Friday, July 21, 2006

A Fall In Summer

I'm instantly agnostic,
each time I watch the news.
Six billion people living with,
Twelve billion different views.

There has to be a reason,
to explain our bad behavior.
But asking why is treason,
if I exclude your saviour.

You talk about the next world,
and it makes me wonder why.
Heaven may be the place to see,
but I still don't want to die.

You may say that I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
Imagining a cooler way,
to spin around the Sun.

One day when this is over,
and we join the dinosaur,
I'll bet whoever started this,
won't try it anymore.


  1. A poet? Damn! Anything you CAN'T do?

    There is a narrow window approximately every 385 hours in which a rare arrangement of neurons fire at pricisely the right time and I can wax poetic. Unfortunately, this window usually shows up when I'm asleep, already engaged in a wet dream or a night terror, thus I end up with.........hell, I don't know, I lose it within three minutes of waking up.

    It was beautiful, so thank you.

  2. Another great post from the most thought-provoking poster on Blogger.

    Oddly enough, there are a lot more people who believe in something-someplace that no one has ever seen or proved exists.

    Heaven may be the place to see,
    but I still don't want to die.

    I agree 100%.

  3. *You may say that I'm a dreamer,
    but I'm not the only one*
    neat piece...guess wer all dreamers trying to find our heaven!

  4. It seems to be a catch-22: the reason the idea of heaven exists is because people want to hope for a life that is better than what they see before their eyes, one of the reasons what they see is so sad is because most of the people hope that the next life will be better so why waste too much time improving this world...

    I was an agnostic for a long time, until one day I "woke up" and realized that the reason I could not find any answers was that I was asking all the wrong questions. If it makes sense...

    Thank you for the poem (and the photo is very cool too). :-)

  5. Yowsa. Brilliant. Talk about rupturing the rapturists.

    I agree with anonymous: the most thought-provoking poster on Blogger, you bugger.

  6. the Michael,
    It was a little thing that came to me while I was thinking about how little children and grandparents are being crushed to death instead of the hate filled assholes who start these things.
    Wake up world!

    anonymouse pad,
    I thank you and share your perplexed state of bewilderment. Why we humans have been allowed to soil Eden for so long is beyond me.

    John Lennon's Imagine should be the universal anthem of the planet.
    We have to start all over again. Another generation has been lost.
    Keep dreaming and start doing.

    I am still reeling from the pictures that you posted of the dead children. It would be different if the hate filled idiots would go and kill each other away from ordinary people but these days they choose to shield themselves amongst the general population. Pathetic.

    From a linguistic avatar such as yourself I will gratefully receive your review as a compliment.

    I really need to lob my outrage in a rant style prose to reveal how desperately dismayed I am at the stark indifference with which we view this carnage in the Middle East and elsewhere on this piece of rock...just listening to all of the propaganda and rhetoric is giving me a heartache.

    Thanks buddy. You more than anyone realise how desperately I would like to sit the world down and discuss a few details about WHY we continue to race to an early eviction from the School Of Natural Selection. Sometimes it is hard to control my disdain for the myriad of players who keep us all on this endless escalator of ignorance and hate.

    I had better cool off and write about something nice before I lose it.

  7. whats happening? if you start writing poetry what is to become of me? you and darius are planning my ouster from poet land....

    very boorish of you two...

    though its good, i can't praise you...

  8. Yes. I meant it as praise.
    You're turning out
    some fine phrases,
    spinning your angst
    and woe
    in words all a rhyme.
    But woe to me,
    if I don't give you
    the truth
    'tis the pic
    that to you I return
    with a click
    oh to see the rest of that flick
    Damn! To be that chick!

  9. I'm not sure that religion is really the problem. In most communities, atheists and worshippers of different faiths live happily side by side. Nation state imperialism seems to me to be more the culprit.

  10. you make a heck of a lot more sense than what is going on in the world right now.

    i think religions were made up to make us better people, to unite us. and now they are doing exactly the opposite. isn't it about time people started paying attention to their common sense again -if ever they did- and saw that what they are fighting over is all fiction, their idols fiction...that they are missing the joys of life in vain, there is nothing after life...?

  11. Think you coulda let this one sit and ripen a bit before blogging again, you've got peoples' interest.

    But hey...when the mood strikes...

    Glad it is striking.

    I think it's politics AND religion, together, that are driving this.

    And a by the by to LW: IS that you in the free-fall? I woulda figured it coulda been you...

  12. gautami,
    Darius and I are out to saturate the market with poetry. He is working on clever, thoughtful pieces and I am unloading crappy quickies. I am quite positive that my compositions offer little in the way of competition. Fear not.

    Ain't she to die for WOOHOO! I love that pic. I imagine that she will do a James Bond type thing and latch on to some lucky fella before she passes the 3000 ft marker. Free fallin'..Oh Yeah!

    Spend a week in Kansas Dorothy! There is a huge cultural collision unfolding over here my good man. Certainly one would expect that as a society we would be well past this point in 2006 given the vast amount of evidence compiled during the last 300 years. Nope!

    You're back, how were the holidays?
    Well you won't get an argument from me about the irony of religious thought designed to improve the human condition backfiring and invoking the complete opposite effect. That being said this is the extreme edge of the wedge. The vast majority find comfort and are fitted with well positioned moral governors that actually prevent them from lashing out and acting crazy like these others.

    My dear friend when the stars align you have to start howlin'! It is all interconnected anyway so people can choose whatever tickles their fancy. Owoooooo!

  13. I'd love to visit the USA, actually. Them pesky Christians!

  14. grumbloid8:28 p.m.


    You guys up there must be getting a little sump'n - sump'n with the morning Wheaties. "The Beast" and his pen are yet again unleashed ;-)

  15. **You may say that I'm a dreamer,
    but I'm not the only one.
    Imagining a cooler way,
    to spin around the Sun.

    :) good one mate! Ur gettin damn good at this. Lennon must be jealous in his grave.


  16. Is that Alice in the photo?
    Quite a brave gal, she is.

  17. YOu blow my mind, y'know that?!!! Really like this post.

  18. benjamin,
    I love christians!
    Its the fundie extremist my way or the highway intolerant hypocrite nutjobs that bug me.

    grumbilical cord,
    We are getting sumpin up here and its getting serious. It started out as a rash but now its definitely a sharp pain up the wazoo.

    Johnny won't mind as long as I maintain the spirit of his message.
    Imagine should be our
    International Anthem.

    I am sure that picture encapsulates how she felt on our wedding day!

    Danke. I will try to sneak a Sam Roberts in here soon. I will probably refer to Brother Down.

  19. oh it really should be!


  20. I couldn't help my self, I had to go back and read what I missed and I am glad I did!HE, this is the Bomb! I love this poem because it's so true and it's very creative.

  21. keshi,
    I think that Johnny wrote it as such. Someone should play it over the PA system at the United Nations building 24/7!

    Considering the source, of whom I humbly stand in awe, I regard that as a huge compliment.

    It was fun because it all poured out at edits..exactly as I heard it.


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