Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My good lady wife and I ventured off to the multiplex to see the DaVinci Code starring Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) and that adorable, mon dieu les yeux, Amelie (Audrey Tautou).

First the good news;
Gandalf (McKellen) was fabulous and I was thrilled to watch how Opie (Director Ron Howard) brilliantly presented the power of symbols, like the swastika that the nazis stole, and the background flashbacks of historical events. The fervent madness at the Council of Nicea was my favorite scene.

However, the most disturbing part of the film was the fact that I had forgotten so much of the actual plot due to all of the accompanying controversy surrounding the book.
When you think about it the notion that Jesus and Mary had a daughter named Sarah is hardly shocking in this day and age.
But watch out, it would be pure folly to speculate upon such matters in the wrong company.

One part of the novel is absolutely true.
Any chink in the armor, any doubt whatsoever regarding the authenticity of the Bible, or any disconnect to the absolute authority of the hierarchy of the faith industry, will always be met with fierce resistence by God's Spin Doctors.
Throughout it's bloody history (pun intended) the Church has gone to hell and back in order to maintain it's power over the hearts and minds of the great unwashed.

Fortunately the Vatican officials can relax, the mirepresentation that Peter Benchley attached to Great White Sharks in Jaws will not be duplicated here on the Catholic Church by Dan Brown. These blockbusters are both purely fictional and people have very short attention spans.

Besides, I came away from the film more distressed about whether Hank's hairdo was age appropriate or not. He lost a lot of weight. That is really weird because those who know me well understand that I cherish the opportunity to debate (ad nauseum) the historical authenticity of everything from Genesii to Revelations or any other sacred texts for that matter.

Oh well, I guess that I'm just satisfied that atleast this movie gives people a chance to question what they actually know about history and religion.
Everybody believes what they want to and they always seem to get all weird about it.
I believe that most people aren't mature enough to discuss it without completely overeacting ..it's so bizarre..so personal...so irrational!
So, let sleeping dogs lie.

Sadly, I shall not enter that arena of debate, where angels fear to tread and fools rush in..not today anyway...I'm too busy trying to decide if I should grow my hair a little longer, just like Forrest er Robert Langdon.
By the way I actually liked the film (McKellen gets the Oscar nod) but I preferred the zippy novel, couldn't put it down!

I guess that the DaVinci Code phenomenon is sort of like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're going to get out of it.


  1. reysputin1:00 a.m.

    not really interested in seeing the movie, the book was more than enough for me.
    after reading three of db's novels, i'm surprised that they let him get away with that formula over and over. it's like ac/dc in book form, the same damn chords repeated again and again and again...in every song! except db doesn't have the decency to change singers like the band did.

    but like i said, i read three of them. maybe it's because i don't get out much. for instance, it's 1:00 am, and here i am posting on a no longer obscure blog site, having just watched 'king kong'. oy... now there's three hours (well, one and a half actually, i fast forwarded through as much as possible) i will never get back.

    beauty didn't kill the beast. the formula did.

  2. reysputin,
    If, like moi, you only read one novel every decade you would enjoy them more.
    Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.
    H. L. Mencken

    PS.Now that your reviews have been duely noted would you kindly return all of the 'three chord' Dan Brown books that you borrowed from my good lady wife?

  3. .... they always seem to get all weird about it.
    I know- I'm sorry.
    Is that why I always return to the passaage about "whatever you do, do so in love" and something about a loud annoying gong sound when you don't speak in love, but just bleat away because you're frightened and unsure about that which you were once so sure about?
    Sometimes, I just feel so tired.

  4. Please don't grow your hair like Tom. It's a fancy mullet, don't let them fool you!

  5. We have people here in the states protesting outside movie theatres showing the Davinci Code.

    I'd tell them to get a life, but of course there's that whole beam in the eye and mote in someone's something or other thing, so I simply shrug my shoulders and hold up my sign that says "It's a work of FICTION people!".

    Ok, not really.

  6. They filmed it close by. Lincoln's never seen protesting nuns before - it caused a bit of a stir.

    I can't wait to go watch it x

  7. christine,
    I think that you are right IT IS A MULLET! To think how easily I was decieved? You saved me. Wasn't going to happen anyway, Lady Alice would not be amused.

    Hooray for Freedom of Speech! Regardless of how misinformed people are they still have the right to say NO even before they hear the question. What a country!

    Old habits die hard!
    Was Sally Fields there? Can you imagine the Flying Nun being on air now? Wait a minute, did you Brits even have that show?

    btw...I LOVED all of the jolly'ol England scenery..they did a great job on the locations, AbFab actually.

  8. so u liked it...good. Linny didnt like it. hmm so do I go see it? :)


  9. keshi,
    It's always weird seeing movies if you've read the book. I wasn't blown away but atleast it was 2 hours spent in the RW!

  10. noooooo!!!! no more da vinci blogs they are making me sick!!!!as for me devoting more time to the works of good over evil, evil is more fun!!!

  11. i've yet to watch it. but i'm only interested to see how the bastardization of umberto eco plays out onscreen. :)


  12. aaaa...a good review, finally w/out prejudice.

    I tink Gump misrepresented scientists, and professors everywhere. Theyre not that gump in real life, he should have been more enthusiastic and also show a proper taste of being a genius. :P

    I tink the gladiator dude would have done a much better langdon. oir maybe robin williams in his serious role.

    Ian, Amelia was superb. Reno was underutilized.

    I nice movie in the technical aspects, a bad movie in the hero depart, and a book that made people read books. Funny world indeed.

  13. white devil,
    Loosen your cilice man! Get thee behind me! I suppose you're happy that they're remaking THE OMEN...just to make sure that nobody ever uses the name DAMIEN again. Damien was the name of the priest in the EXCORCIST too....I have no doubt that the BOYS FROM BRAZIL is next....in the 70s you had to have Dobermans or Rootweilers in horror films...oops what were we talkng about?

    merci mademoiselle.
    I absoflippin loved The Name Of The Rose. Dark, dark, dark. How I adored Connery's PASSION for the TRUTH which I believe was Eco's great plea and hope for mankind.

    ghost particle,
    The DC did make people read again and love it or hate it is a bona fide phenom! That Audrey, this will put her over the top. Ian chews up the scenery wherever he goes and Jean Reno!!!
    Have you ever seen Reno in the Professional..so cool..and Ronin.


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