Tuesday, May 16, 2006


If I am in a crowd of holier than thou-ers I like to lure them into state of self satisfied superiority before I drop my A-Bomb of apostasy and agnosticism.

If I am in a crowd of brights and they start picking on a nice little guy or gal with the fish logo on their car (not the darwin mudskipper) then I rush to defend their right to adhere to an unprovable but satisfying point of view.

Why is religion always zero sum gain with so many people? Are we really that insecure? There is afterall usually 3 sides to every story;
your side/their side and the truth somewhere in the middle.
I honestly don't feel wishy washy being a theistic agnostic but I certainly get accused of fence sitting from both sides.

Where's the real difference between being a know-it-all and just a guy with a pretty good hunch if nobody can prove either of you to be completely wrong or right?. I go insane trying to figure out the middle way but I'll be damned if I don't stop trying.

...cogito ergo sum ..or..summa ergo cogito..
...ike-lay whatever-yay


  1. **but I certainly get accused of fence sitting from both sides.

    Solution: dun sit on the fence :)

    I always speak my mind...never try to be 'nice' for the sake of it mate...


  2. G'day Keshi,

    Thank You for havin' a lash at my post. I guess that I should have been a little more concise. I'm not on any fence.

    As an agnostic you hold on to the likelihood that an intelligent force started the cosmos but are relegated to the stark reality that we homo escapeons are too out to lunch to figure it out or we just make up something. Now it's fine to poke a little fun at each other but people take their religious/science debates very seriously. As long as we can agree to disagree and make it work we'll be fine..no I don't believe that.

    There is nothing more dangerous than a dogmaholic with political power. Scaring us common folk with afterlife retributions if we don't do as they say and not as they do.

    I was just trying to convey the fact that the vitriol needs to be curbed because we have to share the world with others who can believe whatever they want WITHIN REASON and WITHOUT MAKING ME CONFORM TO IT especially if it lacks any empirical proof.

    It's funny but your classic Aussie approach of being upfront is a perfect response to my classic Canuck acquiescence.

    PS hope you viewed my males are mutants post because your inquiry into the male oggling factor was my inspiration to repost it.


  3. so are you agnostic in the sense that you aren't sure or that you are just not fucking convinced? me i am one of the lucky ones i was born without any religious influence and confidently carry the title of infidel!

  4. Yeah, fence-sitting's got it own share of hazards. Case in point (no
    pun intended), it's very dicey to even consider 'turning the other cheek', as this may result in bisection or impalement. At the end of things, you don't even get to feel better about self-enlightenment, 'cause you're too
    preoccupied with pulling splinters
    out with tweezers. What's a poor
    solliloquist to do? ;-)

  5. white devil
    I am completely satisfied with the rational empirical answers to Life that science continues to reveal. I'm fine all the way back to the nanosecond before the Big Bang. The OCD portion of my persona lingers there waiting for a reasonable explanation..that's the clog in my sink!


    Larf O L..you are certainly dispelling my notion that only the self can be known. I was just talking about maintaining good neighbour fences. I don't need to perch on top to see what's going on next door and I agree that indecision can be a real pain in the ass. Thanks for the proctological insights.

  6. haha good ol' Maple-Leaf appproach to life ha? great ;-)


    And a reasonable explanation will do, hell yeah :)


  7. You're not a fence sitter, you're just human enough to realize that everybody has the right to be stupid, if that's what they choose, and that you recognize that to them, they're not being stupid and in fact almost certaintly believe YOU ARE!

    This was one of the simplest, yet most telling posts you've provided to the world, one with a more serious tone that, beyond your penchant for frivolity and unmistakeable humour, shows what an intelligent, sensitive homo escapeons you are.

    Embarrassed yet?


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