Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hugh Mann Beens

At the dawn of the 20th Century Great Britain was the super power of the day. "Tennyson anyone ?" No one could have predicted how quickly the USA, that boorish, upstart Colony across the Atlantic, would inherit the mantle.Who could have guessed the unimaginable horror that would unfold in the next few years.

In stark contrast to the genteel and contrived Victorian era of 'manners before morals', the next century erupted into the cruelest in history." I Say, what's all this then?" The Century of Genocide was led by the psycopathic triumverate of Mao, Stalin and Hitler. Their methodical extermination of fellow countrymen (and other humans), 30 M/China, 20 M /USSR, 11 M/Germany are so far unequalled.

The 'Great' War, WW1, was a slaughter of soldiers for the most part, 9M killed and an astonishing 21M wounded! Homo Sapiens (Wise Man) would no longer restrict the killing to combatants again. During the 'Big One', WW2, an estimated40 to 55 M humans perished, many civilian, that is simply a completely incomprehensible number! Civilians became legitimate targets and the term Collateral Damage became an unavoidable term in the lexicon of war.

Where am I going with all this?
That was only yesterday in historical terms. Homo Escapeons (my term for Modern Man) was molded from this chaos. Any rational observer would have thought that after Hiroshima and the advent of Nuclear (attention Dubya NEWCLEER) weapons that the people on Earth would really try to get it right. Nope!

Homo Escapeons were born out of this nightmare. The generation that just recently relinquished power, the Great Generation, fought during WW2, invented Pleasantville in the 50s and McCarthyism. The next batch, the infamous Baby Boomers gave up on the world in 1968 after a life of entitlement unequalled in human history, .

The assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and Martin King cemented the angst and futility of trying to change the world and gave birth to the ME generation, Yuppys and their subsequent inner searches for meaning in the universe. The first Boomers turn 60 this year!

It is remarkable that there are still people around today that think that all of the horror of the last century could not be repeated. The Third World is desperately searching for ways to create their own luxurious replication of USA 1950s Pleasantville; 2 cars safely garaged by the semi detached bungalow with modern appliances and college money for the 2.5 kids. Decades of coveting the unbridled excess of loud tourists from the New World ordering poolside drinks at vacation resorts in their grotesque designer outfits have quite simply reached the limits of good taste.

The Rest Of The World wants in and who can blame them. Add to this environmentally impossible pipe dream the deranged plan for Theocratic World Domination. Empowered by,ready Dubya, Nuclear Weapons, and TA DA, you have a recipe for disaster.

Having said all that crap I am wondering out loud here in cyberspace why everyone is more interested in Mrs. Gretzky's gambling habits, Dick 'DUCK' Cheney's hunting mishaps, or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie having their first public kiss,than they are in curbing the recent Islamist attempts to shut down our Press and silence our Freedom of Speech.

It is my contention that Homo Escapeons are ill equipped to confront serious issues because the spirit of 1968, the zeitgeist of Screw It!, is lingering in the New World and we had better find an excorcist soon.

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