again I go back to Ceiling Cat!....

  4. *signs petition to support HE's right to laugh out loud at Ceiling Cat and post about it*

    Now everyone chant together...
    "Home Escapeons! Homo Escapeons!"

    Please carry on carrying on and giving us both food for thought and lots of laffs. You're doing a stellar job on both accounts.

  5. What are you talking about?

    I'm emailing you.

  6. Too funny. Cats are indeed curious creatures. We have three so we have to be VERY careful. LOL

  7. lolz if Im ur shrink wud u be better?



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