Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dear Miss Ann Throappe,
final redux Apr'06
My darling how I long to embrace your untethered rejection of those tedious tribal creatures. Your general disdain for the crooked timber of humanity sends waves of pleasure deep in my synapsic regions. The way you mock their enslavement to the unfinished thoughts of others is sheer ecstasy. My dearest Miss Ann Throappe, you had me from COME ON!

Alas, my darling Ann, I fear that we shall never truly consumate our relationship. My heart belongs to the gentle whispers of Miss O. Mizm.

That nagging opti mizm will surely be my downfall!

You see, despite my attention arousal, I am truly torn between what I understand and what I think that I should understand. I fear that our relationship is doomed because I cannot fully discern the lovely truth from the lusty fact. There is, my sweet, sweet Ann, simply too much conflicting information available.

You must understand that I am tormented and deeply challenged to find meaning in this earthly life. Unfortunately my punishment for such folly is a severe pain in the arse. It is a life sentence, shackled to infinite questions that all begin with WHY! I am helplessly, nay, needlessly wasting my selective attention on the unanswerable questions in life.

My Darling Ann, if only I could form a proper schema of things. How I crave for a legible schematic of whats-all-this-then. Where oh where is that damn G-spot of Life? That sweet trigger of bliss hidden from the prying minds of the great unwashed. Alas, it awaits my caress, carefully concealed and mysteriously nestled somewhere between the sensuous curves of data and beyond the silky layers of knowledge. Aye, there is the rub!

My sweet, sweet Ann, I cannot abandon the challenge of finding a reason for suffering through this veil of tears. I nietzsche,(ouch!) but I can't have ya!

Perhaps in time, your sirenic summons will release me to mock again. Oh joy! Oh rapture!
I shall never forget the nihilistic nirvana that we once shared! Farewell.

Please convey my warmest regards to your lovely cousins, Miss O'Ginny and Miss Ann Dree. Oh how they tease the others so with their antipathy and prejudice.


  1. Brilliant! This is THE best thing I have read in ages.

    Are you also acquainted with Miss Ann Thrope? We could have been good friends but for my loyalty to Hedda Nism.

  2. Sounds like an undercurrent of savantism here- some people claim that they can detect barometric shifts via rheumatoid joints. Others claim that shit hitting the fan is often presaged by a steady, pounding pain in their asses. such are the mysterious gifts of nature!
    I feel challenged, in the chain of
    evolutionary developments, though
    it can be said that I perceive light and sudden movements (broadly speaking). As usual, I'm

  3. cherrypie,
    thank you for the lavish note that you sent me way back in aug '89 when I originally posted this..

    no savantism, some 'thritis, definitely have the pain in the ass thing, and I am just starting to make out shadows on the back wall of Plato's cave...

    right back at 'cha

  4. And it's still great x

  5. It was good the first time, it was great the second time.

  6. cherrypie,
    You are so sweet. Hope your hiatus was all pleasure.

    What a thrill it is to have the captain of the Spaceship Orion land on my humble post.
    Take me to your leader...

  7. Will come back to read more but first a comment on your comment–

    Actually, it's a comic book I bought for me :-) Of course, J is welcome to sniff them for as long as he pleases (such beautiful nose!). I bought Y: The Last Man vol 3 and Transmetropolitan vol 1. So, what does it say about my alter-ego? :-)

  8. missy,
    it means that you are infinitely way more hip and happening than I am.
    I was unaware that Spider Jerusalem was fighting corruption or that someone produced a comic that featured blue dogs makin' out.

    ooh la la.

  9. ** Where oh where is that damn G-spot of Life?

    LOL okk so where is it?


  10. keshi,
    I have heard from many travellers who swear that they found it downunder mate!

  11. nice write-up...superb language style.

  12. hahaha good one!



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