Saturday, May 20, 2006


This is not a pretty picture.

If you look closely at this photo you will notice something other than the oxidized gas lines at my Mom's residence.
There, in a cruel twist of fate, portrude the two unluckiest rabbit feet in the world.
Having sought refuge under the deck, this rabbit managed to wedge not one, but both of it's feet between the deck boards.

Call it fate, natural selection, or just a dumb bunny, whatever you will, millions of freak accidents like this occur everyday to creatures both great and small.

Perhaps some predator from the wild was pursuing this rabbit and it panicked? Maybe it was just bad luck.
Perhaps this is a metaphor for us to ponder about our uneasy coexistence with nature?
My guess is that this rabbit probably went under the deck all of the time because there is a huge, verdant garden just around the corner.

In any event happenstance found this creature's gift, those feet that let it run for it's life, and turned them into it's Achilles Heel.

My stepfather made the gruesome discovery in the morning and was further astonished to find that aside from the rigor mortis, something(s) had already begun recycling the remains of the rabbit below the deck. eew! Repulsive but essentially 100% natural.

For the rest of us, the show is over and we will merrily hop along with our lives. Time and chance happen to all creatures great and small.
Life goes on.......


  1. :( I see we've been having the same bunny luck!

  2. Achilles Heel? More like Achilles Hell. Are you sure you didn't just place your lucky Rabbit's Feet there for effect?

    We all know rabbits aren't the smartest creatures, which explains why they mate so abundantly and why they're such a popular prey food.

    But this guy seems to have gone off the deep end in his witless state of panic. Your posing of the question what could this possibly say about humanity is, of course, very apropos.

    But how do we know he wasn't trying out some new test event for a new reality show he was hoping to sell to the networks?

    We're all in a state of angst produced purposely by society's big corporations and governments...things are flying past us at a million miles an hour and we're just sitting there wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, just like Peter Cottontail here, only hoping we can escape to our homes every night and wake up the next morning.

    Evidently, Pete was making a last-gasp dash for it and just got inside his door before...DOH!

  3. christine,
    Are you referring to yourself or wascally wabbits?

    within without,
    Poor peter cottontails indeed! I don't have lucky rabbit's feet on my keychain that is so gross!
    You are abso right, I think that it would be easy to panic in this day and age and lose your footing.

  4. well i guess there is another way to look at this, no matter how unfortunate the situation is for one, luck seems to present itself to others. i hope you like your new key chain and all the luck it brings.

  5. white devil,
    I eschew severed limbs on my key ring especially the size 11's featured in this post.
    Judging by the size of them I would guess that those feet may have actually belonged to the Jackalope species of post card fame.

  6. I'm referring to wascally wabbits. Every spring I seem to hold a dying rabbit in my arms.

  7. that shouldn't stop ya!! luck is hard to come by, trust me i know, so when you find it wedged in an unmovable position you should pounce at the chance!!! don't let something as mundane as size bother you.

  8. hares here n there ha? :)


  9. christine,
    that would be distressing 'cause they are just so darn cute! You need a yappy little (slow) guard dog.

    white devil,
    You should be on survivor! Do you have a 'tat of elmer fudd on your butt? If only you would use your superhuman powers for good and not evil.

    g'day, I know that 'strilyer is famous for it's immigrant rabbits that must now number in the trillions!
    What do you guys call 'em? I know that everything has a nickname downunder.
    I also know that poppin' cane toads with yer front tires is a national pastime and that they put Roo bars on vehicles for the big reds.
    I suppose if there is one trillion rabbits that the highways must be a lot more dangerous for bunnies than my mum's backyard deck...

  10. oh man...this is sad...twist of fate...sad sad sad.

  11. Oh my! This really has saddened me quite a bit! The image is a poweful one. There is so much I could say but I think that between the picture and your words you pretty much cover it all!

  12. ghost particle,
    It is sad. Quite an ignoble exit for a creature of speed and agility to succumb to. There is the rub!

    miz bohemia,
    You're a doll for stopping by.

    I was quite shocked by the grim reality of it all and after a while, all I could think about is how many creatures leave this veil of tears in a state of panic.

    I hope that my demise is an endorphin overload of blissful memories..and FAST!

  13. All right. It's a cliche' but how often do you get a chance like this in which to use it?

    "I don't know why people think rabbit's feet are lucky; they weren't lucky for the rabbit."

    Truly a freak accident.

  14. breakerslion,
    You can say that again. Please don't tell the meatrix people...

  15. yer grumble12:17 a.m.

    Interesting juxtaposition of the
    rabbits unfortunate reality and ours, which paints up the tragic in garish makeup and bulbous nose,
    to mask the sadness with a hint of

  16. grumblefish,

    laugh and the world laughs at(sometimes with) you,

    cry and you cry alone... in a cold, dark, empty home littered with empty bottles and piles of old, shredded love letters strewn all about the table by your revolver.....

    Send in the clowns.

  17. Anonymous2:54 p.m.

    You are one punny man!!!


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