Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Intolerance has suddenly become a very real threat to our own 'sacred' freedoms in the New World. Those cartoons have been carefully manipulated by Islamist clerics over the past several months to agitate and release angry mobs into action.

The New World has watched in horror at the mindless destruction as foreign outposts are razed to the ground and people die. This entire production was carefully orchestrated and the results were predictable.

Such hypocrisy is monstrous considering the cartoons of Jews and 'Crusaders' that are published in the Arab Press every week. The old adage about dishing it out but can't take it comes to mind. The forced censorship on the New World Press accompanied by the very real threat of violent retaliation has arrived at our doorstep.

Homo Escapeons (modern man) have spent a great deal of time and energy during the past 40 years trying to give the world a politically correct spin.
Let's all sing, "Everything is it's own way...", now stare at your Benneton poster and scratch your head. Why can't we all just get along and get in the program? Where do you want to start? The idea of the Earth as a potential Oasis of Homeostasis, a balance of all things, seems to have been severely trampled on like a burning Danish flag.

Our best defence has been a remarkable creation, the concept of Freedom.
If you as a group or individual fear the greatest achievement of our species what are you hiding?

The instigators of this recent uprising of indignation are simply men in search of glory and under the delusion of grandeur. It is impossible for them to comprehend that the success of the New World is based on Freedom.Their minds are trapped in the 7th Century while their fists clench 20th century weapons.

Since the 60s the New World has been experiencing it's own growing pains because this is an ongoing process. Sometime during the last generation the New World seems to have unfortunately had to 'sling shot' past the common sense marker in order to overcompensate for obscene,idiotic notions like segregation. Political Correction has handcuffed common sense in many ways and now the 'rose coloured' myopic glasses must come off! Oddly enough 99% of the 6 billion Homo Escapeons all agree upon the basics but if the New World succumbs to the Blackmail issued by the fanatical fringe of this or any other group we are back to square one.

That's how and why it works. The basic freedom to investigate and openly discuss any and all religions (which are all man made inventions )keeps us alive, literally! If any one of these inventions becomes the de facto institution of the state it will soon devolve into the 'cleansing' instrument of the self proclaimed chosen few.

History has proven this time and time again.
This recent advancement of censorship must stop today or we will soon find ourselves huddling in a new dark age waiting for the radiation clouds to disperse. The New World just stepped on a psychological landmine. Did anyone else hear a 'click'!

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  1. I'd just like to let you know that I am out here reading your stuff (I was going to call it shit, but I didn't want you to be offended, "cause I like it) and will have to reread it several times to grasp all of it. I think I like what I'm reading so far. I've added you to my blogroll and will probably refer to you occasionally when I want to talk about a distant acquaintance of mine who seems to know what he's talking about.


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