Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Although I have thousands of songs in my music library I keep burning the same 22 songs. What's that about? My brain turns to sawdust and flakes down into my shoes when I attempt to assemble the ultimate CD.

Back in the day, the early 70s, when the SONG was more important then the VIDEO, people had to rely on their own mental imagery for every song. It was possible for different people to love the same song but individually it was a unique experience. Back then it was a personal sojourn and vastly more satisfying than the spoon fed hype of today. Isn't it?

Now in the 21st Century the visual presentaion overpowers the aural like a Pacman chomping through your imagination.
Homo escapeons are afterall is said and done visual animals so this is to be expected. But what a shame.

Gone are the lyrical journeys of the mind. Each song a personal meandering of images provided by your own imagination, memories and the occasional mind altering supplements.
(Hey Kids..Score Goals Not Drugs!)

Of course enough cannot be said of the potent combination of heartache and hormones. Hormonal input during puberty overwhelms the senses (especially Common Sense) and everything is SO EXTREME! That is why those songs from your youth stick with you.

This also explains the phenomenon of the hearthrob industry that began with the first idol Frank Sinatra and a new medium to sell him, Television. Imagine an intergenerational idol that both parents and their kids could enjoy. Next came hip-twistin' Elvis Presley and American Bandstand to permanently divide the music world into Youth and Old Folks. Then the Beatles and Woodstock came along at the perfect point in time for the Baby Boomers to exploit and widen the generation gap. Finally MTV and the VIDEO invaded our craniums and the rest is history. The next stage will be life-size holographic images of your favorite artists performing in your living room. WO!

In any event my discombobulated brain requires certain songs for specific moods and festivities. I will never be able to burn my 22 favorite songs without a forethought about the circumstances in which they will be played. I also require a thoughtful taxonomy to organize compilations of songs into meaningful categories.

I quess I have OCD: Obssessive Compilation Disorder.

In any event music can: soothe my soul, rock my world, shake my booty, get it on, expand my horizons and lift my spirits.

Despite the constant R-R-R-RINGING-G-G in my ears and the occasional flashback WO! (thanks'70s) I could not live without my tunes. Back then songs really were I TUNES!

*featured are some of my faves: Bowie/Roxy Music/Go Team!/Kate Bush/Imogen Heap/Split Enz/Cure and the indefatigable Keif!


  1. Anonymous12:37 p.m.

    Super stuff!

    Historical and futuristic at the same time, even from a brain that is sawdust. (I think you meant oral, not aural).

    From the Wonder of Woodstock to Holographs in the House, this sums up what's happened to at least one segment of who we are and where we're going.

    Just keep burning those CDs in your attempts to overcome the OCD, a brilliant new disease that will likely spawn a new series of self-help books.

    In the meantime, give me the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. And thanks for your discombobulated brain, it's an amazing insightful thing.

    Now I'm off to look up the word "taxonomy"...

    The Blogger Booger

  2. Thank You Mr. Booger.

    I enjoy reading the daily avalanche of comments from my worldwide audience and it is my sincerest wish that all three of them continue to inundate my postings with salacious snippets of ridicule and/or uproarious praise.

    Regarding the oral/aural controversy that is by now sweeping across the internet like a prairie fire... might I suggest Mr. Booger that while you humbly dogear taxonomy in your dictionary, please feel free to 'have a lash' under the A's.

  3. What's a c.d. and where are the firemen if they are being burned...C'mon now we know you still love your tape collection to pieces. By the way what should i do with my 8-track player?Just found it in my never ending job of unpacking stuff still...... Can't wait to get moved into my house one of these days...Take care bud.


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