Thursday, May 25, 2006


Is it my imagination or is there an unmistakable interchangeability about the propagandized faces of evil? Spin Doctors definitely prefer facial hair on our villains. These guys are right out of Central Casting aren't they? You can just add features to the faces, like kids do with Mr Potato Head.

Don't ever forget that these men were(are) supported by millions of people at one time or another. Many of these supporters acted out of fear and at gunpoint, some of their own volition.

What does this say about our perceived free will? Are our lives entirely dictated by our geography and the reigning zeitgeist of day? Is our fate sealed by Time and Chance?

"The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it." Ayn Rand

Good to know.


  1. I think George W. and Ayn Rand could be best friends.

  2. Or rather he would preface his 'git er done' with Ayn Rand's quote.

  3. I'd say our fate is sealed by our inertia...

  4. grumblist6:26 p.m.

    Let's say that you've got a little pocket change, and want to get something to take the edge off
    of your appetite. You saunter up to
    a small cluster of vending machines
    to get a snack. Doable (so far), as
    the problem (hunger) and solution (junk food) are pretty close at hand. Absently, you reach into your
    pocket, shove the coins into a machine, pull the selector knob, and... Nothing! The coins are in the soda machine (which doesn't do coin returns), the Cheetos are in
    the junk food machine, and you're
    pulling the selector on the coffee machine. Your appetite is now one of several identifiable problems, and now you lack the wherewithal (coins) to solve even that. The interchangeable boogymen do look
    much alike, and if that's not enough visual reinforcement, there's usually some sort "action adventure" flick, with even more
    iconic villains who look sorta familiar, on one channel or another. Like the poor bastard in
    front of the machines, we're left
    to ponder whether the answers that we're putting forth are even relevant to the real questions.

  5. they r EVIL indeed! yukk it shows from the face alone!

    I say Evil takes over when the cranium level shrinks.

    btw is Bin Laden alive? I mean isnt he (brain)dead anyways?


  6. yes sirre...we invited them into our houses and fed them sustanence so that they can go destroy society. the blood is in everyone's hand.

  7. brian,
    or maybe jus' gittin' Ayn Randy?


    My word! This poor bastard agrees, and now I need cheetos.

    My cranium level is low but me not evil, hulk good, hulk help people.
    Bin Laden has outwitted the entire military intelligence (oxymoron)of the USofA. Brain dead he ain't my dear.

    ghost particle,
    You sound even more depressed than Eyore, cheer up it's not YOUR fault.


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