Friday, May 19, 2006


I did this about 20 years ago

but never gave it a title or enough afterthought for that matter. Could you?

or should it evolve to this #2? or this#3?OK ..I'll start you off:
I adhere to the theory of evolution..
am not a racist..
doubt that extraterrestrials have visited us..
and don't think that we'll make it to the next stage..

6 hours later...


OK ....well then... what about this one?

maybe this one?

or this one?


  1. Fascinating. But what WOULD the next stage be?

    There's no room left for further evolution into the middle, so the only way to go is up or down.

    I figure up...and that the next stage would be modern man (more or less, maybe we all become bronze coloured as cultures mix)colonizing another planet, possibly co-inhabiting that planet with another intelligent species from another planet and a new creature evolving.

    The first sketch (the original is best) could be titled Eternal Evolution.


    The middle drawing is brilliant, a mix of colour and imagination. What could it be? Humans going back to the water from whence they came, looking oddly at the buildings and other crap they left behind on land? Call it Water...Again.


    Door No. 3 is the most colourful of all, the familiar sun/moon together depiction.

    Since I'm not so much into astrology, it's just a gorgeous union of colour and form featuring the two mythical orbs most commonly seen from Earth.

    It's great to see your artistry added as a crucial element to your blog.

    Let's see more!

  2. Doh! Forgot to remark on the third image, the piano player and the dancer!

    Or is it one of those trick illustrations that could also be two people making love...or a dog curled up with a cat...or George Bush with another stupid expression on his face?

    And a question on your moon feature: is it 56 per cent full, or 56 per cent empty?

  3. Well i like the first one and think it is the "Many faces of Man" and you need to stick with the original. The 2nd picture reminds me of Atlantis and i wonder is it the beginning or the end or maybe "foot forward" and as for your moon guy you know i already like him. I am leaving that Piano player alone. Too confusing for me.

  4. I like the original as well. Sometimes, you should go with your first impulse. I am thinking about your question. "Insignificant" comes to mind, but that sounds like a judgment on the art itself, and so does not quite make the right statement. "Statistical Insignificance" perhaps? Sounds too cold and intellectual. How about "An Exhale Apart"? Or, "Playing With Identity on Alternate Days"?

  5. Wait a minute there! Why is it the last stage of evolution has no beard?
    You know, us bearded guys may resent that...

    Just kidding.
    Number #3 version is my favorite.
    Also loved that sun/moon one.

  6. dcver,
    Forgive me oh bearded one.

    You are correct #3 is my favorite so you win a cookie (not the electronic nuisance type)

    Thanks for strolling by...

  7. Just, WoW! I'm enjoying them all.

  8. Are there no end to your talents? Very cool, Donn x

  9. cherrypie,
    Danke schon. I need to keep you entertained somehow m'lady.


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