Monday, July 03, 2006


People have done some weird things with photos of dogs on the internet!
Any captions come to mind????

A. Payback! You ain't so bad without all of your buddies around are ya beotch?

B. Weapon of Last Resort; when all else fails.

C. The watchdog....just plain creepy.

Any smartass ideas?


  1. For some reason, nothing comes to mind for the first one. It does bring a smile to my face though.

    It looks like the dog is enjoying it. LOL.

  2. i was wondering why the dog looked so familiar. creepy indeed. aaaaaaahhhh

  3. Is that the rascally raccoon that trudged all over your ferns?

    Where's Jack when you need him?

    Some people just have too much doggone time on their hands.

  4. urrrrrrrrrrrghhhh that last one scared the dingo outta me! LOL!

    woof woof :)

  5. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa!

    And then I come to the last one and *GASP*... I would freak out if ever I stumbled upon that dog! Fo' sho'!

  6. hahah!
    Hilarious pics!
    But the last one actually feels like human eyes...has it been modified??

  7. These are very funny. I am learning that you have a powerful sense of humor. Wonderful!

  8. anonymousblogger,
    and its perfectly legal in Canada!

    does sort of look like is unnerving.. scratch scratch..oh well I've been called worse.

    That isn't Orson. The 40 lb Raccoon who is demolishing my verdant backyard with his big butt is still AT LARGE!

    You wouldn't let that dog watch you get dressed or take a bath.

    miz bohemia,
    That dog don't hunt! He looks as if he is going to say something very rude when you're scratchin' his belly.

    You better take a second look. Check out the lips. If you have dogs like that in your part of the woods its definitely time to move.

    There are some mysterious paths to the brain that make such ridiculous things entertaining. Thanks for stopping by and noticing that I don't spend all of my time examining serious matters and deconstructing time honored notions about Life.

  9. hahahaa i laughed reading what you wrote to anand.

  10. grumblist11:33 a.m.

    So, let me get this straight: The
    subject in the last picture ahot the other two pix? Looks like the
    image from a badge photo. What kind of low-down dawg would spy on
    an interspecies tryst, then post pictures on the web? Agent K-9?;-)

  11. H.E.- thank you for your kind comments on the 'ol bloggie. It was a cool sip of encouragement (she says as she hears her irreverent husband cursing at drywall in the background)...

  12. having highlighted Amias in hope you can shar your thoughts with us on Amias

  13. I think Joyce's cool sip came from the beer fridge in the garage...and yes, I probably was cursing at the drywall at the time...damn summer projects...

  14. **You wouldn't let that dog watch you get dressed or take a bath.

    EWWWWWWWWW no ways! I think I'd prolly die then lol!


  15. Farfel! Where did you find him?

  16. mistipurple,
    I hope he gets this message before he brings one home!

    A dirty dawg widdout any diggity left dats who.

    I am a huge fan and tell your husband to use screws instead of duct tape on the drywall.

    greetings poet I would love to join in although I am stuck in a limmerick sort of time warp I am amazed at authentic poetry. Actually ridiculously jealous would be a better description.

    brian the menno'
    Whatever happened to hire a student? You're supposed to be cheering the Deutsch Soccer team and sippin' brewskies!

    That is one pooch that you don't want as a LAP dog..bleh!

    Mom e-mailed him to me, I think she wondered if I had some work done.

  17. I had been so morose lately! This brought back my smile! Thanks!

  18. Thanks for comimg by my post!
    The Watchdog.... yes, creepy!
    But, your post made me laugh.

  19. gautami,
    Grey skys are gonna clear up,
    Put on a happy face.tada!

    Welcome! I'm glad that you liked gets worse believe me.

    Orson is my summer nemesis. He is a gigantic Raccoon who loves my yard and leaves me tokens of appreciation after trampling my flowers and stealing ornaments out of the pool! He is too smart to get caught in the traps. He just sits there and laughs at all of the stupid neighbourhood cats who come to savour the disgusting aroma of sardine bait deep within the plastic traps. I am at the end of my wits. Nature has prevailed!

  20. I'll never see C without thinking of good buddy Carlos (Alamoland).


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